805 Benoni Avenue, Fairmont WV 26554

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109 Dark Hollow Road Pikeville Ky 41501

Phone: 606-262-5114 (Home)

Cell: 606-616-8007


David Branham

Objective To be Number #1 in all fields and move a company with me!

I love challenges and I’m looking for new ones.

Work Experience On-air personality (March 1991 – 1998)

East Kentucky Broadcasting

Pikeville, Ky

Account Representative (July 1991 – 1996)

East Kentucky Broadcasting

Pikeville, Ky

Sales Manager (1996 – 1998)

East Kentucky Broadcasting

3-station cluster

Pikeville, Ky

General Sales Manager (1998 – Dec. 2001)

East Kentucky Broadcasting

6-station cluster

Pikeville, Ky

General Manager (Jan. 2002 – 2011)

Burbach of WV, LLC

Five Station Cluster

Fairmont-Clarksburg, WV

Director (2012 – present)

EKB Ad Agency, LLC

Pikeville, Ky

References Shawn Damron, Owner Creg Damron Furniture

Earl Justice, Owner Hutch Automotive

Howard Keith Hall, Pike County Attorney

Don Staats, Burbach of WV (Parkersburg)

Morris Hylton, Owner Hylton Homes

Jimmy Sears (Westchester Village)

Richard Farmer, Pastor

Terry Woodside, Pastor

David Branham

Achievements -Increased billing with East Kentucky Broadcasting to a fifty year

HIGH. Help build stations from 3 to 7 station cluster.

-Increased billing 30% in first year at Burbach of WV, LLC.

-Increased billing 38% in second year at Burbach of WV, LLC

-Increased billing to a company high 48% in 5 years at Burbach of


-Increased our Froggy (country) station from 5th in market to


-Increased Burbach of WV 5-station cluster billing to a record high

in 2007 and built a solid staff within 4 years.

-Built a solid sales team within 4 years that continues to grow.

-Rebuilt an office and on-air staff to the best in market.

-Collection rating is at 90% during entire career.

-Stations had record breaking sales in 2008 & 2009.

-Record breaking billing in 2010 with a company record month in

August 2010.

-Ad Agency: developed car dealership 40 cars a month to 110 in 1

year. Expanded dealership from 1 to 2 dealerships within 2 years.

Took a furniture store from near bankruptcy to now being #1 in

market and expanding.

OTHER: The first week on the job schedule: 1) develop a 5 year plan for

expansion (sales dollars and staff), 2) evaluate current staff and

station(s) based on past performance, 3) meet every client of the

station(s) and every non-client within market, 4) hook-up with the

top leaders in the community and 5) conduct a staff comment

survey about the company and the direction of the company.

COMMENT: I am a person of dedication to three things: Christ, Family and my

Employer. I am a man of my word and stick to my commitments.

As you can see from my past Radio experience, I commit to

developing better Radio and Fun Radio. I am not a paper pusher

but am a person of detail. You will not find a person locked in their

office. I look forward to more challenging adventures in the Radio

business. I don’t always look for a better job but to do a job better.


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