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 User Guide for Version 2.x

[ User Guide for 2.x] [0.2] First edition: [20050411] First English edition: [20050411]

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I wish to recognize the Technical Writers of Sun Microsystems for the fine model they have provided for organizing this document. I also wish to thank Erwin Tenhumberg for his blog, Mary Ellen Dawley for her indexing effort, Ross Johnson for his editing/correctionsand manitoban for the docking text in chapter 2.

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Description of Change

[grs: 9th draft issued for comment ? switched to master doc, stewart's amendments and added a chapter on XML usage (flat file)]

[grs: 10th draft issued for comment ? fix page numbering

[grs:11th draft issued for comment ? updated index

[rj: 12th draft issued for comment ? corrections for 2.0 to replace 1.1.x references

[grs 13th draft issued for comment ? integrated Ross Johnson's changes and edited for consistent grammar.

[grs:14th draft issued for comment ? document layout to be more bookish

[grs:15th draft issued for comment ? Added POSTNET section

[grs:16th draft issued for comment ? Added file recovery info to Troubleshooting chapter

[grs:17th draft issued for comment ? Corrected Overview

[grs:18ath draft issued for comment ? updated concordance file section and added JMF section to Chapter 14 and wps howto.

[grs:19th draft issued for comment ? Added new export PDF feature

[grs:20th draft issued for comment ? Fixed many legacy terms and added language/writing aids and comment on style painter

[grs:21st draft issued for comment ? Integrated ztyx and walteram updates to chapters 3, 4 and 10

[grs:22nd draft issued for comment -- added more info on keyboard shortcuts to Chapter 5 ? Impress and minor changes.

[grs:23rd draft issued for comment -- Fixed pagnination errors


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