Foreclosure Bank Letter Sample

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Foreclosure Bank Letter

Bank Name PO BOX 99999 City, State ZIP

Month DD, CCYY

First_Name Last_Name 1234 Street City, State ZIP

Acceleration Warning (Notice of Intent to Foreclose)

Account: 123456789 (the "Loan")

Property Address:




Under the terms of the mortgage or Deed of Trust ("Security Instrument") securing your Loan, "Bank Name," hereby notifies you of the following:

1. You are in default because you have failed to pay the required monthly installments commencing with the payment due MM/DD/CCYY.

2. As of MM/DD/CCYY, total monthly payments (including principal, interest, and escrow if applicable), late fees, insufficient funds (NSF) fees, and other fees and advances due under the terms of your loan documents in the total amount of $Amount are past due. This pastdue amount is itemized below. If applicable, your account may have additional escrow amounts that have been paid out and are due on the Loan. If you have any questions about the amounts detailed below, please contact us as soon as possible at (999) 999-9999.

Total Monthly Payments Late Fees NSF Fees Other Fees and Advances*

$Amount $Amount $Amount $Amount

Amount Held in Suspense


Other Fees and Advances include those amounts allowed by your Note and Security Instrument. If you need additional information regarding any of these amounts, please contact us at the number provided below.

You are also responsible for paying any amounts that become due from the date of this letter through the expiration date set forth in Paragraph 3 below. These amounts may include, but are not limited to, taxes, insurance, inspection fees, and other fees, as permitted by applicable law.

If you have any reason to dispute the past-due amount listed above, or if you believe your Loan is current, please contact us at the number provided.

Comment [KH1]: Letter or statement from the bank/mortgage company threatening foreclosure from your primary residence.

Comment [KH2]: Must be a current bill dated within the past 60 days.

Comment [KH3]: Must threaten foreclosure in the future and/or indicate delinquency on mortgage payments. Comment [KH4]: Must contain your address of residence.

Comment [KH5]: Must reflect the total amount due to prevent foreclosure.


Comment [KH6]: Letter from the landlord threatening eviction from your primary residence.

Month DD, CCYY


This notice is for resident, FIRST_LAST NAME, in regard to past due payment of rent for the months of (Month) and (Month) CCYY. Resident must pay the total due, including late fees, no later than Month DD, CCYY. If total due, including late fees, is not received by Month DD, CCYY, resident must vacate the premises by Month DD, CCYY.

The total due, including late fees, is as follows:







Property Manager,

Name Address City, State ZIP Phone

Comment [KH7]: Must be dated within the past 60 days, and you must still be living in the home.

Comment [KH8]: Must reflect your address of residence.

Comment [KH9]: Must threaten eviction and/or reflect that rent is past due.

Comment [KH10]: Must reflect the total amount due to prevent eviction.


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