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´╗┐Coloring in the Catalogs:

Classic Library Scenes to Pick, Print and Color

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Coloring in the Catalogs:

Classic Library Scenes to Pick, Print and Color

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Page 3: Leafing Through by Laura Jennings, Video & Multimedia Designer "Whenever I open a book, I never know what kind of world is going to grow up out of those pages."

Page 4: Library Card by Stephen Tierney, Vice President of Creative Services "I imagine my library card as being a ticket to limitless resources to fuel my interests."

Page 5: Card Catalog by Kayleigh Freshman, UX Designer "The card catalog takes me back to my childhood, so that's why I added some playful elements."

Page 6: Shhhhh by Robert Stewart, Graphic Designer "The library's quiet environment has always served as an escape from my normal everyday life."

Page 7: Public Library of Flipster Laura Gaiser, Graphic Designer "Architecture was always one of my favorite parts of Art History and libraries across the world are beautiful historic structures. I wanted to focus on fun architectural elements to color in."

Page 8: Library Cart by Jared T. Williams, Staff Illustrator "My love of nature, of history and of drawing all began inside the pages of books."

Page 9: Reading Rug by Chelsea Leahy, Web Designer "I have the best memories of going to my local public library as a kid, sitting on the reading rug and listening to the librarian read aloud."

Page 10: Tablet by Megan Hobart, Graphic Designer "I love accessing digital library resources on my tablet. I can visit the library whenever I want to without leaving home!"

Page 11: Genre-Bending by Laura Jennings, Video & Multimedia Designer "Movie genres have always fascinated me because no matter how you try to label a film, it will always defy expectations."

Page 12: Craft Area by Jared T. Williams, Staff Illustrator "Whether it was at home before bed or in quiet corners of the local library, books were what made the world come alive for me."

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