High School International Business COURSE SYLLABUS

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´╗┐High School International Business COURSE SYLLABUS

Mr. Schwartzenberger


Course Description: The course will provide students with an understanding of how and why businesses choose to expand their operations into other countries. This course exposes students to the unique challenges facing firms doing business internationally and to the potential opportunities and markets that are lost to firms that choose not to do business in the global marketplace. Building on concepts that were introduced in previous business classes, International Business broadens student understanding of how businesses operate and how they grow and thrive in our ever-changing world.

Text: International Business ? Competing in the Global Marketplace

Requirements: Final Project: Topic of student's choice (must be approved) Students are required to have an email account Students are required to participate in all class activities and assignments. Students are required to conduct themselves as professionals.

Class Policies & Procedures: Be prepared for class daily by bringing ALL needed materials with you. Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given. Work on assigned work first. Students are expected to work until the bell rings. Do not pack up early.

The Role of Technology in the Curriculum:

In this business studies course, information technology is considered a learning tool that must be accessed by the students in many areas. Students will develop transferable skills through their experience with word processing, journals, flow charts, and telecommunication tools, as would be expected in an accounting environment. Information and communication technologies are integrated into the business studies curriculum in a way that mirrors the dynamic environment in which business is conducted today, creating an authentic and relevant learning environment for students.

Course Outline: Unit 1: Getting Started - Lesson 1: Course Objectives - Lesson 2: Globalization Overview - Lesson 3: Flat World

Unit 2: NATIONAL DIFFERENCES - Lesson 1: Cultural Factors - Lesson 2: Values, Beliefs and Religion - Lesson 3: Political and Economic Systems

Unit 3: INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INVESTMENT - Lesson 1: International Trade - Lesson 2: Trade Laws - Lesson 3: Trade Organizations - Lesson 4: Foreign Direct Investment

Unit 4: INTERNATIONAL FINANCE - Lesson 1: Foreign Exchange and International Financial Markets - Lesson 2: The International Monetary System - Lesson 3: Converting Money

Unit 5: COMPETING IN A GLOBAL MARKETPLACE - Lesson 1: International Business Strategy - Lesson 2: Exporting and Importing Practices - Lesson 3: Global Marketing - Lesson 4: Ethics in International Business

Unit 6: CAREERS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS - Lesson 1: Working in International Business - Lesson 2: Business that start and go overseas - Lesson 2: Final Course Project and Class Closure

*Lessons take more than one day to work through

Make-up Work:

The student is responsible for all make-up work when absent from class. The student will need to pick up work from me upon return to school. Missed tests should be rescheduled according to the school guidelines.


Grading is based on School Policy. Grades will be taken on daily homework, quizzes, tests, participation, and projects.

Instructor Contact:

Mr. Schwartzenberger mjschwartzenberger1@umary.edu

*Some information has been borrowed and modified to my liking from other teacher's syllabus


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