Care After Cataract Surgery

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Post-Operative Instructions for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

01. To reduce swelling the day of surgery, apply ice packs to the eyes every hour for 15 minutes x 4 hours while awake, then apply ice packs for 15 minutes, four (4) times a day for the next week.

02. To avoid excess swelling the first 24 hours after surgery, elevate your head on several pillows while resting or sleeping.

03. Gently apply the prescribed ointment to the suture line two (2) times per day and again at bedtime. Do not put ointment inside your eyes. Continue to use the ointment until the tube is empty.

04. The day after surgery, start using Artificial Tears four (4) times a day in both eyes until your post-operative appointment.

05. You may take two (2) Extra-Strength Tylenol every four hours as needed for pain. Please do not take any aspirin products for one day after surgery.

06. Blood-tinged drainage after surgery is normal; however, if you have frank bright red bleeding, call the office.

07. You are requested to rest as much as possible for the first 24-48 hours after surgery. Avoid strenuous activity for one week. To avoid straining when having a bowel movement, you may want to use a glycerin suppository as needed. No tennis, golf or swimming for one week. Avoid rubbing your eyes for two weeks.

08. You may bathe, but do not shower for 24 hours. When you do shower, avoid letting

the water run directly onto your face. You may wash your hair and if water runs onto your face, gently blot operative area dry, DO NOT RUB.

10. If you wear glasses, there is a possibility they may have to be changed after surgery.

11. You have an appointment in the office on: ______________________ at ____________AM/PM


I understand and have received a copy of the above instructions.

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