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University of Phoenix Material

Field Experience and Interview Worksheet


Teacher Interview

1. What do you believe are the most important character traits for a teacher to have?

2. What rewards and challenges are present in education?

3. What current educational issues or trends have the most effect in the classroom? Provide an example.

4. What professional development workshops or resources does your district provide that addresses current educational issues or trends?

5. Optional: Add a question of your choice.


Do the answers in the interview, the demographics, and the teaching and learning style you observed connect? Provide rationale and examples for your response.


Classroom demographics:

Identify an artifact, such as Gradebook or a classroom teaching plan, and describe its significance:

Evidence of teacher-centered instruction (for instance, lectures):

Evidence of student-centered (for instance, small-group activities):

Teacher interaction with students:

Educational philosophy that might have influenced these interactions:


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