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Overview of the Revolutionary War - Outline of American History -


         includes biographies, essays, and documents

American History Sources for Students - American Revolution - places, people, and events


Global Access to Educational Sources- American Revolution - primary sources


Revolutionary War Unit from Greentown Elementary North Canton, OH


American Revolution Timeline from The History Place


American Revolution timeline from PBS -        

       Newspaper Chronicles -

American Revolution web sites


Timeline from the Library of Congress -

Another Timeline of Revolutionary War events from Kidport


Timeline of Revolutionary War events from US


Archiving Early America - info, puzzles, other sites, forums


Revolutionary War hotlists from Elise Mueller - lots of links


Battles - Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and Trenton - maps and information


Major battles of the War ( a table) -

Revolutionary War sites from North Polk High School Media Center


Spy Letters of the American Revolution


      Declaration of Independence:

          Library of Congress -

          Early America -

          National Archives -

          *Users Guide to the Declaration of Independence -

          Biographies of the signers of the Declaration -

          More Biographies -

          Transcript of the Declaration - 


          Transcript of the Constitution -


          Transcript of the Bill of Rights -


          PBS -  American Revolution - Liberty! -

              Road to Revolution game -


George Washington - Library of Congress -

         Letters of George Washington - from University of Virginia, includes acrostics(scroll down)


         George Washington biography -

         George Washington papers and addresses -

         George Washington biography -

         George Washington Biography Lesson -

         George Washington from encyclopedia -

Martha Washington -

         Martha W from Groliers -

         Martha from US -

Abigail Adams - wife of second president -

        Another biography - 

John Adams - second president -

        Patriot and second president -

       Another biography -

       A Biography -

      John Adams and the Boston Massacre - lesson plans for a trial -


Samuel Adams - American patriot and revolutionary


       The life of Samuel Adams - 

       Samuel Adams from History Central -

Ethan Allen - American hero -

      Ethan Allen written by a student -

     Reading and quiz -

Major John Andre - British spy -

     John Andre, Spy, from U-S-History -

      Also a short bio of John Andre -

      Major John Andre 

Benedict Arnold - American traitor -

       Another Benedict Arnold -

Crispus Attucks - African American hero -

       Also Crispus Attucks from PBS -

       Another Crispus Attucks site -

Josiah Bartlett -

John Burgoyne -

George Rogers Clark -

      Additional resources -

Charles Cornwallis -

Benjamin Franklin Patriot, inventor, statesman from the Franklin Institute


      Another Ben Franklin site -

      Ben Franklin for Kids-

      The Electric Ben Franklin -

         Worksheet to accompany the Ben Franklin web site - click here

       After researching above, try the quiz at

Thomas Gage - British general -

      Another Gage biography

      Thomas Gage -

Horatio Gates -

Nathanael Greene -

      Quartermaster Nathanael Greene -

      More about Greene -

Nathan Hale - Connecticut hero -

      More Nathan Hale from CIA -

      Nathan Hale for Kids includes facts and activities -

Patrick Henry - Virginia Orator -

      Another Patrick Henry -

John Hancock - Signer of Declaration -

     Another John Hancock -

William Howe - British General -

      More William Howe -

Thomas Jefferson from PBS - Writer of the Declaration and President


      Another Jefferson site -

      Another Thomas J site -

      Explore Monticello where Thomas Jefferson lived -

        **Jefferson worksheet -

John Paul Jones - Naval hero -

      More John Paul Jones -

      Still more JPJ -

Thaddeus Kosciuszko -

      A Polish Son of Liberty -

      Another Kosciuszko site -

Marquis de Lafayette -

Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion military leader from South Carolina


    Swamp Fox from Greenwood School District -

    Francis Marion -

    Teacher's Guide for 2001 Cobblestone issue about Francis Marion


James Otis - lawyer and revolutionary -

      James Otis -

Thomas Paine -

      More Thomas Paine -

      Read Thomas Paine's Common Sense -

Kasimir Pulaski (also Casimir) - Chicago Public Library -

      Another Pulaski site -

      Another Pulaski site -

Paul Revere -

      Another Paul Revere -

      Paul Revere in NH? from SeacoastNH -

Betsy Ross -

      Her Life - 

     From -

      Revolutionary War flags -

Deborah Samson Fought in the Revolutionary War


      Deborah Samson -

      Another Deborah Sampson site -

Benjamin Tallmadge  Soldier/spy who captured Major Andre


Newsday Stories about Tallmadge:







The Culper Gang -

The Setauket Spies -

Tench Tilghman - assistant to George Washington


     About Famous People -

      Maryland Archives -

Mattthew Thornton -

      From SeacoastNH -

Baron von Steuben -

William Whipple -


Classroom Activities:

Activities for the  Revolution War from 42explore

American Revolution HotLists -

American Revolution Lesson Plans/Thematic Unit and Bibliography -

American Revolution Links from North Polk High School -

American Revolution Webquest


Benjamin Franklin scavenger hunt - 

The British Are Coming! Thinkquest activity

Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution see Patriots and Flag Etiquette

Drums Along the Mohawk - The American Revolution on the New York frontier

Events Leading to Revolution - PBS Chronicle of the Revolution -


Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution

Fun Games on the Revolutionary War - match the cards, follow Paul Revere, and word searches


Join the Revolution from Education World

Lots of other sites about the Revolutionary War - from Keene, NH -

Revolutionary War Activities -

Revolutionary War classroom activities - from Carol Hurst

Revolutionary War Internet Scavenger Hunt from SC

Another scavenger hunt -

Revolutionary War Lesson Plans - scroll down the page

Revolutionary War maps from American Memory

Revolutionary War Words WebQuest

Revolutionary War Web Quest from Elise Mueller - 



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