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by Sue McIntosh, MD

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) had been published 10 years earlier by the Council on Foreign Relations (“Project for a New American Century,” Global Outlook 5, 2003, 12-17; Dreyfuss 2004; and ). Many of the writers of PNAC, called neo-conservatives, or “neocons,” were in the Bush White House on 9/11 and included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Richard Armitage, and John Bolton. PNAC was an outline of the military takeover of strategic countries to advance an American empire toward globalism. In the early paragraphs of the paper, it was stated that, since the American public would not be interested in this venture, there had to be a crisis, “another Pearl Harbor,” which would galvanize public opinion to support a “War on Terror.”

Simultaneously, the world’s easily gotten oil supplies were about to peak internationally, and demand, especially in the United States and China, would soon outstrip supply (Heinberg 2003, Pfeiffer 2003, Ruppert 2004, Scott 2007). The Bushes and many neocons are oil barons. Large untapped oil reserves had been located in central Asia (the “stans”), Russia, Alaska, and coastal South American and Africa. There was little discussion of harnessing the wind, sun, tide and geothermal energies to replace oil and no discussion at all about “zero-point” energytechnology (, , ), which could provide clean fuelless electricity by accessing the natural “scalar” energy throughout the universe.

NORAD, the North American (now Northern Command) Radar Air Defense system, based in Cheyenne Mountain, CO, has always existed to spot, escort, and if necessary shoot down any airplane which veers from its flight plan. In 1999 professional golfer Payne Stewart and companions were flying in a small plane which decompressed and killed everyone on board; military jets were “scrambled” and at each wing-tip within 10 minutes of deviation from the flight plan. Why then were four commercial airliners allowed to fly off-course for up to two hours with no intervention?

In his brilliant book, “Crossing the Rubicon,” Michael Ruppert, a seasoned and highly respected investigative reporter, discusses multiple, live-fire war games occurring in and around Manhattan that day, one using the exact scenario of planes crashing into the World Trade Center. As part of the exercises, NORAD was occupied and military jets were said to be unavailable. They certainly did not make an appearance until late in the event.

Building 7 contained offices of the NSA, secret service, and other covert agencies, and one floor was outfitted as an armored bunker and control center for Mayor Giuliani, with a clear view of both towers and the capability of guiding in two large planes under remote control (“Command Transmitter System,”, 2005). The remote control of large jets, despite lies the public was told by the Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, had previously been accomplished at a western military base.

Physicists, engineers, demolition experts and jet pilots have joined ranks to demonstrate that both towers and Building 7 were imploded with thermite charges (). Jet fuel is not hot enough to melt the massive steel beams. There has never been such a “pancaked” collapse of a burning high-rise building. Thermite and nuclear fires are the only types of combustion that burn for 5 weeks. The probability of nuclear-tipped “bunker busters” being used in the basement levels of the WTC has recently been discussed (Ward 2005, Bollyn, 2007). An expert in electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technology has explained that much of the tower damage could be the result of new EMP weapons (Bracken, 2007).

What happened to the millions of dollars’ worth of gold bullion stored in the basement vaults? In Ruppert’s words, “Can you say bank robbery?” (Ruppert, 2004) Security personnel have testified that armored trucks were entering and leaving the lower levels of the trade center the week end before the attack. No public statement about the gold has been made. Security agents testified that a few weeks before the attack, there was extensive “cable rewiring” occurring in both towers to “upgrade systems,” perhaps when the buildings were rigged for demolition or targeted for EMP.

Crossing the Rubicon was the first seminal work about 9/11. After thousands of interviews with FAA, onlookers, military sources and insiders, Ruppert concludes that Vice-President Dick Cheney had the motive and means to coordinate the “inside job,” supervising the secret service.

Did commercial airplanes hit the towers at all? “In Plane Site” is a video analysis showing the second plane was a non-commercial plane from which a missile was fired. Detailed computer and video analysis in “Ghost Gun UA175” (2005-01-11_001_MI_SG_UA175.htm) has shown multiple video alterations to make the planes appear to be commercial airliners. This strategic work has been confirmed by others (911/crashand _Manufactured_Terrorism.pdf). French writer Thierry Myssan broke an early story about the Pentagon attack, in which it was clearly shown, and later corroborated by others, that the size of the hole in the Pentagon was much smaller than a large plane ( ). In addition, there was no damage to the lawn just outside the building, and pieces of debris were compatible with a drone or missile. The multitude of surveillance cameras surrounding the Pentagon were immediately confiscated.

Missiles were fired from the roof of the Woolworth Building, a clear line of sight to the North Tower, at the same time the first plane entered the tower. UFOs and other stealth craft were seen around the towers (). President Bush actually saw the video footage of the first plane attack in progress (his words). Bombs were heard exploding in the lower levels by firemen (video “The Firemen of WTC”) and by William Rodriguez, a janitor on the premises (; articles/article/1518131/28031.htm).

If these analyses are correct, what happened to the passengers? Were they shot down over the Atlantic by live ammunition in the military exercises? Were they taken off the planes and secreted away? Were they then killed? Who made those cell-phone calls when conventional wireless capability from air to ground didn’t exist at that time?

EPA chairman Christine Whitman, FEMA and the New York City Health Department declared the air and dust of Ground Zero and its environs perfectly healthy to breathe and clean (). Radiation levels were significantly increased at Ground Zero and at the Pentagon (). Many first responders suffered radiation sickness and lung disease and have died or been incapacitated with no financial recourse (Andreas, 2006).

Why did our president exhibit such bizarre behavior during the attacks? When Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered in his ear that “America is under attack!” why did Mr. Bush look off into the distance momentarily and then return to reading the children a goat story?

Why did the President know immediately who caused the attack? Answers to these sorts of questions usually take weeks or months to uncover. What exactly is Al Qaeda anyway? The Arabic translation of Al Qaeda is “the database.” Al Qaeda is the list of Afghani soldiers who had been fighting the Russian invasion for ten long years in the 1980s. The list was compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, who organized U.S. support against the Russians (Loftus 2005). Indeed, Osama bin Laden is a long-time CIA asset. Agents visited him in a hospital in Dubai in the summer of 2001. He is a Saudi whose family has had long-time business and social relationships with the Bushes, as board members of the Carlyle Group and vacationing companions (Ruppert 2004). The only plane allowed to fly immediately after the terror attacks was a transatlantic flight from Logan taking Bin Laden relatives home.


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