FORM SCG-3501 Cost analysis for RNV eligibility

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Office of School Construction Grants & Review (OSCG&R)


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A school construction project can attain renovation status if the project meets:

• The criteria defining a “Renovation” project pursuant to CGS Section 10-282 (18)

• The Guidelines for Eligibility of Renovation Status

• The cost savings criteria pursuant to CGS Section 10-286 (a) (8)

Project cost savings can be determined when:

• Prior to final plan approval, an independent licensed architect provides documentation that renovating the facility will cost less than building new

• The total cost of the renovation project is less than a maximum cost of $450 per square foot, multiplied by the Space Standard for the proposed school construction project

• The maximum square footage allowance per pupil for all grades is defined under the Regulations of the School Construction Grant Program, Section 10-287c-15

A project may qualify for renovation status when the district:

• Can provide documentation that renovating the facility will still cost less than building new, even if costs exceed a maximum of $450 per square foot, multiplied by the Space Standard

• Acknowledges in writing that any costs in excess of the base standard maximum cost of $450 a square foot are ineligible for reimbursement

A project may lose renovation status if:

• Project costs increase to the point where the cost to renovate exceeds the cost to build new, pursuant to CGS Section 10-286 (a) (8)

In determining construction costs for renovation vs. new construction, include:

• Site acquisition costs

• Demolition costs

• Swing space costs

• Remediation costs associated with renovation of the existing facility

• Costs associated with constructing a new facility


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New vs. Renovation Cost Analysis

| |Total Project Cost |Maximum Standard Space |Cost Per Square Foot (A/B) |

| | |Specification | |

|New Construction |$ | |$ |

|Renovation Project |$ | |$ |

Note: if the proposed project is oversized in relation to the maximum allowable square footage per the State Standard Space Standards, only the State Standard Square Footage may be used in the above calculation.

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