The Sounds of ch - to Carl

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´╗┐The Sounds of ch

by Cherry Carl Illustrated by Ron Leishman Images?

Cherry Carl, 2012

chain chair chalk chance change chant chap char charm chart

ch Words

chase chat cheap cheat check cheek cheer cheese chef chess

chest chew chick chief child chill chime chin chip chirp

Cherry Carl, 2012

More ch Words

choice choke choose

chuckle champion channel

chicken* children chili


chapter chimney


chatter chocolate


checkers chopsticks

chum chunk church

checkup cheerful cheetah

chowder Christmas



blunt bluster

Cherry Carl, 2012

I Choose Chocolate!

(Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)

Chocolate is my favorite treat. It's always creamy, smooth and sweet!

A chocolate cake for me or you and a cup of cocoa tastes good, too!

Chocolate candy is the best, and chocolate syrup I suggest will always pass the sweetness test! Oh, my chocolate is the best. I love it more than all the rest!

Cherry Carl, 2012

A Bad Hair Day

(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Johnny chews some gum in school. He disobeys the rule!

Now there's gum on Teacher's chair, and some in Johnny's hair!

He chews, chews, chews his gum. He pulls it with his thumb. Now his gum is everywhere, but most is in his hair!

Cherry Carl, 2012


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