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Title: Stomp Concert/Multicultural Assembly Darlene Haight


Beachwood, Ohio

Grade Category: Elementary, K-2

Lesson Time: This project is a year long process, September-May.


1. With the $1,000.00 Grant that I was awarded, I will purchase $400.00 of Remo instruments

and the students will make a drumpet with Dr. Woodson in four sixty minute workshops (sixty

students in each) and perform with them in an all-school assembly.

2. Cultural awareness through lessons and performances (Concerts & Assemblies)

3. To have a love for music


1. Play a steady beat

2. Echo, read and create rhythm patterns

3. Introduce instruments from around the world (Instrument of the Month Bulletin Board)

4. Integrate content areas into music class

Content Standards:

1. Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music

2. Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music

3. Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines

4. Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments

5. Reading and notating music

6. Listening to, analyzing, and describing music

7. Evaluating music and performances

8. Understanding relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts

9. Understanding music in relation to history and culture


A “WISH LIST” TO BUY FROM MUSIC IN MOTION (I need to research more to see which books would be the best to prepare and perform for a Primary Level “Stomp” Concert:

1. Connector Plus Combined Sound Shapes 6798 $289.00

2. Connector Plus Multi Pack 6796 $125.00

3. D.R.U.M. Discipline, Respect, and Unity Through Music 2653 $14.95

4. Pots and Pans and Spoons, OH MY! 7252 $24.95

5. Stomp on Sesame Street DVD5434 $14.95

6. The Body Electric 7087 $24.95

7. Frank Leto’s Rhythm Band Jam CD 5654 $17.95

8. 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children 9652 $14.95

9. Rockin’ Rhythm Band CD 4110 $17.95

10. Shakin’ It Up! 1030 $44.95

11. Strike Up the Band Activity Kit Q882 $39.95

12. Putumayo’s WORLD PLAYGROUND 6801 $21.95

13. World Beat Fun 9284 $19.95

14. Word Power Posters 2060 $25.00

15. The Accidental Drum Circle 7086 $19.95

16. Hands On 7242 $16.95

17. The Complete Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments 8782 $16.95

18. Cymbol Stand from Lyons Catalog 592643 $35.99

19. Brooms from Walmart – 20 at $1.16 = $23.20

Resources I Already Have to Develop Steady Beat/Rhythm & prepare for concerts:

1. Stomp, Boom, Blast by Cathy Blair

2. Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun

3. Let’s Have a Musical Rhythm Band

4. Rhythm Band Kit for Little People

5. Primary Boomwhackers

6. World Instruments CD rom

7. Rhythm Games

8. Feel It

9. Bean Bag Activities and Coordination Skills

10. Stomp Out Loud DVD

11. Map of the World hanging in my room

Student Skill Level:

Since I have not yet taught the Kindergarten or the First Grade students that I will have this year, I have a lot of preparing for the concerts to do! Drum circles will be my main focus to develop a steady beat, rhythm patterns and improvising for the performances. I will also begin most classes with a song that we move to. This will develop large and fine motor skills. Finally, the tub notation will be a wonderful tool to use to introduce reading music.


1. The “Roots of Rhythm” class was the kick-off to this exciting year of music! From this class I

learned how to play drums from around the world and the history and culture of where these

instruments are from ().

2. Every month, we will have an instrument to focus on and study. Inspired by Janet Williams,

jgw0620@, I will highlight a country and instrument every month on my

bulletin board…September-Guinea/Djembe, October-Cuba/Bongo, November-United

States/Lakota & Turkey/Naqqara, December-Romania/Buhai, January-Ghana/Dondo

February-Portugal/Adufe, March-Egypt/Sagat, April-Japan/Kakko, May-Thailand/Ranat ek.

Although the Fun Sheets in the Roots of Rhythm website () are too

difficult for Kindergarten, First and Second Grades, the sheets will be a great reference to

enlarge pictures for my bulletin board and transparencies, and also for information about the

instrument and culture.

3. Using my notes from class (see page 4), I will begin playing drums in a drum circle within the

first two weeks of school.

4. In September, Dr. Woodson will be coming to Bryden Elementary and the students will make

drumpets in small group workshops. He will also give an assembly about the instruments from

around the world.

5. In October, each student will bring in an object from home that they will use in the “Stomp”

concert. Each class will compose and perform a rhythmic song with their object.

6. During the winter months, students will use a portion of the lesson time to learn the songs for

the concert.

7. Each student will have a part in the concert…singing, dancing, or playing an instrument in

small groups or a speaking part.

8. The integrating continues on through May as we prepare for our Multicultural Assembly. To

celebrate this day, students will perform a song from around the world in an all-school


9. I will give a copy of the countries we will be studying each month to the other teachers and see

if they are interested in integrating with me. Art teacher-art work, Librarian-books, Physical

Education-movement, Computer-websites, Classroom Teachers-content areas.

10. At the end of the year, students will be able to take their instruments home.

Student Product:

1. A concert for each grade (Kindergarten, First & Second)

2. A “drumpet” that students can take home

3. Knowledge of location, instruments, and culture from around the world

4. Skills on how to play in a drum circle

5. Performing in a Multicultural Assembly


At the Primary Level, I will be using participatory student assessment.

1. Can students play a steady beat in the drum circle?

2. Can students echo and improvise rhythm patterns?

3. Can students locate countries on the map?

4. Can students identify which country the instrument of the month is from?

5. Can students identify which country the music is from on the Roots of Rhythm CD? (see page 5 & 6)

Also, I will be assessing by observation:

1. Their excitement while preparing for the concerts and their performance level and enthusiasm

while performing the concert/assembly material.


I am very grateful for receiving the $1,000.00 PTO Grant. I’ve never applied for a grant and didn’t realize how easy it is. There are many organizations donating money to people who have an idea which engages many students in a fun and educational way. This year long proposal has many ways to adapt students with special needs…they can stay on the steady beat rhythm or improvise on an instrument that is easy for them to play. I am very excited to teach music at a new angle – through different countries. With the Roots of Rhythm as the foundation of my lessons, I believe the students will be very much engaged and interested in music while learning so much more!


1. I’m sure throughout the school year, I will be using the internet to look up specific things about

countries and/or instruments. During our class presentations, one group performed a rap

about the countries and had motions. I will have to find the rap and motions on the class’

lesson plans so I can use it for the Multicultural Assembly. Another person that would be

wonderful to come to our school if there are funds is Olu Manns. He gives assemblies with

someone who just finished performing with the “Stomp” tour. His email address is


2. A Word Wall would be another great reference for the words you want your students to

remember. You could even color code the countries and their instruments, laminate them and

put magnetic strips on the back.

Drum Circle

Outline for teacher/substitute

Sit in chairs in a circle. Rotate around the circle so everyone plays the different drums.

Start with teacher ti-ti-ti-ti, ta, ta… students echo - ta ti-ti-ti-ti, ta, ta…

Everyone plays a steady beat

Play different rhythm patterns, such as ta, ti-ti, ta, rest

Half the class stops and listens and claps. Other half does the same.

Echo my rhythm patterns

Take turns being the leader, echoing different patterns they make up

Read tub notations…everyone together, then in 2 groups playing different rhythm patterns

Increase the tempo, decrease the tempo

Roll p(soft)………….f(loud), f………………..p

Play a pattern, and leave 8 beats for a drum solo! Go around circle.

Hold up different mallets, only those students play

Using the Remo Sound Shape drums, name one color or shape to play and the other students stop

Divide into 3 groups. Play ti-ti ta, one group at a time

Signal for stop: ti-ti ta 2, 3, 4 STOP

Transparency of Instruments from Around the World

Directions: Have one student at a time circle the instrument they hear or circle the instrument that answers a question you ask regarding the country.



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