Baseline Lexile Test

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Instructions for Baseline Lexile Testing


Thank you for participating in the Baseline Lexile Testing for students. The results will establish a student’s starting Lexile measure before they embark on the use of Oasis®/Literacy by Technology and the starting point to monitor the growth of developing readers from an independent reading test. We administer additional reading tests at various times to monitor growth. These data points will be key in determining the effectiveness of Oasis and Literacy by Technology.

Online Tests

There are two independent online forms which are targeted to middle school students. Students sitting next to each other should take different forms. There are only a few items shared across the two forms. Please ask students to alternate which forms they take. The first student will select Form A, the second student will select Form B, student 3 will choose Form A, and so on…until all the students have selected a form.

Computers should be set to the following link on the internet:


It is best to have the web page already loaded and open on the computers before the students sit down.

Before starting the log-in process, please tell the students that they are going to take an important reading test and they should work hard and try their best.

The site has the header “Research Gateway” and there are links to Form A and Form B. Students should click the link to the form they’ve been assigned, then begin entering their demographic information:

1. Grade

2. First Name (no nicknames please)

3. Last Name

4. School District

5. Teacher (last name only of teacher who administered test)

6. Class Period

Note: every field is required and students can not continue until they enter all of the information. For the name fields, students can use whatever name they commonly go by.

There is one sample question that the class can do together or separately. The same sample question is used on both forms. The task is to complete the sentence with the word that best fills in the blank given the paragraph. The item is provided below:

She looked everywhere. She found a broken kite. She found her favorite books. But she still couldn't find her paint brushes.

She thought they must be _____.

o lost

o flying

o pretty

o new

The correct answer is "lost". All the other questions on the test will be of the same item type.

There are thirty questions on the test and should take between 30-40 minutes. Have students bring a book to read or classwork to complete in case they finish quickly.

For question and comments about the testing please contact either name below. Good luck.

Hal Burdick Carl Swartz

MetaMetrics, Inc. MetaMetrics, Inc.

919-547-3425 919-547-3420

(cell) 919-452-1571 (cell)919-272-7145


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