Scientific Method Quiz

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Scientific Method Test Study Guide

Define the following terms:

1. scientific method ___________________________________________________________________________

2. independent variable ___________________________________________________________________________

3. dependent variable ___________________________________________________________________________

4. testable questions ___________________________________________________________________________

5. hypothesis ______________________________________________________________________________


Marcie is trying a new cookie recipe. She wants to see if the amount of baking powder she uses will make the cookies rise more. She makes three batches of cookies and changes the amount of baking powder for each batch.

6. What is the independent variable? _______________________________________________

7. What is the dependent variable? _________________________________________________

8. What are 2 things that must remain constant for this experiment? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Write a testable question for this experiment. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. Write a hypothesis for this experiment.




Short Answer:

1. List the steps to the scientific method.







Application: Match the letter to the correct step of the scientific method.

| Ask a testable question |Adding calcium and magnesium to the animal food did increase the animal’s growth. The hypothesis|

| |is supported. |

| Gather information/ Research |Procedure: |

| |Locate 2 puppies from the same litter that are similar in size |

| |Feed one animal food with minerals for 1 month. |

| |Feed the other animal food without minerals for 1 month. |

| |Calculate the average growth of each puppy. |

| Form a hypothesis | |

| | |

| |If small doses of calcium and magnesium are added to animal food, then the animal’s growth will |

| |increase because calcium and magnesium are important minerals for growing. |

| | |

| Conduct an experiment | |

| |Average growth over 1 month period |

| | |

| |Food with minerals |

| |10% growth increase |

| | |

| |Food without minerals |

| |5% growth increase |

| | |

| Analyze the results | |

| |Does adding minerals to an animal’s food affect their growth? |

| Draw conclusions |Notes: (WebMD) |

| |Calcium is essential for bone growth |

| |Magnesium is important for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body that keep it working |

| |properly (about ½ of magnesium in body is found in bones) |

Determine the best example of a hypothesis:

a. If I add 5 hour energy to my breakfast, then I might go crazy during school.

b. I think that 5 hour energy will help me stay awake in class. They say it has caffeine so it might keep me awake.

c. If I add 5 hour energy to my breakfast routine, then I my heart rate will increase because 5 hour energy is full of caffeine.

Determine which of the following is the best example of a testable question:

a. What kind of food does a plant need to grow?

b. Does the amount of light a plant gets affect its growth?

c. How does light help a plant grow?

d. Why are plants green?

True or False?

___________ Testable questions contain a cause and effect relationship.

___________ Most people use the scientific method in their everyday lives.

___________ The purpose of an experiment is to prove the hypothesis true.

___________ There should only be two independent variables in an experiment.

___________ A scientist examining the area mold spores is collecting qualitative data.

Make observations & inferences:


Make two observations about the above picture.

1. ____________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________

Make two inferences about the above picture.

1. ____________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________

Evaluate Data & Research:

Claim: More people get injured from skateboarding than any other sport.

Is there evidence to support this claim? Why or why not?

Can you think of reasons why someone would not agree with this claim?

The scientific method in our everyday lives: Reflect on how people use the scientific method in their everyday lives. Create a scenario or scene where a non-scientist is applying the scientific method in an everyday situation. Be sure to explain the situation clearly, identifying all steps of the scientific method.






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