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School Site Council Meeting



1. Call meeting to order – The meeting was called to order at 5:12pm by Chairperson Merzoian.

2. New business

a. Approve Minutes from 10.6.14 – Member Woods motioned to approve the minutes. Member Williford seconded the motion. A vote was held and members present approved the minutes unanimously.

b. Vote in new Secretary – A discussion was held regarding two other Council Members and whether or not they wanted to be involved in School Site Council anymore. Mrs. Andrade let administration know that she was not interested on being part of the Council. Phone calls to Mrs. Zavala were not returned. Ms. Van Dusen will invite Mrs. Satpathy to join the Council for the upcoming meeting in December. It was decided that the Council wait until the new members join before electing a Secretary. Ms. Van Dusen stated that she would be the interim Secretary.

c. Budget Update – Ms. Van Dusen led a discussion regarding the updated news for the LCFF budget. A dollar amount is anticipated at the next JDAC meeting on November 19th, 2014. A question was brought up by Member Anderson regarding GATE funding. Is the district receiving GATE funding from the state? Ms. Van Dusen informed the Council that she would seek clarification on the funding from Dr. Gibbs. The district continues to support and fund the GATE program even if specific GATE funding is not being received from the state.

d. Board Report – Ms. Van Dusen invited the Council to the board meeting on Thursday, November 13, 2014 to represent Westfield parents during the annual board report.

e. Parent Involvement Policy – A discussion was held after reviewing the Parental Involvement Policy. Some questions were raised on how we could get more parents involved. It was suggested that childcare be offered during SSC meetings. Member Wright suggested including a program that involved students so parents could watch their children perform during the meeting. Ms. Van Dusen stated that notices were sent home with each student, but that before the next meeting, an all-call would be made. Meetings can also be published on the website and other forms of social media. It was noted that events such as Back to School Night, Open House, and Family Fun Night are very well attended.

3. Items not on the agenda – Member Anderson requested copies of last year’s budget and last year’s school plan. Ms. Van Dusen stated that she would upload them into the Google Drive folder. A discussion was held regarding what the school purchases and how do we know if it is effective or not.

4. Round Table

5. Adjourn meeting – The meeting was adjourned at 6:47 by Chairperson Merzoian.


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