PUBERTY – Understand your changing body

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Sexual Health Education Ground Rules

➢ Everyone has a right to his or her own beliefs and opinions

➢ Everyone has the right to be listened to

➢ Everyone has the right to pass

➢ Everyone has the right to confidentiality (what is said in this room stays in this room)

➢ Every question is a good question

➢ NO PUT DOWNS! Do not make others feel uncomfortable.

➢ Use scientific language (no slang)

➢ No personal questions, stories or names

Sexual Education Vocabulary

Below are some words that we will learn and talk about. Please look up the meanings for homework so that we can talk about sex education more easily in class.

|Puberty |Vagina |

|Sex organ |Penis |

|Sex |Erections |

|Intercourse |Protection |

|Orgasm |Birth control pills |

|Masturbation |Condoms |

|Sexual feelings |Mood swings |

|Period |Sex hormones |

|Sperm cell |Reproductive Organs |

|Egg cell |Blood Vessels |

|Genital |Fertilized egg |

|Pubic hair |Pads |

|Breasts |Tampons |

|Nipples |PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome |

What is SEX?

THE SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION: (noun) It is the physical and behavioral difference that distinguishes individual organisms according to their functions in the reproductive processes. (male/female)

Primary sexual characteristics – directly related to the reproduction and include the sex organs (genitalia).

Secondary sexual characteristics – attributes other than the sex organs that generally distinguish one sex from the other, but are not essential to reproduction. Examples are: larger breasts in women, facial hair in men.

Intercourse – what people generally refer to as “sex”, it is an intimate connection or dealings between persons of a sexual nature; the act of sexual procreation. Sexual union between humans involves genital contact other than vaginal penetration by the penis.

Other definitions: Mixed Messages about Sex, what should we believe?

SEX is Good

▪ Sex is Healthy

▪ Sex is Natural

▪ Sex is Seductive

▪ Sex is Enjoyable

▪ Sex is Alluring

▪ Sex is Dangerous

▪ Sex is Pleasurable

▪ Sex is Freedom

▪ Sex is Liberation

▪ Sex is Irresistible

▪ Sex is Powerful

▪ Sex is Mysterious


▪ Sex should not be Talked About

▪ Sex is Shameful

▪ Sex Exposes you to AIDS

▪ Sex Exposes you to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

▪ Sex causes Pregnancy

▪ Sex is Sinful

▪ Sexual Abuse and Assault

▪ Sex is a Secret

▪ Sex is Dangerous

▪ Sex is Disgusting


It is ok to be curious about sex. It is normal. It is apart of human nature.

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