Got Motivation - AP Psychology

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Got Motivation?

AP Psychology/Stiles

Directions: Read the following scenarios and decide which theory of Motivation best explains the behavior.

• Instinct Theory

• Drive Reduction

• Arousal Theory

• Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

1. ________________________________ Ellen notices that her newborn daughter turns her face toward the stimulus felt on her cheek.

2. _________________________________ It is scorching hot outside and you have no air conditioning! You remember your neighbors (that have a pool) are away on vacation. You decide to sneak into their backyard and take a dip in their pool.

3. _________________________________ A human mother will stay awake with a crying infant all night long trying to provide comfort. It is not due to learning or conditioning, not to being raised properly or poorly, not to having strong female role models or weak role models, or anything else, other than pure biology.

4. __________________________________ All birds from the same species will build identical nests regardless if they were raised in isolation, captivity, or in the wild.

5. __________________________________George decides to climb the tallest mountain in the world because it is there.

6. __________________________________Amanda was feeling extremely bored so she decided to go out with some friends to an amusement park to ride all of the roller coasters.

7. ___________________________________You haven’t had anything to eat all day. Your stomach is growling and you can’t concentrate on anything until you find something to eat. Unfortunately, you haven’t gone grocery shopping and all you have is a box of shredded wheat cereal and a jar of salsa. Somehow this seems like a good combination and you start to chow down. Finally… relief!

8. ____________________________________ When you are hungry, thirsty, fatigued, or sexually aroused little else seems to matter. When you’re not food, water, sleep, or sex just don’t seem like big things in your life, now or ever.

9. ____________________________________After a hectic day of running errands, attending meetings, and arguing with her parents, Emily just wants to curl up with a good book (her psychology textbook) and relax.

10. ____________________________________Margarita has a low tolerance for experiences that are repetitious or constant and causes her to become annoyed and act out in class.

11. ____________________________________Jon wasn’t concerned about the drop in his GPA because he was preoccupied with the knowledge that his family’s house was in foreclosure.


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