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Ask Jeeves:




Free Websites



Virtual Avenue:


Domain Names & Hosting


Got Web?: (Where I have my site hosted)


Network Solutions:

(Included because they are the “original”, but they still charge $35/year for a domain name.)

A word on breeder websites: I honestly believe that in this day and age, having a website is just as important as having a phone number. The vast majority of my puppy inquiries come from my website, and the few phone calls I do get are almost always from people who got my number off either the Michigan Boxer Club website or one of the breeder listings ( usually). Even if it’s nothing more than one page with your contact information and maybe some pictures of your big winners or your current dogs, a website will allow you to reach a wide variety of people and – more importantly – will allow them to reach you, instead of a backyard breeder or pet store.

There are several free website providers on the Internet, and many Internet Service Providers give you a free website with your service. Many of them have site templates you can use, and Microsoft Publisher and FrontPage will let you easily create websites without knowing anything about HTML. Of course, there are also a ton of website designers you can hire to do your site (myself included ), and many have free graphics you can use with just a link to their site required.

One other thing on this topic – back in the early days of the Internet, getting your own domain name was not something you did unless you were very serious about your site, because it cost $35 per year and you had to pay for 2 years at a time – and that didn’t include hosting or set-up fees. These days, domain names are very inexpensive - $8.95 per year, or less if you buy more than one year at a time - and you don’t have to have your own site – you can point your domain name to your free site if you want, for a one-time $10 fee. In my opinion, there is a big advantage to this – it’s much easier for people to remember, for example, than it is to remember heartland/6953. The best prices I’ve found are at GoDaddy.

Boxer-Specific Sites

American Boxer Charitable Foundation:

American Boxer Rescue Association:

Boxer Information:

Boxer Review:

Boxer Underground:

Includes a health-tested Boxers list and articles on Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Bob-tail Boxers.


Especially the forums, which have an incredible wealth of information!

Worldwide Boxer:

A nice pictorial on judging the Boxer according to standard, with examples from several countries.

Boxer Club Sites

Michigan Boxer Club:

American Boxer Club:

US Boxer Clubs (ABC List):

International Boxer Clubs (ABC List):

Boxer Breed Standards

American Kennel Club:

American Boxer Club Illustrated Standard:

Illustrated by Daniel Buchwald:

The same drawings found in his book, The Boxer Blueprint.

Boxer Club of Canada:

Worldwide Standards (Collected)

The Worldwide Boxer:

Marimat Boxers:

A Comparison of the Worldwide Standards:

Boxer Breeder Listings

American Boxer Club:

Alphabetical List (Har-vel Boxers):

State/Regional List (Maya Boxers):

State/Country List (Andilla Boxers):

Alphabetical List (Andilla Boxers):

Alphabetical List (Boxer Info):

I do recommend checking these sites, and the ones below if you are listed there, periodically to be sure that your information is correct – or that it is there at all, as the case may be.

All-Breed Breeder Listings

InfoDog’s breeder listing

I recommend listing yourself at as many of these free sites as possible. The more reputable breeders that are listed, the fewer chances people have of purchasing from a backyard breeder or puppymill. Even if you don’t do much breeding, you can educate someone on what to look for in a responsible breeder and refer them to breeders you know who may have puppies.

Show Information Sites

American Kennel Club:

All of the AKC information is on their site – rules and regulations, registration information, point schedules – and you can download and print most of the forms, as well. It’s not the most user-friendly site, but once you get the hang of it you can get around fairly easily.

AKC Online Store (Pedigrees, Title Progression):

(Once you get used to navigating the AKC site, the Online Store is quite useful. You can look up birthdate, color, etc. of certain dogs, and you can check the number of points a dog has toward its Championship – always a useful tool! To do this, find your dog, then go to Dog Reports, Awards Record, then near the bottom click on View Title Progression. This is a free service – the $8 charge is if you want an “official” document listing the shows, judges, points, etc.)

Infodog (MB-F):

The major superintendent for Michigan. The Infodog site is one of the best super’s sites, in my opinion. You can look up show results for MB-F shows, generally within a week. You can search for upcoming shows (any superintendent) by date or by state, you can search for information on judges and see what they’ve done in the past and where they’re scheduled to be in the future. And, you can enter shows online, for a small fee (at present, $3.50 per entry – less expensive than faxing them in). Which, if you’re like me and always forget about entries until Monday night, is usually less expensive than overnight mail!

Show Information Sites, con’t.

Roy Jones Dog Shows:

AKC Superintendent Listing:

Show Dog Super Site:

Tons of articles here on showing and breeding.

General Canine Sites

Dog Owners’ Guide:

The Dog Scene:

Greyhound Manor Crafts:

Patterns for various craft projects, including cool and warm coats. Geared toward hounds, but easily extrapolated to Boxers.

K9 Web:

The Schnauzer Breeder from Hell Articles:

A must-read when you’ve had a day full of people wanting to “make money” by breeding!

Sirius Dogs:

Tons of articles on genetics, behavior, training, breeding, etc.

The Pet Care Forum:

Formerly the Veterinary Information Network Pet Care Forum; they now have their own site.

Veterinary Information Network Veterinary Hospital Forum:

Formerly the Pet Care Forum Veterinary Hospital.

MI Dog Laws:

Genetics Sites

Animal Genetics:

One of the best explanations of basic genetics I’ve found. Don’t miss the section on Coat Color Genetics (linked from this page, and listed below).

Boxer Colors and Markings (Pictoral):

Boxer Coat Color and Marking Pattern Inheritance:

Canine Coat Color Genetics:

Another excellent site, geared toward Shetland Sheepdogs but applicable to any breed.

Canine Diversity Project:

Many interesting articles on genetics, coefficients of inbreeding, gene pools, etc. Promotes outbreeding and assortative mating over linebreeding to maintain genetic diversity.

Canine Genetics Links:

Canine Genetic Primer:

Coat Color Inheritance and Appearance:

White Marking Patterns of Boxers:

Breeding Sites

Breeders’ Resource Center:

A collection of many useful links.

Breeding Articles – Dr. Carmen Battaglia:

Breeding, Whelping and Rearing Puppies:

Critical Development Periods:

Excellent information about the early development of puppies, from birth to 14 months. Based on the work of Scott & Fuller.

Getting What You Want From Your Breeding Program:

Probably the most common-sensical approach to developing a breeding program, in my opinion.

Whelping Checklist:



Sample Contracts:

Sample Sales Contracts:

A thorough collection of well-written contracts.

Stud Service Contract:

Stud Service Contract:

Also includes questions to ask yourself before breeding a litter.

Why Not To Breed Sites

Does Your Stud Dog Have What it Takes?:

Responsible Breeder Education:

Excellent resource.

The Reality of Breeding Dogs:

Several true horror stories.

Top Six Reasons People Give to Breed:

Thoughts on Responsible Breeding:

Virtual Breeding:

A fantastic site! There are two secnarios, and the participant chooses what to do when certain situations arise. Their decision determines the fate of the dam and puppies.

Alternative Medicine/Rearing

Natural Rearing (Marina Zacharias):

Articles on nutrition, vaccination, rearing, breeding; also supplements and nosodes.

Homeopathic Online Education:

Extensive information and articles on Hahnemann and homeopathy. Especially see the Library.

Pet Education Articles:

Discussion of holistic and alternative veterinary medicine from Drs. Foster & Smith

Health Information Sites

ABC Health Articles:

AKC Canine Health Foundation:

American Veterinary Medical Association:

Bloat Study – Purdue University:

Canine Cardiology Concepts:

Canine Health Online:

A “Question and Answer” site. Previous guests include Dr. Glickman from Purdue and Dr. Meurs.

Canine Thyroid Health Study:

Cardiologist Listing By State:

Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine:

Genetic Diseases in Boxers (ABC):

Holter Monitor HookUp:

Good instructions for putting a Holter on – and keeping it on!

Institute for Genetic Disease Control:

Soon to be merging with the OFA, but their site is still separate at this time.

Interpreting Thyroid Test Results:

Merck Veterinary Manual Online:

MSU Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory:

OFA Article on Hypothyroidism:

OFA Thyroid Database:

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals:

Veterinary Heart Institute:

Veterinary Information for Dog Owners:

VetGen (Genetic Databases):

Vaccination Protocols

New Protocols:

Colorado State University:

North Carolina State:

Texas A&M:




Washington State University:

Vaccination Issues & Considerations

Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic:

American Animal Hospital Association:

“There is strong and growing consensus among immunology and infectious diseases experts that annual vaccination is neither necessary or advisable.”

Animal Protection Institute:

AVMA Vaccination Policy:

“The one-year revaccination frequency recommendation found on many vaccine labels is based on historical precedent and USDA regulation, not on scientific data.”

Articles on Vaccinosis:

Caberfeidh Scottish Deerhounds:

Hayward Study on Vaccination:


Shirley’s Wellness Cafe:

Nutrition & Raw Diets

Agility Boxer Sample Raw Diet:

Aunt Jeni’s Homemade for Life:

Prepared raw food



Seat of the BARF webring


Dr. Billinghurst’s website. Includes pre-made raw diet and Dr. B’s books (recommended).

Caberfeidh Scottish Deerhounds:

Canine Wholistic Nutrition:

Includes sample diet

Dog Food Comparison Chart – Premium Food:

Dog Food Comparison Chart – Store Brands:

Interpreting Dog Food Labels:

Newcastle Boxers’ Raw Diet:

Phenobarbitol in Dog Food:

The FDA Report

Raw “How-To” (Step-by-step):

Raw Setters:

Includes sample diets and information for “Switching to Raw” book (recommended)

Steve’s Real Food For Dogs:

Prepared raw diet.

Top 50 BARF FAQs:

What’s Really in Pet Food?

Behavior & Training

Individual Trainers

Bill & Marian Bailey:

Shirley Chong:

Suzanne Clothier:

Karen Pryor:

Gary Wilkes:


American Temperament Test Society:

Association of Professional Dog Trainers:

Has a database to look for trainers by state.

Delta Society:

National Association of Obedience Instructors:

Has a database to look for trainers by state.

Therapy Dogs International:

Articles and Resources

Clicker Solutions:

Doggie Door to Canine Behavior:

Dr. P’s Dog Training Library:

Pawsitive Solutions:

Some of this site is subscription only, but the free articles are worthwhile.

Discussion Groups & Mailing Lists

Boxer Specific Lists

Boxer Mailing List:

High-volume list, geared mostly toward the pet Boxer owner.

Boxer Rescue List:

Also high-volume, geared (obviously) toward Rescue issues.

Boxerworld Mailing List:

Another high-volume, primarly pet Boxer list.

The Natural Boxer:

Geared toward owners and breeders seeking a more natural lifestyle for their dogs – diet, veterinary care, vaccination, etc.

Obed-Comp Boxer:

For owners who are, or wish to become, involved in competitive Obedience competition.

Show Boxer List:

For discussion of showing and breeding issues.

General Canine Lists

Dog Read:

An online book club, with the author of the month’s book participating in the discussion.

Dog Health:

K9 Health:

K9 Nutrition:

Show Dogs:

A high-volume list, for all breeds.

Dog Book Sellers


Sit Stay Go Out Store:

Used Books


Searches several different used book sellers; I recently stumbled across a signed copy of John Wagner’s The Boxer for less than $15!

Dog Vendors/Catalogs

Drs. Foster & Smith:

In The Company of Dogs:

J.B. Wholesale:

KV Vet Supply:

New England Serum Company:

Omaha Vaccine:

R.C. Steele:


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