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20 years ago, smoking was

considered to be the cool thing to do,

much like alcohol consumption. Now days

however, times have changed. Many now consider

smoking to be a smelly and disgusting habit. Fewer and fewer teenagers are beginning to smoke. So why do the few that do smoke, ever start? Unfortunately there are still some adolescents that think of cigarettes as a cool craze.


Nicotine is an addictive drug inside cigarettes. It’s the reason behind many smokers inability to quit as it causes the brain to crave it. While smoking, the heard rate increases, blood pressure rises and red blood cells are unable to obtain as much oxygen. Although this causes stress on the body, the nicotine sends out good feelings to the brain. It is believed by some scientists that attempting to quit a nicotine addiction is just as challenging as a cocaine addict to quit using.


We’ve all heard the term, ‘smoking kills,’ but how exactly? It isn’t the tobacco or nicotine directly that damages over bodies. Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals. Some of these include carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides used for rocket fuel. People don’t drink from the fuel pump at the local petrol station, so why do we smoke it?


The 4000 chemicals in cigarettes are extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to the human body. Not only do cigarettes make the smoker’s fingers and toes go yellow, but cigarettes cause pre-mature aging. They can cause bad circulation in the arms and legs resulting in possible amputation as well as:

• Heart Disease

• Heart Attacks/Strokes

• Chronic Bronchitis

• Emphysema

• Lung Cancer

• Tongue Cancer

• Throat Cancer

• Gum Disease

• Cardiovascular Disease


Passive smoking is the term given to the act of breathing in other peoples second hand smoke. It is not usually an intentional act, but happens from being near people who are smoking, as the smoker breathes out smoke, the bystander breathes in; thus passively smoking. Another way of passive smoking is by breathing in the smoke directly from the burning cigarette by once again standing next to or near a smoker. Passive smoking is a dangerous and serious issue, which has been directly linked to cancer and other smoking related diseases. Therefore, standing near someone who is smoking is almost as dangerous to the human body as smoking first hand.




The Chosen Audience:

My creative report focuses of the affects of cigarette smoking. I decided to write my report for a teenage audience, as if it would be shown in highschools or upper primary schools. Cigarettes are a major issue in society, killing thousands of people each year. Many smokers begin smoking in adolescence as it can skill be considered the “cool” thing to do. I personally believe that one of the most affective ways of tackling this issue is to make children away at an early age, thus hopefully preventing them from ever starting.

Cover Page:

I chose a basic but realistic picture for my cover page to make it eye grabbing so that teachers would read it. After all, teachers and principals need to approve of this report before it is shown to the children. I believe it is simple but still affective which a realistic picture, but the “not cool” phrase to grab the children’s attention.

The font I chose for the cover made me think of cigarette smoke, perhaps due to the serif style. I decided to leave the background white and I thought the image would look more affective that way.

Images in Report:

I decided to go with some cartoon pictures in the actual report in an attempt to relate with the teenage audience. The teenage boy smoking the cigarette at the start of the report is very important image and was used for two reasons. First of all, to match the text (teenagers smoking) and second of all, to give the reader an idea of what they would look like if they were smoking. The bags under the eyes and loneliness of the picture makes it an unattractive vision. The damaged lungs with smoke seeping out was used for dramatic purposes, in hopes to shock the reader. I chose to end with a traditional stop sign as it’s a common image and will hopefully stick in the readers mind.

Font in Report:

I decided to use a serif style of writing for the report as well to make it differ from a regular report. It is a classic style that I thought would be easier and subconsciously more interesting for the teenage audience to read, as apposed to something like Times New Roman, which can be considered common and boring. Obviously that style would be preferred for something like a business proposal as it’s more professional, but I decided to make this creative report slightly more casual to suit the reader’s age.


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