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Tenant Handbook

Table of Contents


• Project Fact Sheet

• Important Telephone Numbers


• Lodging for Las Vegas Area


• Tenant Improvement Construction Information

• Food Tenant Design Requirements

• Barricade Specifications

• Temporary Tenants/Sign Criteria




• Access these documents on the Simon website

You can review the center's Tenant Handbook and Construction Rules, Tenant Sign Criteria and Storefront Criteria by logging onto .


Las Vegas South Premium Outlets


Bldg. B, 3rd Floor

Morristown, NJ 07960

PHONE: (973) 228-6111


OFFICE ADDRESS: 7400 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89123

PHONE: (702) 896-5599

FAX: (702) 896-4626

**Located in Clark County.


Las Vegas South Premium Outlets

BUILDING DEPARTMENT-Clark County (702) 455-3000

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (702) 735-1616

COUNTY CLERK, Clark County (702) 455-3156


FEDERAL EXPRESS (800) 238-5355

FIRE & RESCUE (NON-EMERGENCY) (702) 455-7311



POST OFFICE (800) 275-8777

POLICE (NON-EMERGENCY) (702) 795-3111


Visit the Clark County’s website at: co.clark.nv.us

(For Building Department, development_services)

Tenant Improvement Construction Information

Las Vegas South Premium Outlets

1. All tenants are required to provide Landlord with one (1) electronic set (PDF/DWG) for the plan review/approval process. You can email the file directly to SimonPOTenantPlans@. Your tenant improvement drawings must be approved by Landlord prior to commencing work. Please allow 5-10 working days for Landlord review.

2. Please note that Tenant is required to provide Landlord with one (1) electronic set of as-built tenant improvement drawings (including any plan check corrections or engineered plans) upon completion of the store construction.

3. All new Tenants, and all existing Tenants planning a store remodel or renewing their lease, are required to upgrade their storefront façade to conform to Landlord’s Storefront Design Criteria. The Storefront Design Criteria is posted on

4. All tenant contractors must provide Landlord with an original signed copy of the Construction Rules (see following). The tenant contractor obtaining the tenant improvement permit is the contractor responsible for submitting all required information and certificates of insurance to the Landlord.

5. Due to structural engineering design of the roof system, Tenants and/or their contractors cannot attach to or construct anything on the bottom of the roof structure unless approved by Landlord.

6. The address for Las Vegas South Premium Outlets is as follows:

Tenant Name/DBA

Las Vegas South Premium Outlets

Suite # ____

7400 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89123

Please use your individual address number for deliveries!! DO NOT have deliveries of store supplies or your tenant improvement construction materials made prior to your store turnover date. A representative of your company must be onsite to receive any deliveries for your store. The Landlord cannot accept any deliveries for your store. No provision has been made for on-site storage until your suite is ready for turnover.

7. Tenants and their contractors will be responsible for removal of all construction and store set up debris generated from their tenant improvement construction. A trash bin must be ordered from the required waste management provider (please see Utilities page) and location of the bin must be approved by the General Manager prior to drop off.

8. Tenants are to order their telephone service to begin on their turnover date or their construction start date, whichever is the earlier. See utility company listing in this handbook. Tenants are master metered for electricity usage.

Temporary Tenants that will be in possession of their suite for less than a year are not required to change utilities over to their name, this includes gas and electric only.

9. Only food court tenants will also need to order gas service to begin on their turnover date or their construction start date, whichever is the earlier.

10. All Tenants must provide regular maintenance for their HVAC system. Each Tenant is to provide a copy of their maintenance contract to the General Manager within one (1) month of their turnover date.

11. Protection for the HVAC unit(s) (construction filter) must be in place prior to the start of Tenant’s construction. The HVAC unit must also be cleaned when tenant construction is complete. This is the responsibility of Tenant, NOT the Landlord. If painting ceiling, HVAC unit must be off – not running.

12. Relocation of thermostat controls shall be at the Tenant’s expense and any repairs or failed installations resulting from incomplete or inadequate relocation shall be the Tenant’s responsibility.

13. KIOSK STRUCTURE CHANGES: Tenants are to submit preliminary design drawings ONLY and should not commence working drawings until the design is approved by Landlord.

14. Clark County requires a building permit for all tenant improvement construction. Your architect or contractor will need to submit three (3) complete sets of tenant improvement plans. You will need to allow at least four to eight (4-8) weeks for the plan check and permit issuance of your tenant improvement plans.

15. Your tenant improvement plans must be stamped and signed by an architect licensed in the State of Nevada prior to applying for a building permit. If you or your architect have any questions, please contact the Clark County Building Department at 4701 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118, (702) 455-3000.

16. All contractors and their sub-contractors performing work within your store must have a valid State of Nevada Contractors License. A list of several tenant improvement contractors is included in this section.

17. A State of Nevada and Clark County Business Licenses are required for all Tenants, Contractors, and their Subcontractors working in the center. Clark County issues the business license; the business license department telephone number is (707) 455-4252. Please call them to request the type and cost of your business license. After the Tenant has submitted its application, Zoning has up to 10 days to approve or deny the request. Tenants should call Zoning and speak to a Supervisor and request that they sign off ASAP: (702) 455 - 4314, dial prompt #2, then prompt #1. After Zoning approves Tenant’s business license application, Building Department will make its physical inspection of the structure: (702) 455 - 3000.

Lastly, the Fire Department will schedule their inspection only after the above two approvals. Note Fire Department may take a long time due to changes in local code and inspection requirements. Ask if you can pay for an expedited inspection by the Fire Department: (702) 226 - 8991 or (702) 455 - 7311.

18. Burglar Alarms/Perimeter Intrusion Security Devices – All such devices must be approved by the Landlord prior to installation, including application of “riot glass” or any type of film to doors and/or windows. No exterior alarms, strobe lights or other enunciator devices may be mounted on storefronts. Due to potential interference with the Center’s fire alarm system, “Smoke Cloak” or similar systems, which generate smoke, are prohibited. Application of any decals to storefronts referencing security protection must be done in compliance with the Storefront Criteria.

19. A Tenant may not open for business without a signed, executed lease.

20. Visitor Name Badges - No contractor is allowed on our property without wearing a visitor badge. A contractor may pick up badges for his entire crew at the mall office. These badges self destruct within 24 hours, thus every day you must get new ones. Everyone working in the suite must wear a badge. If security sees an expired badge, you will be asked to obtain a new one at the office before any other work can be performed.

21. IMPORTANT PERMITTING INFORMATION - Clark County requires that each tenant submit a Fire Protection Report, compiled by a State of Nevada licensed Fire Protection Engineer, that is specific to their suite and tenant improvement work. This report must be included in the documents and drawings that you submit to the County for your Building Permit. To help with the review and permitting process it is imperative that the following information is to be included on your drawings:

* Provide flame rating certificates for all hanging fabrics (excluding merchandise intended for sale)

* Provide flame spread ratings for all wall covering and ceiling materials to demonstrate conformance with Chapter 8 of the 2006 IBC

* If your only wall covering is painting the gypsum board, make a note clearly stating this

* Review the Clark County Amendments to the 2006 IBC Chapter 26 which regulates the size of plastic signs and types of plastics that can be used on walls and ceilings

Fire Safety Engineers, Inc. provided the Fire Protection Report for the new expansion and remodel project for this center. They have also provided reports for other tenants at the center. You are not required to use them, but they are one licensed agency you can obtain. Their contact information as well as another Fire Protection Engineer can be found in "List of Architects" section towards the back of the Tenant Handbook.

NOTE: As of 2009 when this center’s new expansion buildings were completed and opened for business, the entire center was revised to Type III B Construction. This includes the original phases as well as the new exterior expansion buildings. Therefore Clark County Building Department’s computers show the entire center as Construction Type III B.

Although there was a grace period, the fire inspector is now enforcing the fire code requirement to bring each space to code which means each space without a sprinkler isolation valve is required to install one. Additionally, the electronic tie in to the alarm system is also required. Landlord installed a new tenant zone 6” sprinkler main piping system to allow for the future tenant isolation valves. The Fire Protection Report fee should be factored into the bid as well as the time to receive it.

Clark County also has a very user friendly website,, in which you can access and download applications, helpful information and guides and check your permit review status. There is a very informative Building Permit Guide that can be found on their website. Follow the steps below to access this guide:

* Go to


* Choose the Business tab and pull down menu

* Click on "Permits – Building & Fire Prevention"

There you will find info on Electronic Plan Submittal as well as making appointments.

22. Landlord strongly prefers the use of ENERGY STAR products and/or equipment whenever possible during Tenant design & build out, which can reduce energy consumption. For additional information, please visit: products

Food Tenant Design Requirements

Below is the minumum design requirements that must be used by ALL Food and Food Court Tenants for all kitchen prep area’s.

This requirement is to prevent any mositure or dampness penetrating the demising wall(s) that can lead to damage to the food space and/or adjoining spaces.

Demising and/or concrete walls:

1. Demising walls must be moisture resistant gypsum board w/ Sporgard™ (National Gypsum) on metal studs. Other wall options acceptable by landlord would be Hardibacker prior to installing wall finishes or Ultracode drywall, by USG.

All concrete walls, rear or demising, must be furred out with the above specs, no exceptions.

2. Install water proof membrane a minumum of 24” above floor.

3. FRP applied to all walls to a minumum height or 48” above wall base tile, and caulked with a silicone sealant.

4. Metal or PVC corner guard must be applied to all corners and caulked with a silicone sealant.

Flooring area:

1. Floor tile and flooring base installed must be sealed. This application should be re-applied semi-annually.

2. Floor drains must be installed in any food preparation area that require cleaning methods of hosing or washing walls. It is the tenant responsibility to make certain that all flooring is sloped for proper drainage to the floor drain(s).

Tile/Grout: Must have Durock and /or equal applied to studs.


Barricade Specifications

Specific to LVPO South ONLY!!!

1” x 4” Molding along Interior Barricade – smooth surface to accept graphics

top, bottom & corners Drywall ok, Painted White by Tenant/GC

Barricades must be erected if there is any construction that goes beyond or on the front wall of the tenant space. These barricades must be painted with white paint. Tenant contractor must maintain a safe environment for customers and employees during construction period. All work areas must be inaccessible or blocked off from customer/employee flow.

Barricade Construction Notes:

1. All supporting must be concealed behind the barricade

2. Placement & design must be approved in writing by LL PRIOR to installation.

3. Signage: Full Size Graphics Preferred.

*** Food Court Barricades MUST go to top of ceiling to prevent dust in food court area.


Common Area Modifications

Tenants intending to make modifications to their façade must conform to the Storefront Design Criteria for Las Vegas Outlet Center-South.

Specific modifications will be approved by Tenant Manager at the time of Tenant plan review.

Architect should submit preliminary storefront design (pdf via e-mail is acceptable) to Tenant Manager ahead of final plan submission for Landlord approval.

The following should be noted as pertains to common areas of the center:

• Neutral piers must remain as-is. In the event the neutral pier needs to be repainted, only the Sherwin Williams neutral pier paint specification as detailed on the following page can be used.

• Tenant must remove existing base tile at its storefront façade and replace with one of the base material options offered in Storefront Design Criteria (except at the Neutral piers where the existing base tile must remain as-is).

• Common area black tile specification: Dal Tile – B927 Black – Glazed Porcelain – Speckled Field Tile 12” X 12”

• Also attached is the Sherwin Williams paint specification for the common area roof deck, if required.

• Tenant’s storefront window vinyl graphics must comply with Storefront Criteria; Tenant is required to verify compliance before installation of proposed vinyl graphics.


The guidelines established will ensure tenants are consistent with quality and are compatible with the architectural character of the center. This criteria is for signage that will be installed for a period of (6) months or less. Signs shall be located only on the spaces and on the surfaces specifically provided for same on the building elevations. The appropriate location of each sign will be the tenant manager’s decision. Signage size shall be dictated by the building type the tenant is located in. One storefront sign is permitted. Because each center differs, this criteria may be altered slightly to meet all CPG Outlet Center’s requirements. Submittals, Approvals, Installation, Insurance requirements all must conform to the enclosed sign criteria for the Outlet Center.

Prior to installation, contractor must check in at the General Manager’s Office at the Outlet Center. If local jurisdiction requires a permit, please present a copy to the on-site Landlord representative at the time of check-in. It is the tenant’s responsibility to verify with the local jurisdictions if any permits for temporary signs are required.


A minimum 8” x 11” drawing of the Temporary sign must be presented to the tenant manager at least 2 weeks before installation. Sample color chips of any planned colors must be attached. Once approved, Tenant may proceed with installation. Upon no circumstances can the temporary sign be installed without prior approval.

Signs shall be limited to letters designating the store name as set forth in signed lease documents between Tenant and Landlord.

Tenant shall display their registered trade name only.

Registered Trademark Symbols are permitted subject to Landlord review/approval fabrication requirements.

The colors and typestyles of all signs shall be subject to Landlord’s approval. The color of all lettering shall be compatible with the building color and provide sufficient contrast with the background color of the building wall on which the sign is located.


The size of the sign will be at the discretion of the tenant manager. The size is based on the elevation of the building and neighboring signs.

The sign cannot exceed the size restrictions of permanent signs per sign criteria.



Individual cut out letters must be fabricated from Foam Plex, Ultraboard. The thickness of material is to be a minimum of ½” to prevent distortion, warping or buckling. Sign will be painted and 1/8” plex face will be glued onto the face of the letters/logo.


Tenant is responsible for design, fabrication, and installation. Approved letters and/or logo will be attached to the building only with clear silicone. The silicone must be used as sparingly as the application permits. (“Little beads” of silicone on each letter. NO PENETRATIONS!)

Option 2


Individual l/2” thick cut out letters from Foam Plex, Ultraboard, mounted to a 1/4” sintra background panel via double sided tape with silicone. Maximum size of the background panel is 2’ high by l0’ wide.


Minimum 1/4” sintra panel screwed to fascia. Screw head to be covered with background panel color. Sign installer must use the minimum amount of screws to securely fasten the sign to the building. Maximum number of holes is 8.

When Tenant vacates or installs permanent sign, Tenant is responsible for restoring the fascia of the building back to its previous condition, i.e.: removal of any silicone residue, patching holes, drywall or stucco repair, re-painting etc. Final approval and acceptance of any such repairs shall be solely at the discretion of a representative of Landlord. Inspection of repair must be performed by Tenant and a representative of the on-site Center Management team.

Additional Center Visibility

Any additional visibility of a sale including flyers, etc. must be coordinated with the on-site Center Management and approved by Premium Outlets Marketing Department.




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