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Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter L-8

Current as of February 1, 2019

Office Consolidation

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Note All persons making use of this consolidation are reminded that it has no legislative sanction, that amendments have been embodied for convenience of reference only. The official Statutes and Regulations should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.


Chapter L-8

Table of Contents

1 Definitions

Part 1 The Law Society of Alberta

The Society 2 Constitution 3 Powers of Society 4 Legal aid plan

The Benchers 5 Benchers 6 Powers of Benchers 7 Rules of Society 8 Regulations and bylaws re LLPs 9 Honorary Benchers 10 Number of Benchers 11 Lay Benchers 12 Election of Benchers 13 Eligibility for election 14 Rules re elections 15 Extension of time 16 Notice of elected Benchers 17 Appeal re elections 18 Vacancy 19 Appointment to fill vacancy 20 Meetings 21 Voting at meetings 22 Committee quorum 23 Committee acting when loss of member



RSA 2000 Chapter L-8

Officers of the Society

24 Officers of the Society 25 Appointment of officers 26 Auditor

Meetings of the Society

27 Meetings of Society 28 Special meetings 29 Effect of resolutions

Part 2 Membership and Qualification to Practise


30 Roll of members 31 Students-at-law 32 Resignation of member 33 Judicial appointment 35 Inactive members


36 Definitions 37 Role of Society re enrolment or admission 38 Students-at-law 39 Education Committee 40 Enrolment of holders of Alberta degrees or equivalent 41 Transfer of Canadian lawyers to Alberta 42 Transfer of corporate counsel to Alberta 43 Review of Executive Director's decision 44 Admission to bar and enrolment as member 45 Faculty member or Society employee 46 Members enrolled under RSA 1980 cL-9 s45


48 Authorizations to outside counsel

Part 3 Conduct of Members

49 Interpretation 50 Commencement of order 51 Establishment of Committees 52 Rules of Benchers



RSA 2000 Chapter L-8

Division 1 Proceedings Respecting Conduct Deserving of Sanction

53 Review by Executive Director 54 Appeal to Appeal Committee 55 Investigation 56 Review by Conduct Committee 57 Re-examination by Conduct Committee 58 Practice Review Committee 59 Hearing Committee 60 Admission of guilt 61 Resignation instead of continued proceedings 62 Discontinuance of proceedings 63 Suspension during proceedings 64 Representation by counsel 65 Amendment of notice 66 Membership in Committee continues 67 Burden of proof 68 Evidence 69 Witness 70 Attendance of witnesses 71 Finding by Hearing Committee 72 Order of the Hearing Committee 73 Orders respecting incompetence 74 Written report by Hearing Committee 75 Appeal to Benchers 76 Hearing by Benchers 77 Order by Benchers 78 Public or private proceedings 79 Suspension for non-payment 80 Appeal to Court of Appeal 81 Procedure on appeal 82 Powers of Court of Appeal

Division 2 General

83 Indictable offence 84 Extra-provincial disciplinary acts 85 Notice of suspension or termination 86 Reinstatement



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