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´╗┐Human Rights Violations Thematic Essay Outlines

Theme: Human Rights

Task: Select two examples where human rights have been denied to groups of people and for each

1. Explain the historical circumstances that led to the denial of human rights.

2. Describe how the human rights of that group were denied.

3. Discuss an action taken by an individual, a group, or a government that attempted to end the human rights violations

Some choices you could write about include: genocide of Armenians, Cambodian's under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, Bosnian's,

genocide in Rwanda, the Sudan . . . .

Blacks under Apartheid in South Africa:

Jews during the Holocaust

1. Historical Circumstances: Beginning with British imperialism 1. Historical Circumstances: Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came

in the 1800s, South Africa's government was ruled by the white to power in the 1930's in Germany by promising to deal with the

minority (fewer people).

Whites controlled the economy of

poor economic conditions.

Hitler and the Nazi's created a fascist

South Africa and gained access to all the best resources and

state which glorified German nationalism and looked to rebuild

lands in South Africa.

Germany to greatness after their defeat in World War I.


2. Denial of human rights for the blacks: In the 1940's the white used the Jews as a scapegoat and blamed them for Germany's

government established the policy of apartheid, which racially problems.

segregated (separated) whites and blacks. Even though blacks 2. Denial of human rights for the Jews: Anti--Semitism (hatred

were the majority (more of them), whites got all the best land, towards Jews) was a part of the Nazi beliefs.

The Nazi's passed

education, and access to healthcare while blacks suffered and laws (Nuremberg Laws) in the 1930's taking away the rights of

faced discrimination.

Blacks were forced to carry identification Jews and forcing them to move to overcrowded ghettos, or

cards at all times and were denied power in the government. Jewish areas.

Violence against Jews increased and in November

3. Actions taken: Nelson Mandela was a black South African who of 1938, Nazi mobs attacked Jews in their homes and streets

joined the African National Congress looking to gain rights for destroying their businesses and homes (Kristallnacht).


blacks and end apartheid.

He was arrested and went to jail for after, the Nazi's began the process of systematically eliminating

27 years.

While he was in jail, governments around the world Jews completely.

The genocide of the Jews by the Nazi's was

began to boycott South African goods.

After enormous pressure known as the Holocaust.

Jews were forced into concentration

from around the world, the white government ended apartheid, camps as prisoners.

In 1942, the Nazi's "Final Solution" to the

freed Mandela, and allowed for multi--racial elections.

Mandela "Jewish problem" was to create death camps.

All in all, the

was elected President of South Africa in 1994.

Nazi's killed more than 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

3. Actions Taken: The Allied powers began to free these

Concentration Camps as Germany neared defeat in 1945.


World War II, Nazi's were put on trial at the Nuremberg Trials.

Nazi leaders were accused of committing "crimes against

humanity" and found guilty.

Directions: In space below (and on back), choose ONE of the Human Rights violations above and write a paragraph addressing the task:










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