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In some cases the material may incorporate or summarise views, guidelines or recommendations of third parties. The information being general in nature is unable to take into account specific site conditions or additional controls that may apply to a particular site.


A risk management plan identifies all the potential risks when holding an event and lists the steps event organisers will take to reduce or mitigate identified risks. It is your responsibility as the event organiser to identify and manage these risks. A risk can mean many things. For community events in the Sutherland Shire the main risks to consider is anything that could:

? cause harm to another person, ? cause damage to equipment, infrastructure or the event site, or ? Harm the future of the event organising committee and event itself.

Not all risks are in the control of the event organiser. In this case it is important that the risk management plan details who is responsible for coordinating the safety of every person should something that is out of the control of the event organiser occur.


A risk assessment should consider 1. existing risks of the Event site 2. event specific risks, and 3. external risks that the event organiser has little control over but may need to be managed at the event

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Please find below some questions to get you started on creating a Risk Management Plan for your event. This list is not exhaustive and you will need to rely upon your own intellectual resources to complete a risk management plan to suit your event.

1. The Event Site Will there be moving vehicles near the event site and could this pose a risk to pedestrians?

2. Event Specific hazards relate to event activities Will there be a jumping castle or carnival rides at your event and how will the safety of event guests be ensured when on or near rides?

3. External Risks In the event that an evacuation of the event site is required who is responsible for ensuring all people are calmly and safely moved?

Is there anything on the site that could become dangerous if there is inclement weather?

Is there infrastructure being brought onto the event site? Who will ensure it is safely secured?

Are the likely guests at your event at a higher risk of requiring emergency services? If so have you advised local emergency services?

Is there a body of water on or near the event site?

Are you bringing vehicles on site and if so how will you manage the safety of people who are setting up near vehicles?

What are the wet weather arrangements?

Will there be any traffic congestion?

How will you manage alcohol affected attendees?

Forecasted dangerous surf conditions.

Can public access non-public areas of event?

Power source overload.

Drivers parked too close to crowd.

Are there any uneven ground or loose surfaces? Can emergency services gain easy access?

Will you be using gas cylinders? How will safety be managed? Fireworks injury to attendees

After thinking about the risks above ? Complete the Risk Management Plan Template ? Instructions to complete

Step 1: List the task/Issue/hazard ? example: Slips, trips and falls Step 2: What could go wrong ? example: visitors could trip over staff set ups/infrastructure and fracture a body part Step 3: Who/What will be affected ? example: Public or volunteers Step 4: Risk Ranking - Rank the risk to determine if it is High/Medium or Low. The higher the risk ? the more time will be spent on ensuring appropriate controls are in place to reduce the risk. Refer to instructions under the Risk Assessment Matrix to complete the Risk Ranking Step 5: List the Risk Control Measure ? example ? design pathways to ensure no access to slip, trip and fall hazards Step 6: List who is responsible for ensuring the Risk Control Measures followed ? example: Event Manager Step 7: How will it be monitored ? example ? path ways set up prior to event will be monitored throughout the event ? Sutherland Shire Council 2018 All Rights Reserved

Risk Assessment Matrix

Instructions for completion Firstly: Decide how likely is it that the slip, trip or fall will happen ? Almost Certain, Likely, Unlikely or Improbable. Secondly: Decide on the Consequence if a slip, trip or fall does occur ? Catastrophic; a Disaster; Serious or Minor If you decide the Likelihood is Unlikely, and the Consequence is Serious ? the risk ranking on the Matrix would be 4 orange Medium. Ratings of 1-2 are High Ratings of 3-4 are Medium Ratings of 5 -6 are Low

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EXAMPLE ONLY Risk Management Plan Template

Name of Event: Date and Time of Event: Event Organiser: (Name, address, telephone)

Exact location of event: Expected number of attendees: Person completing risk assessment:

Step 1. List the Task / Issue / Hazard

Step 2. What Could Go


Step 3 Who/What will be


Step 4 Risk Rating

(Low, Medium,


Step 5 Risk Control

Measures (Suggestions are provided below. RCM's will differ for every event. You need to consider what is most appropriate

for your event)

Step 6 Functional

area or Peron/s responsible for ensuring controls are in place

Step 7 How will it be

monitored (Suggestions provided below are not exhaustive and will vary for types of



Reference: SafeWork NSW ? How To Manage Work Health and Safety Risks ? Code of Practice 2011

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