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´╗┐Are You New to the MCPS DESKTOP?

Q: What is the MCPS DESKTOP? A: The MCPS DESKTOP is cloud computing program that provides access to Applications via the Internet.

Q: How do I access the MCPS DESKTOP? A: You can access the MCPS DESKTOP in the following ways:

1. Start Internet Explorer > Favorites > Marion County Public Schools > MCPS DESKTOP 2. Start Google Chrome > Managed Bookmarks > MCPS DESKTOP 3. From the MCPS Home page () > click MCPS Desktop icon at the top of the page

Q: I just logged in for the first time and the `Acceptable Use Policy' page (AUP) opened. The AGREE button is grayed out. What do I do? A: Please read the Acceptable Use Policy using the scroll bar to advance through the entire document. When you finish reading, the Agree button will become

active. The Acceptable Use Policy will be presented annually after July 1.

Q: I am prompted with a page to choose and answer 3 Challenge questions ? is this necessary? A: Yes, you must choose and answer 3 challenge questions. This is a security feature that ensures no one can change your password in the MCPS DESKTOP

using your login. Please choose questions and answers that you can easily remember ? no one will know them but you.

Q: How do I change my password in the MCPS DESKTOP? A: You must know your current password > login to the MCPS DESKTOP > click the Account link > click Authentication tile > click Change Password tile > Input

your old (current) password > input a new password > re-input the new password > click Change password button.

Note: Your password must contain at least 8 characters (letters) and include at least 1 number and 1 uppercase letter. You cannot re-use the last 12 passwords used.

Q: What if I cannot remember my current password, can I still change it in the MCPS DESKTOP? A: Yes, if you do not recall your current password, you will be prompted to answer your challenge questions

before you can change your password. If you do not recall your current password or your challenge questions and answers > call the MCPS Technology Service Desk @ 57000 or 671-7000 for assistance.

Q: Where do I find my paystubs, submit sick time, or request vacation time? A: You will find your paystubs, submit sick time, or request vacation time in SKYWARD:

1. Login to the MCPS DESKTOP > Skyward is located on the Default row of the Home screen. 2. Go to the browser Favorites > Marion County Public Schools > Skyward > Business > Production WEB Access

Q: I am a teacher > which program do I use to request a Substitute Teacher? A: To request a Substitute Teacher > login to the MCPS DESKTOP > click `Programs menu' link > click the Frontline Education/Absence Management tile. B: Contact Employment Services for PIN resets.


1. Login Page: A. Option to Reset Password (MCPS password)... Use Google Chrome browser to change your password You must know your Challenge questions and answers in order to change your password B. Lower left corner of login page displays the name of the server where your session connects

2. Home Screen: A. Default row: Displays primary program tiles (these tiles will not be visible in the normal menu locations) B. Recent row: Displays recently accessed program tiles C. Favorites row: Displays program tiles added to "Favorites" by user To Add: Right click a program tile > select Add to Favorites To Remove: Right click a program tile in Favorites > select Remove from Favorites D. Watermark in lower right corner identifies Employee or Student profile.

E. Change tile size: Right click an open area of the screen > click OPTIONS > click SETTINGS tile:

Click TILE SIZE > Use Small Tiles > Click slide bar ON > click X to close Settings:

F. Click the SEARCH icon... Input keyword or name > locate program tile:

G. To return to the HOME Screen quickly > Click your name at the top of the screen:


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