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Scudder, Marvyn, Collector

Collection of Corporate Documents, 1827-1950s

514 linear ft. (ca. 500,000 items in 411 record storage boxes)

History: Begun in 1885 by Moses L. Scudder, head of the Investor's Agency in New York, the collection was inherited by Marvyn Scudder editor of the Marvyn Scudder Manual of Extinct and Obsolete Companies and the country's most famous stock detective and he gave the collection to the Business Library in 1921. Particularly strong in documents from railroads, mining companies and New York City real estate companies the Scudder Collection has a complete file of material on the Union Pacific Railroad that includes the original offering statements.

The Marvyn Scudder Collection of corporate documents is believed to be the largest of its kind with more than 3 000 000 pages of documentary material on the financial history and organization of thousands of United States and foreign corporations.

Summary: Includes annual reports, communications to shareholders, indentures, prospectuses, reorganization pland, and other corporate instruments dating from 1827.

Organization: Alphabetical by name

Finding Aids: Card Catalog in Business Library and Box List

Restrictions on Access: To access the collection one must go to the Business Library and consult the Scudder card catalog which contains entries for each company name, arranged alphabetically. To locate the box number for any file listed in the catalog, one must consult the box list which indicates the first and last company name in each box.

Available for faculty, students, or researchers engaged in scholarly or publication projects

Restrictions on Use: Permission to publish materials must also be obtained in writing from the Director of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library

Provenance: Transferred from the Business Library, 2004 (Originally donated to the Business Library in 1921)

Processing History: Processed by Business Library Staff; Boxes and listed by N.L.R. under instructions by Patrick Lawlor, 2004

Microfilm Information: No material on microfilm

Physical Location: Off-Site ReCAP


The boxes are at ReCAP. They need to be requested through the Rare Book & Manuscript Library via our on-line request form or by phone 1 (212) 854 5590.

1 A & K Petroleum Company TO Adams Clark Building Corp. (Ill)

2 Adams Engineering Co. TO Aero Underwriters Corp.

3 Aeronautical Industries Inc. TO Air Marshal Corp.

4 Air-O-Cel Industries Inc. TO Alabama-Tennessee Natural Gas Co.

5 Alabama Traction Light & Power Co, Ltd. TO Alberta, Province of Canada

6 Alberta Wheat Pool TO Allentown Terminal Railroad Co. (PA)

7 Allergan Pharmaceuticals TO Allis (Louis) Co. (WI)

8 Allis-Charmers Mfg. Co. (DEL) TO Aluminum Company of America

9 Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd. TO American Aircraft Company (DEL)

10 American Alfalfa Products Co. TO American Brake Shoe Company

11 American Brake Shoe & Foundry Company TO American Credit Indemnity

Company of New York

12 American Cryogenics, Inc. TO American Farm Products Company

13 American Felt Company (NJ) TO American Heat, Light & Power Company (ME)

14 American Hide & Leather Company TO American Locomotive Company

15 American London & Empire Corp. TO American Public Services Company

16 American Public Utilities Company TO American Security Company of Bedford


17 American Seeding Machine Company TO American Sumatra Tobacco


18 American Sumatra Tobacco Corp. TO American Title & Insurance Company

19 American Tobacco Company TO American Water Works & Electric Co. Inc (VA)

20 American Water Works & Electric Company, 1932-1949 TO American Yvette

Company, Inc.

21 American Zinc & Lead Mining & Milling Co. TO Anchor Post products, Inc.

22 Anchor Precision Corp. TO Ann Arbor Railroad Co.

23 Annie Consolidated Mining Co. TO Arista Truck Renting Corp.

24 [Arista]Family Finance Corp [Name changed to Arista] TO Armco Steele Corp.

25 Armin Poly Film Corp. TO Arwood Corp.

26 Arwood Precision Casting Corp. TO Associated Gas & Electric Co.

27 Associated Gas & Electric Co. TO Associated Students, Univ. of Washington

28 Associated Telephone & Telegraph TO Athens Railway & Electric Co.

29 Athey Truss Wheel Co. TO Atlantic City Electric Co.

30 Atlantic City Gas Co. TO Atlas Assurance Co.

31 Atlas Chemical Industries TO Australian Iron & Steele

32 Austro-American Silver Copper & General Mining Association TO Ayrshire

Patoka Colliers Corp.

33 Aztec Land & Cattle Co. TO Bali Co.

34 Ball Engine Co. TO Bamm Corp.

35 Banca Commerciale Italiana TO Bandar Rubber Maatschappij

36 Band-It Company TO Bank of Scotland

37 Bank of Silesian Landowners Assn., Breslau TO Barahona Sugar Corp.

38 Barbara Lynn Stories Inc. TO Barrington Court

39 Barry Apartments TO Bayless Pulp & Paper Company

40 Bayly Manufacturing Co TO Bellingham, Washington (City of)

41 Bellows Falls Hydro-Electric Corp. TO Beth Warehouse

42 Bethleham City Water Co. TO Birmingham Realty Co.

43 Birmingham Small Arms CO. TO Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corp.

44 Bohn Refrigerator Co. TO Boston & Montana Development Co.

45 Boston & Montana Milling & Power Co. TO Botany Mills Inc.

46 Botany Industries Inc. TO Brazos Oil Corp.

47 Brazos River Gas Co. TO British-American Ball Nozzle Co.

48 British-American Bank Note Company, Ltd. TO Broadway Department Store, Inc.

49 Broadway Exchange Corp. TO Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp.

50 Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp TO Brush Moore Newspaper

51 Bryant & Chapman Co. TO Buffalo Elevators, Inc.

52 Buffalo Gas Co. TO Burmah Oil Company Ltd.

53 Burmeister & Wain, Engineers & Shipbuilders, Ltd. TO C & K Brewing Co.

54 C & R Hotel Company TO California Excelsior Oil Company

55 California Federal Savings & Loan Association TO Camaguey Company, Ltd.

56 Camaguey Sugar Company TO Canadian Colonial Airways Inc.

57 Canadian Consolidated Felt Company TO Canadian Propane Ltd.

58 Canadian Property Co. TO Capitol Reef Uranium Corp.

59 Capitol Southwest Corp. TO Carter, William Company

60 Carolina & Northwestern Railway Co. TO Cellulose Products Inc.

61 Celotex Company TO Central Fuel Oil Company

62 Central Funding Corp TO Central Leather Company

63 Central Leather Company TO Central Paper Company

64 Central Paper Company, Inc. TO Central States Investment Trust, Inc.

65 Central States Power & Light Corp. TO Cessna Aircraft Company

66 Chadwick Brass Company TO Chase National Bank Annual Reports, 1941-50

67 Charlevoix Realty Corp. TO Chelsea Realty Company

68 Chemcell Limited TO Cheraw & Darlington Railroad Company

69 Cherm TO Chesapeake Corp.

70 Chesapeake Corp. TO Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railway Company

71 Chicago & Eastern Illinois R.R. Co. TO Chicago & Southern Airlines Inc.

72 Chicago & Springfield Railroad Co. TO Chicago District Electric Generating Co.

73 Chicago Economic Fuel Gas Company TO Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and

Pacific Railroad Co.

74 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railway Co. TO Chicago Railways Company

75 Chicago Rapid Transit Company TO Chicago Suburban Gas and Electric Co.

76 Chicago Subway Co. TO Childs Food Stores, Inc.

77 Child's Co. TO Cincinnati, Findlay and Fort Wayne Railway Company

78 Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co. TO Cities Service Company

79 Cities Service Power and Light Co. TO City National Building Company

80 City of Newcastle Water Company TO Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company

81 Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway Co. TO Coca-Cola

Bottling Co. of New York Inc.

82 Coca-Cola Company TO Colorado, Columbus and Mexican R.R

83 Colorado Fuel and Iron Co. TO Columbia Steel and Shafting Co.

84 Columbia-Southern Chemical Corp. TO Columbus Packing Co.

85 Columbus Power Company TO Commonwealth and Southern Corp.

86 Commonwealth and Southern Corp. TO Community Power and Light Company

87 Community Public Service Company TO Connecticut General Life Insurance


88 Connecticut Humane Society TO Consolidated Chemical Industries

89 Consolidated Chemical Industries TO Consolidated Fuel Company

90 Consolidated Gas Company of Baltimore City TO Consolidated Laundries Corp.

91 Consolidated Lead and Zinc Co. TO Consumers Power Company

92 Consumers Public Service Co. TO Continental Telephone Co.

93 Continental Typewriter Co. TO Com Products Refining Co.

94 Corning Glass Works TO Credit Fancier of America Inc.

95 Credit Italiano TO Crown Cork and Seal Company Ltd.

96 Crown Cork and Seal Company of Baltimore City TO Cuban Sugar Mills Corp.

97 Cuban Telephone Company TO Cushing Petroleum Corp.

98 Cushman Food Co., Inc. TO Dana Corp.

99 Danac Real Estate Investment Corp. TO Daystrom Inc.

100 Dayton Airplane Engine Co. TO Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad Co.

101 Delaware National Bank TO Denver and Salt Lake Western Railroad Co.

102 Denver Chicago Trucking Co. Inc. TO Detroit, Almont and Northern Railroad Co.

103 Denver and Canada Tunnel Co. TO Detroit Trust Co.

104 Detroit United Railway TO Distillers Securities Corp.

105 Distilling and Cattle Feeding Co. TO Dominion Radiator and Boiler Co. Ltd.

106 Dominion Reduction Co. Ltd. TO Dry Dock East Broadway and Battery R.R. Co.

107 Dry Dock Savings Institution TO Eagle Harbor Copper Co.

108 Eagle-Picher Co. TO Eastern Aircraft Corp.

109 Eastern Airlines Inc. TO Easy Washing Machine Corp.

110 Eaton and Howard Management Fund A-1 TO Edwards Dental Supply Co.

111 Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Co. TO Electric Bond and Share Co.

112 Electric Cable Co. TO 1133 Park Avenue Apartment Building

113 Eleven West Forty Second Street, Inc. TO Emerson Shoe Stores Co.

114 Emerson Truck and Tractor Co. TO Energie Electrique du Littoral Mediterraneen

115 Energie Electrique du Nord de la France TO Erie Railroad Co. - Prospectuses

116 Erie Railroad Co. TO Europe on Wheels, Inc.

117 European and North American Railway TO Fairbanks, Morse and Co.

118 Fairchild Aviation Corp. TO Farrell Foundry and Machine Co.

119 Farrington Manufacturing Co. TO Federal Public Service Corp.

120 Federal Public Utilities Co. TO Fidelity Finance Corp., Doing Business as

American Finance Co.

121 Fidelity Fund, Inc. TO Fireman's Fund Indemnity Co.

122 Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. TO First National Bank, Marengo, IA

123 First National Bank (Marlow, OK) TO Fisher Building

124 Fisher Flouring Mills TO Flintridge Hotel Co.

125 Flo-Mix Fertilizers Corp. TO Flour City Ornamental Iron Co.

126 Flour Mills of America, Inc. TO Forstmann Woolen Co.

127 Fort Collins Consolidated Royalties, Inc. TO Foundation Securities Corp.

128 Foundation Trust Shares TO H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Co.

129 Franklin Mining Company TO Fuller Brush Co.

130 Fuller Building TO Gardens Apartments Inc.

131 Gardner- Denver Co. TO General Acceptance Corp.

132 General Acceptance Corp. TO General Equities Inc.

133 General Electric Overseas Capital Corp. TO General Optical Co., Inc.

134 General Outdoor Advertising Co. TO General Steamship Corp.

135 General Steel Casting Corp. TO Georgia and Florida Railroad

136 Georgia Florida and Alabama Railroad Co. TO Gibsons Inc.

137 Gero Metallurgical Corp. TO Glenwyn Apts.

138 Glidden Co. TO Goldfield Noble Mining Co.

139 Goldfield Peerless Mining Co. TO Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.

140 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. TO Grand Rapids Edison Co.

141 Grand Rapids Gas Light Co. TO Gray's Point Terminal Railway Co.

142 Graybear Building TO Great Northern Iron Ore Properties

143 Great Northern Majestic Building Corp. TO Green Bay, Winona and St. Paul R.R.


144 Greenboro TO Greyhound Lines, Inc.

145 Greyhound Corp. TO Guaranty Title and Trust Corp.

146 Guaranty Trust and Savings Bank TO Gum and Sweetmeat Co.

147 Gundrum (H.F.) Co. TO Hallicrafters Co.

148 Halliday Lithograph Corp. TO Hanlon and Goodman Co.

149 Hanlon-Gregory Galvanizing Co. TO Hart-Carter Co.

150 Hart Coal Co. TO Havana Electric and Utilities Co.

151 Havana Electric Railway Co. TO Hearst-Brisbane Properties

152 Hearst Building TO Hercules Petroleum Co.

153 Hercules Powder Co. TO Highland Spruce Co.

154 Highland Telephone Co. TO Hocking Valley Railway Co.

155 Hodge Iron Co. TO Home Mortgage Investment Co.

156 Home Oil Co., Ltd. TO Hotel Lennox

157 Hotel Lexington TO Household Finance Corp.

158 Household Finance Corp. TO Hudson and Long Island Traction Co.

159 Hudson and Manhattan Co. TO Hunter Machinery Co.

160 Hunter Steel Co. TO Hydraulic-Press Brick Co.

161 Hydraulic-Pressed Steel Co. TO Idaho State Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

162 Idaho Yellow Jacket Gold Mining Co. TO Illinois Pacific Glass Corp.

163 Illinois Packing Co. TO Income Leasehold Co.

164 Income Trust Shares TO Indiana Consumers Gas and By-Products Co.

165 Indiana, Decatur and Western Railway Co. TO Indiana Truck Corp.

166 Indiana Union Traction Co. TO Industrial Advancement Corp. of Utica

167 Industrial and General Trust, Ltd. TO Inland Express Co.

168 Inland Gas Corp. TO Insuranshares Corp.

169 Insuranceshares Trust Certificates TO Interborough- Metropolitan Co.

170 Interborough Personal Loan Co. TO Interborough Rapid Transit Co.

171 Interborough Rapid Transit Co. TO International Carbon Corp.

172 International Carriers, Ltd. TO International and Great Northern Railway Co.

173 International and Great Northern Railway Co. TO International Match Corp.

174 International Match Realization Corp. TO International Okonite Corp.

175 International Ordinance Co. TO International Safety Razor Corp.

176 International Salt Corp. TO International Water Co.

177 International Waterways Navigation TO Interstate Public Utilities Corp.

178 Interstate Railway TO Investors Fund Inc.

179 Investors Management Fund, Inc. TO Iowa Nebraska Public Service Co.

180 Iowa Planning Company TO Irvine Life Boat Handler Co.

181 Irving Trust Co. TO (J&B) Ivey Company

182 JIB Consolidated Mining Company TO Jenkins Vulcan Spring Company

183 Jenney Electric Mfg. Co. TO Johnson Iron Works Dry Dock & Sm Building


184 (Lewis D.) Johnson’s & Son Company TO Kalamazoo Building Company

185 Kalamazoo National Bank TO Kansas City Public Service Company

186 Kansas City Quarries Company TO Kansas City Power & Lighting Company

187 Kansas City Public Service Company TO Kansas City, Wyandotte & NW Railway


188 Kansas City Colorado Pacific Railway Company TO Karstadt (Rudolph) Inc.


189 Karstadt (Rudolph) Inc. (Germany) TO Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Corp.

190 Kelsey Wheel Co. TO Kern Realty Corp.

191 Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd. TO Keystone Watch Case Company

192 Keystone Waterworks Co. TO Kingston Gas & Electric Company

193 Kingston Products Corp. Kruger & Toll Company

194 Kruger & Toll Company (Sweden) TO Lackawanna Steele Co. (NY 1902)

195 Lackawanna & Maloney Telephone Company TO Lake Forest Water Company

196 Lake Gas Co. TO Landay Bros. Inc.

197 Lander Electric Lights & Power Company TO Laurel Grove Cemetery Co

198 Laurel Lake Mills TO Leece-Neville Co.

199 Lee Communications Inc. TO Lehigh Valley Railroads Co.

200 Lehigh Valley Railroad Company (Mortgages) TO Lester, Carter & CO.

201 Lester Engineering Company (Ohio) TO Libby, McNeill & Libby

202 Libby's Hotel Corp. TO Limestone Transportation Corp.

203 Limited Realty Company TO Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Co.

204 Lincoln Traction Co. TO Liquid Carbonk Corp.

205 Liquid Carbonk Corp., 1927 TO Live Oak Oil & Gas Corp.

206 Live Poultry Transit Co. TO Lowes Marcus Theatre Company

207 Lowes Marcus Theatre Ltd. TO Lone Star Land Co.

208 Lone Star Gas Co. TO Long Island Lighting Co. (Annual Report)

209 Long Island Live Stock Fair Corp. TO Lory Electronics Inc.

210 Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Co. TO Louisiana and Northwest Railroad Co.

211 Louisiana Oxygen Company TO Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad


212 Louisville and Nashville Railroad Eq. Trust TO Loyal Mining and Leasing Co.

213 Lloyd Scruggs Company TO Lycoming Manufacturing Corp.

214 Lydia Cotton Mills TO Mal Dermid Inc.

215 MacDonald Company TO (Josiah)Macy Jr. Foundation

216 Mad Ox Mines Inc. TO Mahoning Investment Co.

217 Mahoning Savings and Trust Co. TO Malletts Bay Club

218 Mallinckroot Inc. TO Manhattan Life Insurance Co.

219 Manhattan Mammoth Mining Co. TO Manitoba Power Co. Ltd.

220 Manitoba Railway Co. TO Maple Valley Rural Telephone Company

221 Maplewood Hotel Co. TO Marine Midland Corp.

222 Marine Midland Trust Co. TO The Marsden Co.

223 Marseille Land and Water Power Co. TO Massachusetts Gas Company

224 Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock TO Maxwell Motor Corp.

225 Maxwell Scientific International, Inc. TO McClure Publications

226 McClure's Magazine TO McGran Tire & Rubber Co.

227 McGregor & McIntyre Ltd. TO W.D. McRae Lumber Co.

228 McRae Oil & Gas Co. TO Menhaden Oil & Guano Co.

229 Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co. TO Merchants & Manufactures

Terminal Inc.

230 Merchant's Metropolitan National Bank TO Merritt's Red Jacket Distillery & Free


231 Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp TO Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

232 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. TO Mexican Coal & Coke Co.

233 Mexican Eagle Oil Co., Ltd. TO H.H. Meyer Packing Co.

234 Mexican Coffee Plantation Co. TO Michigan Steele Corp.

235 Michigan Steele Tube Products Co. TO Middle West Corp.

236 Middle West Gas & Electric Co. TO Millbury National Bank

237 Midland United Co. TO Miller Hotel Co.

238 G.L. Miller & CO. TO Milwaukee & Northern Railroad Co.

239 Milwaukee Refrigerator Transit & Car Co. TO Minneapolis Elk Building Co.

240 MI-Medicine Co. Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co.

241 Minneapolis Western Railway Co TO Mirror Aluminum Co.

242 Mirror Films, Inc. TO Mississippi River, Hamburg & Western Railway CO.

243 Mississippi River Power Co. TO Missouri, Kansas Texas Railway Co.

244 Missouri, Kansas Texas Railway Co. TO Missouri Power & Light Co.

245 Missouri Public Service Co. TO Mohawk Hydro-Electric Co.

246 Mohawk Investment Corp. TO Monongahela Railway Co.

247 Monongahela River R.R. CO. TO Montana Power Transmission Co.

248 Montana Power Co. TO Montreal Locomotive Works, Ltd.

249 Montreal Metropolitan Commission TO Morris & Co.

250 Morris & Essex Railroad TO Mortgage Guarantee Co.

251 Mortgage Co. of Maryland, Inc. TO Motor Stocker Corp.

252 Motor Transit Co. TO Mountain Lake Corp.

253 Mountain Lion Mining Co., Ltd. TO Munsey Water Supply Co.

254 Municipal Bank of the State of Hessen TO Muscogee Mfg. Co.

255 Muscoy Development Co. TO NSU Motorenwerke Atkiengesellschaft


256 N. V. Handelsvereeniging Amsterdam TO Nassau Land Bank

257 Nassau Land & Improvement Bank TO National Bank of Egypt

258 National Bank of Fairfield TO National Casket Co.

259 National Castings Co. TO National Development Co.

260 National Dictograph Co. TO National Gypsum Co.

261 National Hamilton Bank TO National New Haven Bank

262 National Newark Banking Co. TO National Steele Co.

263 National State Bank of Newark, N.J. TO National Stores Investment Co.

264 Navarro Oil Company TO Nevada Central Railway

265 Nevada Central Railway Co. TO New England Co.

266 New England Co. Power System TO New England Southern Corp.

267 New England Southern Mills TO New Jersey Electric Protection Co.

268 New Jersey Fidelity & Loan Co. TO New Orleans National Bank

269 New Orleans Railway & Light Co. TO New York Business Building Corp.

270 New York Butcher's Calf Skin Association TO New York Central & Hudson River


271 New York Central Railroad TO New York Harbor Dry Dock Corp.

272 New York, Honsatic & Northern R.R. Co. TO New York, New Haven & Hartford

Railroad Co.

273 New York Northern Grain Co. TO New York Sewing Machine Co.

274 New York Shipbuilding Corp. TO New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad

275 New York, Susquehanna Coal Co. TO New York White Cross Milk Co.

276 New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Co. TO Newport Industries, Inc.

277 Newport Land Trust Co. TO Niagara Land & Fruit Co.

278 Niagara Laundry & Mfg. Co. TO Nipissing Mines Ltd.

279 Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co. TO Norfolk & Southern Railroad Co

280 Norfolk & Southern Lighting TO North American Co.

281 North American Co. TO North American Light & Power Co.

282 North American Loan & Trust Co. TO North Standard Mining Co.

283 North Star Construction Co. TO Northern Indiana Power Co.

284 Northern Indiana Public Service Co. - Prospectus TO Northern Pacific Railroad


285 Northern Pacific & Montana Railroad Co. TO Northern States Life Insurance Corp.

286 Northern State Power Co. TO Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.

287 Northwestern Fire & Marine Insurance Co. TO Norwalk Iron Works Co.

288 Norwalk Lock Co. TO Oceanic Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.

289 Ocilla Southern Railroad TO Ohio Power Co.

290 Ohio Public Service Co TO Oklahoma General Power Co.

291 Oklahoma Iron Works International Supply Co. TO Omaha, Dodge City, and

Southern Railway Co.

292 Omaha Horse Railway Co. TO Osage Railway Co.

293 Osage Valley & Southern Kansas Railroad Co. TO Ozark & Cherokee Central

Railroad Co.

294 Ozark Corp. TO Pacific Lumber

295 Pacific Lighting TO Palomar Mortgage Co.

296 Pamour Porcupine Mines, Ltd. TO Parbec Mines, Ltd.

297 Pargas, Inc. TO Pecos Valley Power & Light Co.

298 Phelps Dodge Corp. TO Penn-Ohio Edison Co.

299 Penn-Ohio Oil Corp. TO Penn-Ohio Power & Light Co.

300 Penn Power Co. TO Penn Steele

301 Penn Steam Ship CO. TO Peoples Passenger RW CO.

302 Peoples Petroleum Co. TO Pare Marquette R.R. Co.

303 Pare Marquette R.R. Co. TO Philadelphia & Western Railway CO.

304 Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad Co. TO Philadelphia, Reading &

New England Railroad Co.

305 Philadelphia Savings Fund Society TO Phoenix Gold Mining Co.

306 Phoenix Gummiwerke A.G. TO Piggly Wiggly Pacific Co., Inc.

307 Piggly Wiggly Stores, Inc. TO Pittsburgh, Binghamton & Eastern Railroad Co.

308 Pittsburgh Board of Trade Land Co. TO Pittsburgh Railways Co.

309 Pittsburgh Real Estate Co. TO Platte Uranium, Inc.

310 Platte Wyoming Oil Co. of Guernsey, Wyoming TO Popular Creek Coal & Iron


311 Porcupine Canadian Gold Mines, Ltd. TO Portland Electric Co.

312 Portland Electric Power Co. TO Postal Telegraph & Cable Corp.

313 Postal Telegraph & Cable Corp TO Power Corporation of Canada, Ltd.

314 Power Corporation of New York TO Preway Inc.

315 Price (Ed.V.) & Co. TO Progressive Laundry & Co.

316 Progress Manufacturing Co. Ltd. TO Prudencia Rabell Cigarette Machine Co.

317 Prudence Securities Corp. TO Public Service Corp. of New Jersey

318 Public Service Corp. of New Jersey TO Public Service Electric & Gas Co.

319 Public Service Electric & Gas Co. TO Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Co.

320 Puget Sound Construction Co. TO Pyramid Life Insurance Co.

321 Pyramid Mining Co. TO Quincy Station Post Office

322 Quinebaug Co. TO Rainbow Oil & Gas Co.

323 Rainey (Paul J.) Pier Co. TO Raybestos Co.

324 Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. TO Red Creek & Far Haven Tel. Co.

325 Red Crossgold Mining & Milling Co. TO Reliance Insurance Co. of Philadelphia

326 Reliance International Corp. TO Republic Railway & Light Co.

327 Republic National Bank of New York TO Rez-Tile Industries, Inc.

328 Rezlon Chemical Products Limited TO Richardson & Boynton Co.

329 Richardson (George O.) Machinery Co. TO Ries Biologicals, Inc.

330 Rike-Kumler Co. TO Riverside Trust Co.

331 Riverside Tunnel & Mining Co. TO Rock Island-Frisco Terminal Railway Co.

332 Rock Island Improvement Co. TO Romer Manufacturing Co.

333 Ronalds-Federated Limited TO Ruland and Whiting Co.

334 Rulane Gas Company TO Sackett & Wilhelms Corp.

335 Saco-Lowell Shops TO Saint Joseph Crude Oil & Gas Company

336 Saint Joseph Bridge TO St. Louis & Southeastern Railway Company

337 St. Louis & Springfield Railway Company TO St Louis-San Francisco Railway Co.

338 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company TO St. Paul Commercial Building


339 St. Paul Construction Company TO San Antonio Machine & Supply Company

340 San Antonio Public Service Company TO Sanders Associates, Inc.

341 Sanford Light & Fuel Co. TO Savings and Loan Bank of the State of New York

342 Savings & Loan Co. TO Schulco Co., Inc.

343 Schulte (D.A.), Inc. TO Scudder Stevens & Clark Common Stock Fund, Inc.

344 Scudder Stevens & Clark Common Stock Fund, Inc. TO Seaboard Petroleum Co,

345 Seaboard Oil Co. of Texas TO Second National Bank of Allegheny

346 Second National Bank (Atlantic City) TO Selfridge and Co., Ltd.

347 Selfridge Provincial Stores, Ltd. TO Shamrock Mining Co.

348 Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. TO Sheffield Farms-Slawson-Decker Co.

349 Sheffield Land & Improvement TO Shetucket Co., Norwich, Conn.

350 Shevlin-Clarke Co., Ltd. TO Silent Writing Machine Co.

351 Silesia Electric Corp. TO Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corp.

352 Sinclair Crude Oil Purchasing Co. TO Smith (W.F.) Co.

353 Smith (A.O.) Mfg. Co. TO Societe Norvegienne de L'azote et du Foreces


354 Societe Pipe-Line Sud-European TO South American Improvement CO.

355 South American Mines CO. TO South Scituate Savings Bank

356 South Shore Club Apts. TO Southern Central Railroad Co.

357 Southern Cities Power Co. TO Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.

358 Southern Indiana Railway Co. TO Southern Pacific Lines

359 Southern Pacific RR Co. TO Southern Securities Co.

360 Southern Sierra Power Co TO Speculative Mineral Shares Co.

361 Speed Building TO Spang, Chalfant & Co., Inc

362 Spanish American Fruit Co, Inc TO Springfield-Monarch Insurance Companies

363 Springfield Motors Co. TO Standard Electric Co. Inc.

364 Standard Electric Co. of California TO Standard Oil Co. (KY)

365 Standard Oil Company (Kansas) TO Stanislaus Farms Co.

366 Stanislaus Power Development Co. TO Stein (A.) & Co. (ILL)

367 Stein-Bloch Co. TO Stone & Webster Inc.

368 Stone & Webster (Street Railway Co) TO Suffern Gas CO.

369 Suffolk & Carolina Railway Co TO Sunroy Oil Corp.

370 Sunroy Oil Corp. TO Sweets Company of America

371 Sweets Steele Company TO Taylor Pearson & Carson Ltd. (Canada)

372 Taylor Wharton Iron & Steele Co. TO Tennessee Public Service Company

373 Tennessee Railway Light & Power Co. TO Tennessee Natural Gas Lines

374 Texas Eastern Production Co. TO Textron Inc.

375 Textured Fibers Inc. TO Thirteen Hundred and Two Pacific Co.

376 Thirteenth & Chancellor Streets TO Timkin Roller Bearing Co.

377 Timm Aircraft Corp. TO Tonopah & Goldfield RR Company

378 Tonopah Belmont Development Co. TO Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co.

379 Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co., Ltd. TO Tri-Utilities Corp[.

380 Triad Oil Co. TO Tuition Inc.

381 Tularosa Copper Co. TO Underwriter's Securities Corp.

382 Underwriter's Securities Corp. TO Union Lumbering Co.

383 Union Metal Manufacturing Co. TO Union Street Railway Co.

384 Union Sugar Co. TO United-Carr Inc.

385 United Central Oil Corp. TO United Electric Service Co.

386 United Electric Traction Co. TO United Gas & Oil Development Co.

387 United Gas Improvement Co. TO United Overseas Bank

388 United Owners Realty CO. TO United Service Co.

389 United Security Life Ins. & Trust Co. TO United States Kings County Bond &

Management Corp.

390 United States Leather Co. TO United States Servateria Corp.

391 U.S. Shares Corp. TO U.S. Telephone Mfg. Co.

392 United States Television Mfg. Corp. TO Universal Pictures Co., Inc.

393 Universal Pipe & Radiator Co. TO Utility Equities Corp.

394 UVava Copper Co. TO Victor Brewing Co.

395 Victor Chemical Works TO Virginia Railway Co.

396 Virginia's Fruit Exchange TO Waco Hilton Hotel Co.

397 Waco Street Ry. TO Wandell Chocolate Co.

398 Wandling Glove Co. TO Warren-Burnham Co.

399 Warren Commercial Club of Warren, Ohio TO Watkins (J.B.) Land Mortgage Co.

400 Watkins National Bank, Lawrence, Kan. TO Wentworth Manufacturing Co.

401 Wentworth Military Scientific & Literary Educational Co. TO Westchester First

National Corp.

402 Westchester Lighting Co. TO Western Pacific Railroad Co.

403 Western Pacific Railroad Co. TO Western Union Telegraph Co

404 Western Union Telegraph Co. (Legal Materials) TO Westinghouse Electric &

Manufacturing Co.

405 Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. TO Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad


406 Wheeling, Lake Erie Railroad Co. TO Whitman & Barnes Inc.

407 Whitman Building Corp. TO Wilson & Co., Inc.

408 Wilson & Co., Inc. TO Wisconsin Central Railway Co.

409 Wisconsin Central Railway Co. TO Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

410 Wisconsin Public Service Corp. TO Wright Aeronautical Corp.

411 Wright & Taylor Distilling Corp. TO Zurn Industries, Inc.


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