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Frontline (AESOP) Quick Reference

How to Change Call Times

? Click preferences ? Click call times at the left ? Check off "Don't call me" ? Then hit apply to all

Setting up List of Preferred Schools

? Click preferences ? Click schools at the left ? Check off as many schools that you are interested in being a substitute

teacher ? Click save

Changing Pin Number

? Click preferences ? Click change pin at the left ? Then enter old pin and new pin ? Hit apply


? Be proactive and accept jobs based on your busy schedule. ? The phone number that appears on Caller ID is 1-800-942-3767 ? Do not hang up on Aesop! If you do, Aesop will not call again for another hour. ? Typically, Aesop will not leave a message on your home answering machine. ? Please say "HELLO" in order to Aesop to begin the phone call. ? If you are sick and wish not to work, Press "2" ? To prevent further calls today. ? Aesop will call you if you have been removed from a job or the job has been


? Aesop will E-mail you if the details of your absence changes. ? Aesop will NOT call you if the School District has a delay. ? If you need to cancel a job you must call the school you had scheduled the job

with. If you cannot get in touch with the school, you can call the district office at 407-870-4685.


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