Wonder Quiz 1 “Ordinary” “Padawan”

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Wonder Quiz 1 "Ordinary" - "Padawan"


Use the chapter titled "Driving" in Wonder to answer the questions below.

1. Which quote from the story lets the reader know how long August's parents have been thinking about sending him to school? a. "We both talked to him, yes," Dad said. "He's a really nice man." b. "But you're right, Auggie, we should've told you when we found last month that you got in," said Dad. c. "He took us on a tour of the school last year," said Mom. d. "In hindsight," sighed Mom, "yes, I guess."

2. What is the name of his new principal?

3. Why does Mr. Tushman say, "Wow, I have to meet this kid," after learning that August read Dragon Rider at the age of six? a. Because it means Auggie must be really smart b. Because he likes the book Dragon Rider c. Because the movie was good d. Because he wanted to know if it was a good book

4. Explain using details from the story why August misses being a baby sometimes? (Use at least 2 examples) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

5. What does the simile in the sentence say about Via's lap? "I fell asleep in the backseat like I always do, my head on Via's lap like she was my pillow, a towel wrapped around the seatbelt so I wouldn't drool all over her." ? p. 10 a. Her legs were soft like a pillow. b. August used her lap to lay on like you would lay on a pillow c. She had on pants that looked like a pillowcase that Auggie had. d. She had a pillow in her lap.


6. How is Auggie going to school for the first time like a lamb to the slaughter. (See p. 10) ___________________________________________________________________________


Wonder Quiz 2 "Wake Me Up when September Ends" - "Time to Think"


1. What quote from the story supports why Auggie likes Halloween the best? a. "It even beats Christmas." b. "I get to go around like every other kid with a mask and nobody thinks I look weird." c. "When I was little, I used to wear an astronaut helmet everywhere I went." d. "I have pictures of me in all my Halloween costumes."

2. When did August stop wearing his astronaut helmet? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

3. Why did August stop wearing his astronaut helmet? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

4. The morning of Halloween Auggie did several things contradictory to what he was supposed to or normally would have done. What two things did Auggie change that allowed him to hear what Jack Will said? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

5. Contrast Auggie's perception of Via on Halloween morning with Via's insight into what is going on with her. a. Auggie thinks that Via is protective and needs to get off his back while Via knows how mean kids can really be. b. Auggie thinks that Via is acting silly all dressed up in her unicorn costume. On the other hand Via is embarrassed by the costume. c. Auggie thinks that Via is mad at him but Via is trying to keep a secret from him. d. Auggie is confused by the crying fits she has been throwing; however Via is upset about the anniversary of Grans' death.

6. How did Auggie's opinion of school and Halloween change after he heard Jack Will's comments. Use 2 examples to support your answer. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________


_________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________


Wonder Quiz 3 "Weird Kids" - "The Boyfriend"


1. What quote from the book supports the fact that Summer picked being Auggie's friend over going out with Julian when given a chance to date Julian? a. "Julain likes you he wants to ask you out." b. "I also told her I had a crush on someone else that wasn't Julian so she would leave me alone about that and hopefully spread the word to Julian that I wasn't interested." c. "You know, Summer, you would be a lot more popular if you didn't hang out with him so much. I'm going to be completely honest with you: Julian likes you." d. "So you have to choose who you want to hang out with."

2. In the chapter titled, "In Science," what is the purpose of the paragraphs about Jack Will not liking school? a. It provides the explanation of how he realized what "Bleeding Scream" meant. b. It allows the reader to truly understand Jack's feelings towards science. c. It proves that Ms. Rubin makes Science too hard to like. d. It reveals the information necessary to understand why Jack hates Julian.

3. Why did Jack Will punch Julian? a. He didn't like him, and he wanted to hurt him. b. He didn't like what Julian said about August. c. Julian told him to punch him in the face. d. Julian said something about Jack Will's family.

4. What did Summer lie to Savannah about? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

5. Explain why Savanna asked Summer where her boyfriend was. Use 2 examples from the text to support your answer. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________



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