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TITLE: Incremental Prognostic Significance of Peripheral Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients With Heart Failure With Normal Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction

AUTHORS: Eiichi Akiyama, MD, Seigo Sugiyama, MD, PhD, Yasushi Matsuzawa, MD, Masaaki Konishi, MD, PhD, Hiroyuki Suzuki, MD, Toshimitsu Nozaki, MD, PhD, Keisuke Ohba, MD, Junichi Matsubara, MD, PhD, Hirofumi Maeda, MD, Yoko Horibata, MD, Kenji Sakamoto, MD, PhD, Koichi Sugamura, MD, PhD, Megumi Yamamuro, MD, PhD, Hitoshi Sumida, MD, PhD, Koichi Kaikita, MD, PhD, Satomi Iwashita, MT, Kunihiko Matsui, MD, MPH, Kazuo Kimura, MD, PhD, Satoshi Umemura, MD, PhD, Hisao Ogawa, MD, PhD


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I. Online Methods

Diagnosis of HF

We applied the following diagnostic criteria of the European Working Group to HFNEF (1): (i) signs or symptoms of HF, (ii) normal or mildly abnormal systolic LV function (LVEF>50% and LV end-diastolic volume index ................

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