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2019 Summer National Meeting

Property and Casualty Insurance (C) Committee

Monday, August 5, 2019 New York, New York

? 2019 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Date: 7/16/19

2019 Summer National Meeting New York, New York


Monday, August 5, 2019 1:30 ? 3:00 p.m.

Hilton New York Midtown--TBD--TBD


Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer, Chair Scott A. White, Vice Chair Jim L. Ridling Ricardo Lara Andrew N. Mais David Altmaier Robert H. Muriel James J. Donelon

Rhode Island Virginia Alabama California Connecticut Florida Illinois Louisiana

Al Redmer Jr. Marlene Caride John G. Franchini Glen Mulready Larry Deiter James A. Dodrill Mark Afable

Maryland New Jersey New Mexico Oklahoma South Dakota West Virginia Wisconsin

NAIC Support Staff: Aaron Brandenburg/Kris DeFrain AGENDA

1. Consider Adoption of its July 18 Minutes--Superintendent Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer (RI)

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2. Consider Adoption of its Task Force and Working Group Reports --Superintendent Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer (RI) a. Casualty Actuarial and Statistical (C) Task Force-- Commissioner Steve Kelley (MN) b. Surplus Lines (C) Task Force--Commissioner James J. Donelon (LA) c. Title Insurance (C) Task Force--Commissioner James J. Donelon (LA) d. Workers' Compensation (C) Task Force--Superintendent John G. Franchini (NM) e. Cannabis Insurance (C) Working Group--Commissioner Ricardo Lara (CA) f. Catastrophe Insurance (C) Working Group--Commissioner Mike Chaney (MS) g. Climate Risk and Resilience (C) Working Group--Commissioner Mike Kreidler (WA) h. Lender-Placed Insurance Model Act (C) Working Group--Commissioner David Altmaier (FL) i. Pet Insurance (C) Working Group--Don Beatty (VA) j. Terrorism Insurance Implementation (C) Working Group--Martha Lees (NY) k. Transparency and Readability of Consumer Information (C) Working Group --Angela Nelson (MO)

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3. Consider Adoption of Cannabis Insurance White Paper--Commissioner Ricardo Lara (CA)

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4. Consider Adoption of "Actions for State Regulators in Building the Private Flood Insurance Market"--Commissioner Mike Chaney (MS)

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5. Consider Adoption of Alien Insurer Private Flood Data Collection Form --Commissioner James J. Donelon (LA)

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6. Consider Extension for Revisions to the Proposed Real Property Lender-Placed Insurance Model Act--Commissioner David Altmaier (FL)

7. Hear Presentation Related to Underinsured Issues--Amy Bach (United Policyholders)

8. Discuss Future Collection of Private Flood Data--Superintendent Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer (RI)

? 2019 National Association of Insurance Commissioners 1

9. Announce NAIC-Accepted Actuarial Designations--Superintendent Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer (RI) 10. Discuss Any Other Matters Brought Before the Committee--Superintendent Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer (RI) 11. Adjournment

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Attachment One (PENDING) Consider Adoption of its July 18 Minutes

? 2019 National Association of Insurance Commissioners


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