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E-mail Policy Changes

Protecting Meridian information and Meridian IT systems has been a central strategic objective in today's business environment. Recent headlines report data security breaches and cyber attacks such as Target and Neiman Marcus, making it imperative for organizations to analyze and assess their network vulnerabilities.

Meridian contracted with a leading firm to conduct a risk analysis of our data governance policies. In order to address some of these findings and better protect Meridian data, the Meridian Executive Team has approved a number of initiatives. The changes listed below will be effective June 1, 2014.

Personal E-mail Accounts

Personal e-mail will only be available via open WiFi and at select kiosks:

? Effective June 1, 2014 access to personal e-mail accounts from any Meridian workstation computer will no longer be permitted.

? Personal e-mail accounts are any accounts other than your Meridian email account, including but not limited to: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.

? Access to personal e-mail on personal devices such as smart phones or tablets, via the open wifi will remain available. The open wifi is not part of the Meridian network.

? Designated kiosk stations are available for team members and medical staff members that will provide access to the open wifi network. These kiosks are available at each site's HR department, medical staff libraries and lounges.

Meridian Outlook Webmail

Meridian Outlook webmail will only be available from Meridian workstations on the Meridian network:

? In order to protect Meridian information on mobile devices, effective June 1, 2014 access to Meridian Outlook Webmail via will be eliminated.

? As of June 1 Webmail. will not be accessible except from workstations on the Meridian network.

Meridian E-mail on Mobile Devices

Accessing Meridian e-mail on personal mobile devices will require Leadership approval (this does not impact access to e-mail from Portal):

? Effective June 1, in order to receive Meridian e-mail on personal mobile devices a new security feature must be installed. IT will begin deploying an application to secure personal devices that access Meridian e-mail. The application, Mobile Iron, will enable Meridian to remotely remove only Meridian data from a mobile device when necessary due to loss or theft of the mobile device or due to team member resignation, retirement or termination.

? If you currently have Meridian e-mail on your personal mobile device or you would like to receive Meridian e-mail on your personal mobile device for business purposes, you will now be required to apply for e-mail access on your personal mobile device(s) which will need to be approved by your leader.

? In order to continue to receive e-mail on a personal mobile device you will be required to complete the REQUEST FOR ACCESS TO MERIDIAN E-MAIL ON A MOBILE DEVICE online approval form available on the Meridian intranet: Meridian Health Intranet -> Resources ->IT Support page.

? The Access to Meridian E-mail on a Mobile Device form must be completed online because it is automatically routed to your leader upon submission for approval and sign off. Once approval is received, Meridian IT will send a link to you via your Meridian e-mail account to download the Mobile Iron App.

? Please note, if you are a team member with a Meridian issued device no action will be required. The Mobile Iron app will automatically be sent to you by IT in an e-mail to your Meridian email account.

? Access to Meridian e-mail via the Portal can still be utilized and will not be affected by these changes.

? The Mobile Iron app requires you to accept terms and conditions--these terms and conditions refer to the Mobile Iron Authorization available on the IT Support page. You are encouraged to review the Mobile Iron Authorization prior to going through the installation process via the Mobile Iron application.

**Additional information: IT Customer Support** 9 Request for Access Request to Meridian E-mail on a Mobile Device

Form 9 Mobile Iron Authorization 9 Frequently Asked Questions

For questions on these policy changes, please contact Cindy Coronel, Meridian Privacy Officer.

For technical support, please contact the IT Service Desk for any assistance: Email: itcs@ Phone: 732-776-3333


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