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To: Law Enforcement Agencies Requesting Starbucks Security Video From: Starbucks Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) Re: Starbucks Security Video Request

Please review the following information: ? Security video will only be released to law enforcement agencies at the discretion of Starbucks. ? The completion of this form does not guarantee security video can/will be provided. ? Any security video released remains the property of Starbucks. ? The release of any portion of the security video by the requestor to a third party without Starbucks consent or subject to a court order is strictly prohibited. ? For incidents involving credit cards, do not provide the complete credit card number, please include only the first 6 digits and last 4 digits (i.e. 1234-56xx-xxxx-4321) of the card number.

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Starbucks Security Video Request FAQ

Q. Do all Starbucks stores have security video? A. No

Q. How is security video retained at Starbucks? A. Security video is retained on equipment located at each individual store. Security video is not retained on a central server or by any other method (unless it has been saved secondary to an incident)

Q. How long is security video retained at a Starbucks store? A. Assuming the store is equipped with security video cameras and all equipment is functioning properly, some security video equipment may retain up to 30 days or more of video, some may retain a few hours

Q. What determines how long is security video is retained on store video equipment? A. Many factors determine how long security video is retained:

? Functionality of the equipment ? Correct settings (camera, DVR, Starbucks network, etc) ? Uninterrupted power at the site ? Equipment: The type of security video equipment at the store (Starbucks has used several different models

and brands of equipment) ? Disk space: The amount of disk space on a DVR (not all DVRs have the same amount of disk space) ? Motion (Many Starbucks store security video cameras activate/record on motion; a store that is open 24 hours

may retain less security video than a store which is not, or a store in a busy metropolitan area may retain less security video than a store on a less-traveled road)

Q. How is security video accessed? A. Security video is accessed in several ways, depending on the type of equipment at the store:

? Some security video equipment - video may be accessed remotely via a network connection ? Some security video equipment ? video may be accessed on site by a qualified technician ? Most Starbucks partners (employees) do not have the knowledge to access security video

Q. Can anyone obtain Starbucks security video? A. No.

? Starbucks will only provide security video to law enforcement agencies ? All other requestors must provide a subpoena at the time security video is requested


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