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iPOLiS mobile

2.8 English iOS ver

Hanwha's iPOLiS mobile is an iOS based dedicated application for smartphones and tablet PCs to remotely monitor and control Hanwha's network based products. The iPOLiS application can be downloaded freely and installed from the App Store. To search iPOLiS mobile application from App Store, type "iPOLiS"

or "TECHWIN" and run a search, ignoring the letter case.

0. Before Installation

To receive video by connecting your handset to the NW equipment, your handset must satisfy the following requirements.




1.3GHz DualCore or higher


1GB or higher

Available RAM

100MB or higher


iOS 8, iOS 9

J The video service involves lots of data transmission, so if you use 3G or 4G (LTE) data communication service, excessive fees can be charged according to your service provider's policy.

To receive reliable video support, the network speed shall be as fast as 10Mbps, and when you access the 3G network or if you are under unstable Wi-Fi connection environment, the video can be delayed or disconnected.

As Wi-Fi connections may not be secure, please install anti-virus software on your mobile device. The device testing environment for software quality is as follows:

- Apple iPhone 5 (iOS v8.4.1) model - Apple iPhone 6 (iOS v9.3.2) model - Apple iPhone 6S (iOS v9.3.4) model - Apple iPhone6S (iOS v10.0) model - Apple iPad2 (iOS v8.3) model - Apple iPad Air (iOS v9.3.2) model - Apple iPad Mini4 (iOS v9.3.2) model


1. Register and search a device

To Add a Device

1. Move to the Add Device page.

A If visited with no added device for the first time, message appears.

B If you want to add another device once your device is already registered, go to the Settings tab, tap the menu and touch the < + > button in the upperright corner to launch the Add Device page.

Device List Search

Before you can view the image properly, you must configure the

connection settings. Add Device

2. In the screen, touch the button to launch the list of available devices. Touch your desired device.

J Once your smart phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network where the device is connected, iPOLiS automatically detects the device.

If you are on a 3G network, you may not search for the device list.





Add Device Search







3. Enter the device information to connect. If your device is not found, you will need to enter the device information on your own.

? Name : Name the device as desired.

If you don't enter the name, the IP address or DDNS of the device to be added is used by default.


Add Device


Auto add



Enter device name.



Address Type




HTTP Port 80

RTSP Port Enter RTSP port.

For optimal result with live monitoring, it is recommended to configure the video profile as advised in help document.

? Model : Select one from the product type listed.


Input User ID.

Password Input password.

Actual model name is not required, it's automatically assigned after adding the device.

? Address Type : Enter the IP address or DDNS of the device to connect depending on the internet environment.

If you select IP as the address type, enter the IP address; if you select DDNS, enter the DDNS.

? HTTP Port : Enter the connection port for the device.

? RTSP Port : Enter the RTSP port number configured for the device.

For DVR and HW NVR, enter the last port number of port range configured for the device. For example, if the range is 4520~4524, enter 4524.

? ID : Enter the device ID that you have specified. ? Password : Enter the password for the device that you have



M If you register your device with , model / address type / IP and DDNS / HTTP port are automatically entered. SW NVR does not support the auto search function. Some DVR models support DDNS-based auto searches. If you want to use this on a 3G/LTE network, you need to either register a DDNS ID or set it up as public network. You can register a DDNS ID at ddns.hanwha-. 4. Provide all necessary information and touch button. 5. Select a profile.

User must select a profile for video recording if the device to be added is a network camera or an encoder. A profile's properties can be viewed and edited with Web Viewer, where iPOLiS mobile only provides selecting one that is optimal for the displaying device from existing profiles.

6. Select a channel. For adding a DVR/NVR, user must select a channel for the connection. A channel's properties can be viewed and edited with Web Viewer, where iPOLiS mobile only provides selecting channel to monitor, for the displaying device.

7. Once completed with connecting to the device, it is added to the device list.

M If settings of the added device are edited on the Web Viewer after adding it to your application, then iPOLiS mobile may fail to recognize changed settings. In such cases, move to the editing page of the corresponding device and touch button to revive the connection again.



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