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Axle Assembly "Front-4X4" Axel Assembly "Rear" Axle Assembly "Rear" Truck & 4x4 Axle Shaft "Fwd & 4x4" Axle Shaft "Rwd" Hub 4x4 Trailing Axle FWD Wheel Bearing


60/10C 36/10C 85/10C 20/5C 13/1C 20/2C 36/10C 10/1C

tail lamp (each) truck bed liner truck box w/o tailgate truck cab bare truck cap trailer hitch-receiver type



15/0C 40/0C 140/10C 200/25C 50/0C 15/0C


Distributor cap Distributor module EGR valve Exhaust muffler Exhaust pipe Exhaust Y pipe Engine complete Engine mount

BODY PARTS Antenna-Mast Antenna-Power Bumper Cover "rubber" Bumper filler Bumper bracket Bumper "Metal" Bumper "Plastic" Bumper reinforcement Decklid/Trunklid-No glass Decklid with glass Doors (Each-mirrors extra) Door handle outside Emblem/ornament (each)

3/0C 10/1C 36/2C 5/0C 5/1C 25/2C 36/2C 10/2C 30/2C 40/2C 35/2C 5/0C 2/0C

Brake backing plate Brake backing plate "w/acc" Brake Booster Brake Caliper Brake Caliper bracket Brake drum Brake hardware Brake master cylinder Brake proportioning valve Brake rotor Brake rotor w/ hub Brake shoe/pad Brake wheel cylinder


6/1C 11/2C 13/1C 10/1C 10/1C 10/1C 5/0C 13/2C 8/1C 10/1C 10/1C 2/0C 6/1C

Engine pulley Exhaust manifold Fuel or oil cap Fuel distribution block Fuel injection pump-diesel Fuel injector Fuel injector diesal Fuel pump-electric Fuel sending unit Fuel tank filler neck Fuel tank Starter Timing chain Timing chain cover


5/0C 10/1C 13/1C 6/1C 6/1C 10/1C 150/35C 7/1C

Glass - rear Glass-side Glass-vent Window regulator Window regulator w/ motor Window switch-single Window switch-quad Windshield wiper arm

5/0C 10/1C 2/0C 10/1C 26/5C 6/1C 25/5C 15/2C 15/2C 8/1C 35/2C 15/5C 7/1C 11/1C

Windshield wiper blade Windshield wiper motor Winshield wiper transmission Windshield washer pump Windshield washer tank

INTERIOR Arm rest or head rest Ash Tray Carpet Console Console cover Dash pad Door handle inside Door panel inside

Fenders (each) Fender inner plastic or steel Fog light Fuel filler door Grille-car Grille-truck Headlight composite Headlight mounting bracket Headlight bezel or door Header panel-bare Hinge-door Hinge-Hood Hood Latches-door-hood-trunk (each) Liftgate Cylinder-hatch shock Luggage Rack Parking Lights mirror-side power mirror-side manual spare tire carrier spoiler tailgate-truck

32/2C 7/0C 6/0C 5 /1C 18/0 25/0 26/1C 10/0C 5/0C 35/0C 5/0C 8/2C 35/2C 6/0C 4/0C 20/0C 8/0C 12/1C 10/1C 15/1C 20/2C 31/2C

Radiator Fan electric radiator Harmonic Balancer AC compressor AC condensor AC dryer Air cleaner Air injection pump Alternator Battery Battery box/tray Belt tensioner Camshaft Carburetor Coil Coil pack Coil ignitor Crank shaft Cylinder head "V6/V8" Cylinder head "OHC/inline" Dipstick Distributor

35/5 13/2C 13/1C 15/5C 35/5C 11/1C 6/1C 15/2C 15/5C 15/7C 3/0C 10/1C 20/5C 25/5C 10/1C 20/2C 10/1C 30/2C 25/5C 41/10C 3/0C 20/5C

Timing gear Thermostat housing Throttle body Turbo Charger Vacuum Ball Valve cover-plastic or alum. Water pump

ELECTRICAL UNITS & MOTORS Electronic control module Cruise brain Cruise control standard or transducer Horn Pigtail Power seat motor Power window motor Wiring harness

GLASS & ASSOCIATED ITEMS Glass-decklid Glass-truck rear stationary/slider Glass door or quarter Glass t-top/sunroof Glass windshield

7/1C 4/0C 27/5C 50/10C 5/0C 10/2C 6/1C

26/10C 11/1C 11/1C 5/0C 3/0C 13/2C 13/2C 25/2C

30/0C 30/0C 20/0C 20/0C 35/0C

Floor Mat (each) Headlight switch Headliner Heater blower motor Heater control w/ air Heater core Heater housing-no motor/core Fuse box Gauge Interior complete Instrument cluster standard Mirror-rear view Radio/cassette Radio/CD Radio speaker (each) Seat base or back Seat belt Seat-bench front or rear Seat-bucket Seat-bucket with seat belt Seat track Sun visor


30/0C 15/0C 10/0C 13/2C 21/1C 5/0C 15/0C 5/1C

Steering column Steering wheel Turn signal switch w/ ACC

STEERING & SUSPENSION Ball joint Control arm Drag link Idler arm

1/0C 13/2C 10/1C 5/0C 5/0C

4/0C 3/0C 10/0C 11/1C 4/0C 13/2C 3/0C 7/0C

Power Steering pump Shock absorber-standard Spindle w/ Axle Bearing FWD Spindle front RWD Spring-coil Spring-leaf Steering center link Steering gear Steering rack & pinion Suspension air pump Suspension strut Suspension K frame Swar bar Tie rod end (each)


25/2C 7/0C 15/0C

7/1C 15/2C 15/2C 8/1C

Car alum wheel Car steel wheel Truck alum wheel Truck steel wheel Car tire/alum wheel Car tire/steel wheel Truck tire/alum wheel Truck tire/steel wheel


15/8C 12/2C 15/8C 15/2C 20/5C 15/2C 30/0C 25/0C

15/2C 5/0C 20/2C 10/1C 8/1C 17/2C 20/5C 20/2C 26/5C 15/2C 16/2C 30/2C 10/2C 5/0C

*Prices subject to change without notice

2/0C 5/0C 15/0C 15/2C 15/1C 15/2C 13/2C 15/1C 6/0C 100/5 19/1C 3/0C 20/1C 26/1C 5/0C 8/0C 8/1C 20/2C 15/2C 20/1C 8/1C 4/0C

Torsion bar Trailing arm TRANSMISSION & DRIVE TRAIN Clutch disc Clutch fork Clutch housing Clutch master cylinder Clutch slave cylinder Clutch pressure plate Drive shaft per section Drive shaft 4x4 (front) Floor shift assembly Flywheel-automatic Flywheel-standard Shifter assembly Torque converter Transfer case Transmission Transmission crossmember Yoke "Rear End"

WHEELS, TIRES & HUB CAPS Center cap or Hubcap (each)

13/2C 15/2C

10/2C 5/1C 20/2C 13/2C 13/2C 13/1C 15/2C 35/5C 16/1C 13/2C 17/2C 16/1C 25/5C 85/35C 95/35C 14/1C 7/1C

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