PDF Buying a used car from a motor dealer. Your legal rights.

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Buying a used car from a motor dealer

Your legal rights


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This guide is intended to provide you with information only. If you have a legal problem, you should get legal advice from a lawyer. Legal Aid Queensland believes the information provided is accurate as at June 2017 and does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. We are committed to providing accessible services to Queenslanders from all culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. If you would like this publication explained in your language, please telephone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50 to speak to an interpreter. Ask them to connect you to Legal Aid Queensland. This is a free service.


Legal Aid Queensland

How can this guide help me?

This guide provides general information about car contracts, finance contracts and insurance policies when you are buying a used car. It tells you: ? your rights and responsibilities when entering into these contracts and policies ? what to do if there are problems with the car after you buy it ? how to get out of a car contract legally (if you can) and cancel the finance

and insurance. It also provides you with: ? sample letters you can follow when you need to put something in writing ? information about legal words and phrases that might be used in the

purchasing process ? the names and contact details of organisations that can help.

When should I use this guide?

Use this guide if you: ? have negotiated to buy, or have already bought, a registered used car from

a motor dealer in Queensland ? are not sure whether you are under a contract ? want to know if you must buy the car or if you can get out of the contract ? want to cancel the contract and try to get your deposit back ? think the conditions to buy the car, or the finance offered, are unacceptable ? now realise you can't afford to buy the car ? want to complain about something the motor dealer or finance company did.


Buying a used car from a motor dealer -- your legal rights

Do not use this guide if you: ? bought the car privately (not from a motor dealer) ? bought the car outside Queensland ? are buying a new car ? are buying a car for business purposes ? want to get a motor dealer to repair your car outside of the warranty period

(Legal Aid Queensland's Consumer and trader disputes guide may help you with this--visit legalaid..au for more information) ? want to claim on an insurance policy.

You should get legal advice

You should use this guide along with legal advice. Never make any legal decisions without speaking to a lawyer first. You can get legal advice from: ? Legal Aid Queensland--call 1300 65 11 88 for free advice

(for the cost of a local call from a landline in Australia) ? a community legal centre--visit .au

or call 1300 65 11 88 to find services in your area ? a private lawyer--call the Queensland Law Society on

(07) 3842 5842 for names of lawyers who can help.


Legal Aid Queensland

Getting the most out of your legal advice

You will get the most out of your legal advice if you do some preparation beforehand. Have all the relevant paperwork together so you can give the lawyer accurate and detailed information. Before you meet with a lawyer try to: ? write a list of all the things you and other people, such as the motor dealer and

finance person, said and did when you were buying the car (see the `Sample information for lawyer' on page 5 for an example of what to write in your list) ? write your list in the order things happened including the date and time, where you were, who you spoke to, what was said and any documents given to you ? list or collect all the documents you were shown or given, any that were filled in for you, or any that you signed. If you do not have copies or originals of the loan documents, contact your finance company and ask for this information to be sent to you. If you are having problems getting them to send you the information, you will need to mention your right to access this information under the National Credit Code (see sample letter 1 on page 31) ? work out what you want to achieve, for example, a better deal or to get out of the contract and get your money back.


Buying a used car from a motor dealer -- your legal rights


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