New York City Department of Transportation TRAFFIC RULES

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Title 34 Chapter 4 Rules of the City of New York

April 15, 2020

Title 34 Department of Transportation Chapter 4 Traffic Rules


? 4-01 Words and Phrases Defined

(a) Vehicle and Traffic Law definitions apply (b) Definitions

Access-A-Ride Bicycle Bicycle sharing system Bus

(i) Charter bus (ii) School bus (iii) Sight-seeing bus (iv) Shuttle bus (v) Intercity bus

Chartered Party Commercial vehicle Commissioner Commuter van Crosswalk Cruising Dedicated use sign Department Designated Activities Designated Activity Zone Driveway D/S decals Electric vehicle Electric vehicle charging Electric vehicle charging station Electronic communication device Emergency vehicle (authorized) Expressive Matter For-hire vehicle High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Holidays Horse drawn cab Impounded Vehicle Law enforcement officer Limited use vehicle Marginal street Motor vehicle Official time standard Parking Parking meter Passenger car Pedal-assist bicycle



Pedestrian Countdown Display Pedestrian Flow Zone Pedestrian Plaza Pedestrian Plaza Partner Pedicab Person Public Highway Public Transportation Service vehicle Sidewalk Standing Stopping Taxi Transitway Truck Vehicle Waterfront property Wharf property

? 4-02 Compliance with and Effect of Traffic Rules

(a) Applicability of rules (b) Suspension of rules (c) Dangerous driving (d) All persons are required to comply with traffic rules

(1) Exceptions (i) Authorized emergency vehicles (ii) Traffic/parking control vehicles (iii) Refuse collection vehicles (iv) Highway workers and vehicles (v) Highway Inspection and Quality Assurance vehicles, compliance inspection unit and street assessment unit vehicles

(2) Public employees (e) State law provisions superseded

?4-03 Traffic Signals

(a) Traffic control signals (1) Green alone (2) Steady yellow alone, dark period, or red-green combined (3) Steady red alone (4) Arrows (5) Signs (6) Signals not at intersections (7) Nonfunctioning signals

(b) Blinking traffic control signals (1) Red (2) Yellow

(c) Pedestrian control signals (1) Steady walking person (2) Flashing upraised hand or flashing upraised hand with pedestrian countdown display (3) Steady upraised hand


?4-04 Pedestrians

(a) Pedestrians subject to traffic rules (b) Right of way in crosswalks

(1) Operators to yield to pedestrians in crosswalk (2) Pedestrians shall not cross in front of oncoming vehicles (3) Vehicles stopped for pedestrians (c) Restrictions on crossings (d) Operators to exercise due care (e) Hitch-hiking and soliciting prohibited (1) Talking or selling (2) Soliciting rides (3) Washing, polishing, cleaning and assisting parking (4) Opening or closing doors (5) Hailing taxis

?4-05 Turns

(a) Compliance with turning restrictions (b) Limitations on turning around

?4-06 Speed Restrictions

(a) Maximum speed limits and basic rule

?4-07 Other Restrictions on Movement

(a) Yield signs (b) Obstruction of traffic

(1) Traffic lane (2) Spillback (c) Restrictions on crossing sidewalks (1) Driveways (2) Avoiding intersections (3) Bicycles and limited use vehicles (d) Restrictions on backing (e) Play streets (f) Restrictions on learners (g) Following emergency vehicles prohibited (h) Driving on divided highways (i) Towing of vehicles (1) Restrictions (2) Police commissioner may waive requirements (3) Road service and towing rates (j) Yearly and single issue permits for use of roadways (1) General information (2) Eligible groups and vehicles (3) Authorized roadways (4) Duration (k) Express lanes (1) Restrictions (2) Buses and Access-A-Ride vehicles


(3) Taxis and for-hire vehicles (4) Emergency vehicles (l) Use of the Grand Central Parkway by certain vehicles (m) Use of the Korean War Veteran Parkway by certain vehicles

?4-08 Parking, Stopping, Standing

(a) General provisions (1) Compliance with rules (i) Sign placement (ii) Pedicabs (2) Stopping prohibited (3) Standing prohibited (4) Parking prohibited (5) Vehicles prohibited on berms and shoulders (6) Paper or other temporary signs (7) Holiday suspensions of parking rules (i) Major legal holidays (ii) Exception (iii) Street cleaning rules suspended (8) Disabled vehicles (9) Immobilization and towing of illegally parked vehicles (i) Time and manner of immobilization (ii) Notice (iii) Immobilization fee (iv) Applicable rules (v) Right to immediate hearing (vi) Removal fee (vii) Storage fee (viii) Vehicles not removed considered abandoned (ix) Release of vehicle in process of being removed (x) Vehicle release penalty (xi) Non-payment of vehicle release penalty (10) Restricted area

(b) Violation of posted no stopping rules prohibited (c) Violation of posted no standing rules prohibited

(1) Taxi stand (2) Taxi and/or for-hire vehicle relief stand (3) Bus stop (4) Authorized vehicles (5) Hotel loading zone (6) Commuter van stop (7) For-hire vehicle stand (8) Diplomatic and consular vehicles (9) Parking Permitted (d) Violation of posted no parking rules prohibited (1) Street cleaning (2) Reserved. (3) No parking except parking permits for people with disabilities (off-street) (4) Official markings (e) General no stopping zones (1) Traffic lanes (2) Hydrants



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