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Welcome to NCHB-14 Air Cargo Company

This packet contains information that will make your transition to this unit easier. Here you will find:

• Mission Statement

• Battalion/Reserve Center Information

• Useful Web Sites

• Chain of Command

• Required Uniform

• Unit Training Requirements

• Drill Weekend Information

• Directions to Travis AFB

• Drill Site/Berthing Information

• Navy Uniform Order Information

Mission Statement

NCHB-14 Air Cargo Company Mission: Ready to deploy at anytime – anywhere in support of U.S. Military operations. Establish and operate an air cargo terminal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an expeditionary environment. Responsible for processing passengers, mail, and cargo to and from deployed units.

Air Cargo Company is one facet of Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG), which is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia. The following is a break down of our parent chain of command:

NAVELSG – NAVCHAPGRU 5 – NCHB-14 – Air Cargo Company.

1. NAVELSG / Command for NAVCHAPGRU’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

2. NAVCHAPGRU 5 / Command for West Coast Battalions: NCHB-3 (Alameda), NCHB-5 (Seattle) and NCHB-14 (Port Hueneme)

3. NCHB-14 / Command for 10 companies including ours, Air Cargo Company.

Expectations of Unit Members

• Attend drill training

• Complete required training and AT’s

• Maintain qualifications

• Maintain physical, medical, and dental readiness

• Notify Chain of Command when you can not attend weekend drill training.

• Maintain updated recall and emergency contact information

Note: Authorized Absence “AA” will be granted on case-by case basis. Ensure you have informed your civilian employer of your affiliation and obligation to the Navy Reserve. Only E-7 and above are authorized to grant AA’s.

Reserve Center Information

Naval Operational Support Center Sacramento (NOSC) Phone: (916) 387-7100

8277 Elder Creek Road, Sacramento, CA 95828 Fax: (916) 387-7101

Air Cargo Drill Site (Travis AFB) Phone: (707) 424-2087 /3894

Fax: (707) 424-2694

Chain of Command

Company Commander (OIC) Assistant Company Commander (AOIC)

Command Chief

HTC Paul Phelps

(C) 916-910-4502



LS1 (FMF) Jesse Williams

(H) 916-667-9512

(C) 916-202-4929


Required Uniform

Officers/CPO Navy Working Uniform Type III – Digital Woodland Camo (NWU’s)

Enlisted Navy Working Uniform Type III – Digital Woodland Camo (NWU’s)

Navy Uniform Order Information

You will be issued BDU Type III uniforms within 90 days upon arriving at the unit. Should you wish to procure these at your own cost members can contact the Uniform Support Center at (800) 368-4088 or the Navy On-line Uniform Store ().

Unit Training Requirements

Note: Your first AT will be at the Command-training site in Williamsburg, VA. You will complete a two week Basic Air Cargo Course where you’ll learn the basic skills required to conduct expeditionary and temporary air terminal operations for the Air Mobility Command.

Unit members may be assigned to one of the following work sections:

• Cargo Warehouse Processing ( Passenger Services

• Ramp Services ( Special Handling/Hazardous Cargo

• Air Terminal Operations Center (“ATOC”)/Load Planning

Drill Weekend Information

Muster time is 0700.

Upon arrival you will be assigned to a Squad in Air Cargo.

Drill Site/Berthing Information

You qualify for berthing if you reside 50 or more miles away from the drill site. Hotel information will be provided if you are eligible. See the Supply Petty Officer.

**Note: If you require berthing before your first drill you must obtain a “Berthing Eligibility Determination and Certification Form” from the Reserve Center that needs to be approved (signed) by the commanding officer. You can get the form from Supply.



Naval History

.mil E-mail Address

Navy Uniform On-Line / 1-800-368-4088

PRT info

New Order Writing System




Rate Courses

Navy Knowledge Online

Anti terrorism awareness training

Air Force Information Assurance Awareness

Security clearance questionnaire program

Naval Enlisted Reserve Association

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Naval Reserve website

Army Knowledge Online

NCHB 14 Web Portal

Directions to Travis AFB

Building 977, 90 Ragsdale Street, Travis AFB, CA 94535

From I-80 East & I-80 West take the Air Base Pkwy exit and continue approx 5.26 miles to the Travis Main Gate. Once through the gate, you will turn right at the first stop light (Ragsdale). Continue on Ragsdale for approx 1.5 miles. Be aware that there will be many turns/curves … keep right. You will come to a stop sign, which is directly in front of a large warehouse with “60th APS” (Aerial Port Squadron) written on the outside. Turn right and go for about 300 feet. There will be a small parking lot located on your left up a very slight incline. This is where you need to park. We muster inside the warehouse at 0700.

Note: First time arrivals, contact LS1 Williams for direction once inside the front gate of Travis AFB.

Note: If you do not have base stickers of any kind on your vehicle you must obtain a temporary pass from the Pass & I.D. Office located just outside the front gate. Base stickers are available in the building adjacent to Pass & I.D. If you cannot obtain a vehicle pass for any reason contact LS1 Williams for further instructions.


Drill Weekend Information

Following is a checklist - be sure you bring it on your first drill. You will need to meet each individual listed (have them sign it) and submit the “signed copy” to the CO.


Air Cargo Orientation Checklist

Provide copies if available:

❑ CPR Card


❑ Civilian and Military Driving Licenses

❑ Navy Page 4’s (copies)

❑ Medical and dental records

❑ Navy Schools/Training/Related Civilian Training/Schools

|Department |Task to Verify |Signature of Department |

| | |Representative |

|Meet Command CPO |Meet upon Arrival | |

| |Review orders | |

| |Review Unit Requirements | |

| |Assign sponsor | |

|Respay |Verify: | |

| |Muster Sheet | |

| |Re-Schedule Drill Form | |

| |Re-Schedule Policy | |

|Supply/Berthing PO |Verify: | |

| |Berthing Eligibility | |

| |Yes / No | |

| |Berthing Rules | |

| |Berthing Form Completed | |

| |Uniform requirements | |

| |Sea Bag complete | |

|Security Coordinator PO |Review security clearance needs | |

|Medical |Verify: | |

| |Medical Record | |

| |Dental Record | |

|Personnel Yeoman |Verify: | |

| |Recall List | |

|Training |Verify: | |

| |ITP Spreadsheet Explained | |

| |File Created | |

| |Documents needed | |

| |License Information | |

|PFA Coordinator (PRT) |PT Requirements | |

|Meet XO/AOIC |Review checklist | |

|Meet CO/OIC |Verify: | |

| |- XO Approval | |


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