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Find your perfect 50/30/20

Track your cash inflows and outflows for a given month and see how much of your money is spent on needs, wants and savings. Plus you'll get target guidelines for the amounts you want to be spending based on your income. If you're not hitting the 50/30/20 percentages, see what you can trim.

Monthly after tax income:

50% Monthly Needs

Mortgage/rent Car payment Car insurance Gas/repair/transit Groceries Utilities Child care Student loan payment Credit card 1 payment Credit card 2 payment Credit card 3 payment Phone Personal care Taxes Internet Other Needs total actual 50% target


30% Monthly Wants

Clothes Cable/satellite Dining out Entertainment Vacations Cash spending Gifts and holidays Charitable and religious organizations Other Wants total actual 30% target


20% Monthly Savings & Debt Reduction

Emergency Debt reduction Other Savings total actual 20% target


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