Lease-End Kit

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´╗┐Lease-End Kit

Just because your lease is coming to an end doesn't mean we have to say good-bye...

Thank you

Thank you for leasing with Hyundai Motor Finance. Since your lease is ending soon, now is a good time to start weighing your options. Our goal is to make the end of your lease as simple and hassle-free as possible. If you need any assistance please call our Lease-End Advisors at (855) 463-5378.

Vehicle Return Checklist

Have your vehicle inspected

Schedule a turn in appointment at your dealer

Clean your vehicle inside and out

Remove garage door remotes and toll tags

Bring a copy of any receipts for repairs that you may have made

Bring a copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report

Make sure all equipment is present, including, but not limited to:

? All keys & keyless remotes ? Owner's manual ? Headrests

? Cargo covers/nets (if applicable) ? License plates (if applicable)

What would you like to do at the end of your lease?

Lease or purchase an exciting new Hyundai

Purchase your Hyundai

Get into a fantastic new Hyundai by following these steps:

Visit to explore your next vehicle Schedule a test drive with your Hyundai dealer

Not ready to let go of your current Hyundai? No problem. Purchasing your Hyundai is easy.

Obtain a buyout quote by logging into your account at , click on Payments, then Buyout Quote. Or you may contact your Hyundai dealer to obtain a buyout quote and instructions for purchase

Contact a Lease-End Advisor at (855) 463-5378 if you need additional assistance

Continue to enjoy your Hyundai

Wear & Use Estimation Tool

For your convenience we are providing the "Wear and Use Estimation Tool" to assist in evaluation of any potential wear and use liability. Remember, actual wear and use will be determined through formal inspection. Your Hyundai dealer is also a great resource for questions about your vehicle's condition.

Complete your vehicle inspection

Completing your inspection is simple ? here's how it will happen.

? At about 2 months before your lease ends, our inspection company will contact you to coordinate your vehicle's inspection. For your convenience, the inspection can be scheduled at your home or where you work.

? The inspection company will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report which will itemize any excess wear and use (if applicable).

? If you have excess wear and use charges, they will appear on your final invoice unless you choose to repair the items prior to returning your vehicle.

? If repairs are made, mail or fax the receipts to Hyundai Motor Finance before you return your vehicle to your dealer. This will ensure proper credit to your account:

Hyundai Motor Finance Attention: Lease-End Team P.O. Box 20875 Fountain Valley, CA 92728 Fax: 714-965-3995

Inspection appointments are available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Inspections can be scheduled at your home or work as long as someone 18 years or older is present.

Please refer to your lease agreement regarding all of your lease obligations.

Common Questions

Should I set up an appointment to return my vehicle to my Hyundai dealer? Yes. We recommend you schedule a turn-in appointment to allow for a smooth vehicle return experience and to address any questions you may have.

Can I return my car to a non-Hyundai dealer? No. Your vehicle must be returned to an authorized Hyundai dealer. Please contact your Hyundai dealer to schedule a turn-in appointment. If you need assistance locating a Hyundai dealer, call our team of Lease-End Advisors at (855) 463-5378.

What charges should I expect after I turn in my vehicle on my End-of-Term Invoice? The following charges may be included on your End-of-Term Invoice (if applicable):

? Excess wear and use ? Excess mileage ? Disposition fee (turn-in fee)

? Any past due and unpaid monthly payments ? Any other fees (e.g. unpaid late payment

fees, taxes, tolls)

Do I need to do anything with my license plates after I turn in my vehicle? It varies by state. Please contact your dealer if you have questions about how this applies to you.

How do I purchase my current vehicle? Please contact your Hyundai dealer, or call us at (855) 463-5378 to receive a buyout quote and instructions for purchase. You may also obtain a buyout quote by logging into your account at .

Can repairs be made to my vehicle after an inspection, if needed? Yes. Please contact your Hyundai dealer, or call us at (855) 463-5378 to discuss your repair options.

How do I qualify for a disposition (turn-in) fee waiver? As a loyal customer, you may be eligible for a waiver when you lease or purchase another Hyundai with Hyundai Motor Finance within 60 days after your lease maturity date.

Helpful Resources


Wear & Use Estimation Tool

Your Hyundai Dealer

Lease-End Servicing Advisor: (855) 463-5378

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