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11th grade Academic Vocabulary

American History (1st & 2nd Semester)

These are academic terms that will be used throughout your two semesters of American history that will aid your study of the content. Synonyms are shown as italics.

|abandoned: left without needed |action: things done to achieve a |advantage: something that helps to make |achieve(d): to reach a goal |

|protection or care |particular purpose |someone or something better or more |successfully done, completed |

|left behind |something done, activity |likely to succeed than others | |

| | |benefit, favorable position | |

|accomplishment: something achieved |acquisition: the act of getting or |annexed: to add (an area or region) to a |blamed: to say or think that a person|

|successfully |obtaining something |country, state, etc |or thing is responsible for something|

|achievement, goal reached |receiving, gaining |join, add |bad that has happened |

| | | |accused |

| | | | |

|cause(s): reasons why events happen |combination: a result or product of |concept: an idea of what something is or |conclude(d): to come to an end or to |

|reason, grounds |adding together two or more things or|how it works |come to a decision |

| |people |thought, theory |finish, decide |

| |alliance, association | | |

|consequence(s): something that happens |convince(d): get someone to think |create(d): to make or produce (something)|decrease: to become smaller in size, |

|as a result of a particular action |about something |build, develop |amount, number, etc. |

|result, outcome |talk into, assure | |reduce, get smaller |

|describe(d): to tell someone the |designed: to plan and make decisions |development: the state of being created |differed: not alike |

|appearance, sound, smell, events of |about something |or made more advanced |unlike |

|something or someone |create, make up |growth, adding to | |

|explain | | | |

| | | | |

|difference(s): quality that makes one |distrust(ed): to have no trust or |dominate(d): to be the most important |embrace(d): to accept gladly |

|person or thing unlike another |confidence in something |part of (something) |admit, welcome |

|opposing |be weary of, mistrust |govern, rule | |

|entry: the process of becoming involved |establish(ed): accepted and used by |event(s): something that happens |evidence: something which shows that |

|in a situation |many people |occurrence, action |something else exists or is true |

|participation |well known, approved | |proof |

| | | | |

| | | | |

| | | | |

|exclude(d): to leave out |extensive: large in size or amount |favor(ed): given special advantages over |focus: a main purpose or interest |

|expel, forbid |widespread, vast |others |engage, spotlight |

| | |popular, advantaged | |

|fundamental: the most important part of |goal: something that you are trying |guarantee(s): a promise that something |impact(ed): to have a strong effect |

|something |to do or achieve |will happen or be done |on something |

|basic, important |aim, purpose, reason |pledge, promise |effect, influence |

| | | | |

|introduction: the act of bringing |launch: to send or shoot (something, |mobilization: to get ready for war |model(ed): to design (something) so |

|something into practice or use for the |such as a rocket) into the air or |ready for action, movement |that it is similar to something else |

|first time |water or into outer space | |form, shape |

|starting point, beginning |send off | | |

|negotiate(d): to discuss something |occurred: happened |oppose(d): not agreeing with or approving|organize(d): arranged into a formal |

|formally in order to make an agreement |take place |of something or someone |group with leaders and with rules for|

|bargain, discuss | |disagree, against |doing or planning things |

| | | |by design |

| | | | |

|participation: process of taking part in|policy: an officially accepted set of|practice(s): to do (something) regularly |prematurely: happening too soon or |

|something |rules or ideas about what should be |or constantly as an ordinary part of your|earlier than expected |

|involvement |done |life |early, too soon |

| |procedure, strategy |training, repetition | |

|preserve(d): to keep (something) in its |prevent(ed): to stop something from |primarily: used to indicate the main |provide(d): to supply |

|original state or in good condition |happening |purpose of something, reason for |give, take care of |

|care for, maintain |block, restrict |something | |

| | |for the most part, basically | |

|provision: a supply of food and other |publisher(s): a person or company | purpose: the reason why something is |reason: a statement or fact that |

|things that are needed |that produces books, magazines, etc. |done or used |explains why something is the way it |

|supplies |producer, writer |reason |is |

|_____________________ | | |idea, cause |

|provision: | | | |

|a condition that is included as part of | | | |

|an agreement or law | | | |

|condition of agreement | | | |

|reflect: to cause people to think of |reform: improvement of something by |reject(ed): to refuse to believe, accept,|relocate: to move to a new place |

|something in a specified way |removing problems |or consider (something) |move, transfer |

|think about, wonder |correct, improve |say no, turn down | |

|requirement(s): something that is needed|response: something that is done as a|responsible: used to describe the person |responsibility: the state of being |

|or that must be done |reaction to something else |or thing that causes something to happen |the person who caused something to |

|necessity |answer, react |accountable, in charge |happen |

| | | |accountable, blame |

|result(ed): something that is caused by |ruled: the control and power that a |significant: very important |spurred: to encourage (someone) to do|

|something else |particular person, group, or |critical, serious |or achieve something |

|effect, reaction |government has over a country or area| |prompted, pushed |

| |governed, manage | | |

|statement(s): an opinion, attitude, |support(ed): to approve and provide | | |

|etc., that you express through the |help | | |

|things you do |care for | | |

|declare, account | | | |


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