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Examples of college majors that relate to your Temperament* and Personality Type

To take an interest inventory or personality type survey, go to the Assessment Folder at:


ISTJ Accounting Biology Business Management Civil Engineering Criminal Justice Finance Exercise Science Geology Medical Technology Physical Education Public Safety: Police/Fire

ISTP Allied Health Technology Biology Economics Finance Geology Law Marine Biology Mathematics Public Safety: Police/Fire Sales and Marketing Skilled Trades ESTP Art Biology Broadcasting Criminology Environmental Studies Engineering Financial Services Information Systems Medical Technology Public Safety: Police/Fire Sales Skilled Trades Theater ESTJ Accounting Computer Technology Construction Technology Engineering Professions Finance Healthcare Professions Political Science Project Management Public Relations Public Safety: Police/Fire Sales


ISFJ Criminal Justice Finance Healthcare History Library Sciences Medical Technology Nursing Psychology Religious Studies Social Work Teaching

ISFP Art Exercise Science Foreign Languages Healthcare Law Nursing Psychology Personal Services Teaching

ESFP Allied Health Exercise Science Elementary Education Geology Marine Biology Nursing Pathology Psychology Sales and Marketing Personal Services Social Work Speech Language Theater ESFJ Marketing Nursing Pathology Physical Education Psychology Religious Studies Social Work Speech Language


INFJ Art and Music Communication Counseling Education Human Resources Journalism Latin American Studies Nursing Psychology Religious Studies Social Work Urban Studies

INFP Counseling Education History Human Resources Journalism Medical Technology Foreign Languages Physical/Occupational Therapy Psychology Religious Studies Social Work ENFP Anthropology Art and Music Chemistry Communication Counseling Early Childhood Education Foreign Languages Journalism Marketing Public Relations Sociology

ENFJ Art and Music Communication Counseling Education Journalism Psychology Management Marketing Public Relations Urban Studies Foreign Languages


INTJ Architecture Computer Information Sciences Biochemistry Education Finance Law Mathematics Medical Sciences Psychology Sociology Statistics Urban Studies Environmental Sciences INTP Chemistry Computer Information Sciences Criminal Justice Economics Economics Finance History Law Medical Sciences Physics

ENTP Arts and Entertainment Communication Criminal Justice Finance History Information Technology Journalism Mechanical Engineering Marketing Photography

ENTJ Anthropology Economics International Business Physical Science Political Science Secondary Education Admin Sociology Statistics

Knowing your personality type and temperament may help you choose a college major, in addition, follow these steps before selecting a major:

1. Gather information about yourself with assessment of your interests, skills, abilities and personality type. 2. Collect information on majors and how they relate to career pathways. 3. Organize the information you have collected and compare your options. 4. Narrow your options to those that your interests, skills, abilities and personality type. 5. Declare your major!


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