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´╗┐Your name


Do you have any Favorite Foods food sensitivities/dietar y preferences?

Favorite Drinks

Favorite Restaurants

Favorite Books, Movies, etc.


What are some things you do NOT prefer or have too many of?

Alicia Somsen Amalie Sielaf Amy Gottry Amy Riding Anthony Jones B Johnson Bill Brittain

Bill Haley

Brooke Stephens

9/10 Gluten free, please. Gluten free pretzels, crackers, chips, Starbucks "Medicine Ball" -

Thank you in

almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate, It's hot green tea with


fresh fruit/veggies

steamed lemonade, honey,

and mint!

Pita Jungle! Also Which Wich (lettuce-wrapped sandwiches!)

I don't really like peanut butter

12/22 No.

I love everything! Except peanut

Coffee and tea

butter. My most favorite food is either

cupcakes, popcorn, or Thai fried rice.

Chik-Fil-A, Panera Starbucks (or any coffee shop), and anyplace with Thai food

chocolate covered pretzels, pita & hummus, homemade items (family recipes are always great!)

flavored k-cups, peppermint family treats - Jason's

tea, Jamba smoothies,

Deli, The Good Egg,



5/7 None. Trying to avoid eating sugar this year though!

Nuts, Crackers and cheese, Salami, Hummus or Guacamole, Granola, Greek Yogurt, Breads, Olive oil, and Balsamic vinegar, Salads!

Herbal Teas, Figi bottled water.

4/9 NO

Chips, Snickers, Twix, Cookies

Mountain Dew, Gatorade

Zuppas, Cheesecake Factory, Charlestons, Trader Joes (not a restaurant but I love to shop there.)

BWW, Sonic, Chillis

9/17 No

Salads, cheese and crackers, hummus and veggies, fresh fruit

tea,chai latte and coffee k- Postino, PFChangs,


Oreganos - Pita Jungle,

The Atttic

8/11 not a fan of tomatoes unless they're smashed into sauce or ketchup

almonds, coffee, veggie tray (broccoli and carrots especially) anything w/ Green chile (i'm always healthy at the beginning of the school year, but if my birthday was late in the year it'd be donuts, coffee cake and strudel)

Diet sports drinks (Vitamin Water Zero, etc), Coke Zero, coffee

Del Taco, Blue 32, Subway

I love seeing movies at Play sand volleyball, No fast/junk

Regal Cinemas (Regal visit my youngest at food

Gilbert Stadium)

college in southern CA,

watch the AZ


I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy books and films, and poetry.

Hiking, painting,


reading, going to the

movies, baking, music,

and travel

reading curricular books (with my kids), The New Yorker, no time for movies ;-)

Playing my flute, being a fan of my kids' concerts and sports, museums, parks/hikes

nothing specific

Classic books, Real Yoga, Cooking, Family, Can't think of

Simple, Cooking Light, Piano, Reading,

anything. Pretty

Yoga Magazine, any Knitting.

happy with

movies (love them all).


Any movie or book having to do with sports

Coaching, Sports, Skeet Shooting


classic books - real simple magazine

reading, hiking, crochet, n/a sewing,bike riding,family,music, football

anything with Mt. Bikes Mt. Biking, hiking, or personal finance golfing

debt, enemies and candy

12/17 No avocado, cucumber, mango or melon.

I'm a white meat guy: chicken and pork, but burgers are amazing!

Trail Mix sustains my day as much as coffee.

Snicker doodles have tempted me more times that I want to admit, but dark chocolate may have tempted me more successfully.

Flour tortilla chips, are there any other kind of chips? Salsa! I love salsas.

Soda: My bride helped me Traditional restaurants:

get hooked onto Dr. Pepper. Fox Restaurants are our

Coffee: I love a latte, bland, guilty pleasure. Barros

unsweetened, latte.



Magazine: Car and Driver, Motor Trend,

Hiking, Gardening, Singing and Playing Guitar

Fast food restaurants: I Movies: John Ford

love any ...bertos:

movies, Orson Welles,

Filibertos, Julibertos, think Christopher Nolan,


Star Wars,

In N Out, Burger King, Jack in the Box


2/16 No

Cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, coffee, strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, any breakfast foods (my favorite meal!)

Chai tea latte or Mocha (Nonfat) from Starbucks, flavored sparkling water, Coke Zero

Serrano's, Santan Brewery, Oregano's, Paradise Bakery

The Sound of Music (of Going to live music

course!), Les Mis,

concerts (all types),

Gone With the Wind, gardening, traveling,

Home/garden or

hiking, playing with my

decorating magazines, kids

travel magazines

Caley McGuill

8/12 I cannot have caffeine and this includes the small amounts in dark chocolate.

I try not to eat a ton of sugar. For special indulgences I love savory treats like breakfast burritos, tortilla chips and queso, salt & vinegar potato chips. I like Einstein's bagels and cream cheese. When I do ear something sweet I love anything chocolate and peanut butter.

I drink a lot of la croix, caffeine free hot tea, and green smoothies

Shake Shack, Thai Rama, I read a lot of books on Classics, gender

I don't eat a ton

Los Favoritos, Venezia's history and art.

studies, looking for sea of baked goods.

Pizza, Curry Garden, Pita

shells at the beach,


dance, martial arts, art

history, travel

Cameron Karimi


Carolyn Drennan

Carolyn Pyde Carson Richards Christy Hegebush Cindy Hill

6/3 Vegetarian (No Dark Chocolate


meat, no fish)

Cookies (Chocolate Chip; Peanut

Mushroom Allergy Butter; PB Choc Chip)

Chocolate Cake

Baked goods in general.

Pomegranate Cafe

Movies: Oscar

Reading; Walking;


Nominated Films;

Hiking; Listening to

24 Carrots

RomComs; DramComs Podcasts; Traveling


with my family

Liberty Market

Books: Fiction;

Picazzo's Organic Kitchen Historical Fiction; All

genres, actually.


11/10 anything is great

Carrot cake is one of my favorites Vegetable platter is tasty

I love diet Peach Snapple Olive Garden

Ice Tea

Buca de Beppo

Historical biographies Classical Music

Coffee gift cards

Cake and bread baking

3/23 Lactose Intolerance Guacamole

Dr. Pepper, Coffee

Ra, Fired Pie

12/28 I cannot eat

Mexican is my favorite.

raspberries or

Chips/salsa/guac, bagels, and

blackberries as I peanut butter pretzels.

am allergic to them.

coffee, jamba juice smoothies,

Ajo Als Uncle bears pita jungle Jersey mikes

baking gardening

candles candy

4/16 none

chocolate covered strawberries any kind of chips and dip

Starbucks decaf vanilla latte Sauce, Rubios, Chipotle fruit juices and herbal teas

Cooking, walking, movies, reading


David Allen David Paap

3/16 No 11/16 No

Cheese, carrot cake, sushi I enjoy peppermint.

I like coffee

My Kitchen. Seriously, a I like taking my boys to I like bicycles. TJ's gift card is better than movies. Tickets would any restaurant gift card be appreciated.

I never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I like Starbucks. I do not Outback steakhouse or drink soda much any more. Texas Roadhouse

My hobby mostly

I am not a big

includes parenting my fan of balloons

three children, but when or anything else

there are those rare that draws a lot

times I enjoy taking my of attention.

wife out for dinner.

Your name


Do you have any Favorite Foods food sensitivities/dietar y preferences?

Favorite Drinks

Favorite Restaurants

Diana Kendrick

8/7 Not really.

Chocolate chip cookies (gooey ones) Lemon Iced-tea/Raspberry

Bagels with cream cheese


Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast Coffee with sugar and


cream (hot) from DD

Guacamole and chips

Caramel Frapuccino from

Jimmy John's #10 sandwich


Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich from Caramel Macchiatto (hot or

Paradise Bakery

cold) from Starbucks

Chicken burrito from Chipotle -

Mint Chocolate chip

Chicken, black beans, veggies, little milkshake from Baskin

rice, pico de gallo y a little cheese. Robbins

Hummus from Pita Jungle

Frozen Hot Chocolate from

Rice Krispy treats/Brownies


Pita Jungle Gordon Birsch Joe's Farm Houstons Boston Market Chipotle Pei Wei/P.F. Changs Oregano's ZinBurger

Favorite Books, Movies, etc.


What are some things you do NOT prefer or have too many of?

Books - Travel


Journals - Miracle Of Traveling

Castel Di Sangro. Eat, Movies

Pray Love. A Season Going to Museums

with Verona. Joe


McGinniss, Dan


Brown, (authors).

Reading, Speaking

Spanish ones - Gabriel Italian, and watching

Garcia Marquez,

movies in Italian

Borges, Becquer,

Allende, Garcia Lorca,


Magazines - 4-4-2,

World Soccer,

Photography and

Leisure, Parenting,


Art - Velazquez, Keith

Harring, Picasso, Dali,

Manet (not Monet),

None. All are welcomed.

Duncan Aepli Dustin Brown

4/9 no 3/31 NO

variaty of salty and sweet snacks I'm a lover of all foods

Diet Coke or Pepsi Kombucha

Si Senor, High Tide

don't really have a favorite

Anything outdoors or N/A beach related

Dylan Shoemaker

6/12 Nope

Burritos, Pizza, Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Smoked Brisket, Ravioli, mangos, papaya, watermelon, cheesecake, monster cookies

Sioux City Sarsaparilla, diet Taqueria Mi Casita,

Anything from the

Golf, organized sports, I like most

cherry cola (any brand), Diet Chinese, Thai, Indian, J.R.R. Tolkien Middle- hiking, movies, reading things, but try to

Mt. Dew, zero sugar sports Italian, BBQ...I enjoy most Earth story, science and cooking

avoid buying

drinks, Kilimanjaro Coffee cuisine, but prefer to avoid fiction, books about

plastic items

(this is really diva, but it's chain restaurants

science/nature, books

when I can.

the best)

offering perspective on


Edelisa Sarinana Elijah Ferbrache

Eric Nash Erin McCord Erin Thomas Fred Milton

5/29 None 5/27 none

Chicken, rice, spaghetti, Salad

Pineapple soda, Sprite, Root-beer soda, Water

Carrot Cake (my mom used to make coffee!! it for our birthdays)

Cheese Cake

Cookies (chocolate chip and Peanut Butter)

1/12 I don't have any sensitivities or allergies, but I prefer healthy choices.

bagels (onion, garlic, everything, sesame, poppy, etc)

coffee (Peet's, or from Dutch Bros, Dunking Donuts, etc)

Olive Garden, Applebee's, Panda express, wendys

puzzles, baking

Anywhere with good tacos Great Books...

(that does not include

Taco Bell or Del Taco)... I do frequent

La Santissima in

Bookmans, The Book

downtown Phoenix is a Gallery in Mesa, and

favorite of Mrs. Ferbrache Barnes & Noble

and myself.

Korean BBQ

Old Time Music (banjo and fiddle stuff) Archery Hiking / Outdoors Fishing

Starbucks gift cards... if Sozo coffee has a gift card, that would be better, my son likes to play there

Thai Restaurants

Chompies, Garcias, Pita Jungle

books & movies: humorous, dry-wit or adventure/world-travel magazines: The Economist

writing, traveling, listening to music

sweets, candy, chocolate

7/7 no desert foods, please!

1/8 Nope

salty or spicy foods pretzels? hummus!

Mexican, Chinese Special - cupcakes. Any kind. The more unique the better


pita jungle

Diet Coke Iced coffee with cream and sugar (very creamy!) Tea

Rubios, starbucks

i like puzzle books

knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, reading

Comedy, mystery

Swimming, (and


(books and movies) competing,) boxing,

Cooking (magazines, cooking, napping :)




3/7 No.

Pesto. Basil Pesto. A jar of Basil

IBC soda

Pesto. And Hummus. But not mixed

with the Pesto. Dips in general. Like

knows like. Anything from the Olive

Mill. Jerky. Jackalope Sausage (yes,

it exists). Donuts from Tim Horton's

or a cheeseburger, Triple O, from

White Spot.

C-Fu or any other Asian cuisine

National Geographic

Wood carving/woodwork, piano and guitar, archery, ballroom dancing

Gregory Koch James Myers

6/21 11/27 No

Jamin Metcalf


Jeffrey Bateman

3/13 No.

Everything Bagles with Plain Cream La Croix water Cheese

No sweets, or specific gift cards other than Wall-Mart or Amazon, please

Thai food, Indian food, Italian food, breakfast food, apple pie

Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Oreganos, Thai Elephant, Arcadia Farms

anything by G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, or Samuel Johnson. For movies, I love movies like Whiplash, La La Land, The Prestige, and anything by Disney.

Hiking, rock climbing, and camping

Brownies, peanuts, tree nuts, etc. Chocolate.

I drink a lot of decaffeinated Green Corner, Arriba Grill, Epic of Gilgamesh,

tea. I like vanilla and spice Delhi Palace.

National Geographic,

flavors. I drink herbal tea,

Psychology Today.

too -- but no caffeine.

Archery, reading.

Jennifer Summa

7/25 I avoid milk in

Love Mexican &

Coffee (iced or hot), Green North, Sushi, Chipotle - I love taking my

Walking, hiking, bike Can't think of

coffee, so I usually Italian...dessert=dark chocolate...can Tea, Black Iced tee, mineral Pizza, of course! My fav is daughters to the

riding, taking my dog to anything

go for soy, almond never get enough salad in the


Lou Malnotti's or Streets movies! We grab our the park, painting

or coconut creamer summer!

of NY

extra buttery popcorn, (favorite store is Hobby

red vines & soda to Lobby or AZ Art

enjoy whatever

Supply!) I also do a lot

awesome movie is out of home remodeling so

Home Depot/Lowes

would be on my list too!

Jennifer Swanson

Joel Swanstrom

10/19 No food sensitivities. I love healthy food (fruit, veggies, etc.), chips and salsa, and chocolate chip cookies!

Chips and salsa, and chocolate chip cookies!

Iced tea Sparkling water Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 (no sweetener)

Pita Jungle Teriyaki Kitchen Postino's or any place in downtown Gilbert


Yoga, cooking, family time

Anything vanilla or sweet scented

Gluten and dairy.

I really like the Lays STAX Cheddar XING tea is awesome!! I

or Sour Cream potato chips.

would drink that every day.

Guacamole is always amazing.

Tazo Tea is fantastic as

Chocolate Chip cookies are fun, but well. I am not a big soda

hard to find gluten free. Cashews person. Jamba Juice is

are awesome. And Lindt chocolates! amazing. When I do

Oh my goodness, those were made Starbucks, it is usually the

in Heaven. Those Brookside

green tea frappuccino

cranberry and blueberry chocolates without the whip cream.

from Fry's are good too.

Caffeine makes me jittery.

P.F. Changs and Chipotle. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I read a lot of sci fi and fantasy. Ender's Game is an amazing work of fiction. I particularly like the Earthsea Cycle and the Chronicles of Prydain.

Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Outdoorsy stuff. Traveling. Board Games. Dressing up as Han Solo or Star Lord.

Ummm...Board games... :D I have a library. And on that note, books. Too many books.

John-Paul Poppleton

Joshua Talbot Judy Schmitt Julie Tufte Kristin Feigh

Laura Boynton

Lea Brock

12/21 No. I love all food. My favorite foods: Authentic

Starbucks, espresso,

Mexican tacos, Asian food (I really Mineral Water, and Ginger

like Vietnamese food), dark

Beer (non-alcoholic).

chocolate, anything with coffee or

just plain coffee, caramel,

milkshakes, pies, Tres Leches cake,

and cheese cake.

Fox Restaurants are fun. Other than that, PF Changs or anything else Asian.

Our curriculum, sorry (Old Classical, Jazz and Blues LPs).

I love the outdoors.

8/20 No 4/12


Mango Monster

Pita Jungle

-- Odyssey & Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Books and Movies


Chocolate anything, blueberry

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Pita Jungle

muffins with crumbly stuff on top, and Dutch Bros- decaf

pepperoni pizza, red wine, stinky almond milk mocha


I have 2 boys, 4 and 1. Nothing with smells.

2/13 N/A

Chocolate Chip Muffins, Red Velvet Starbucks or Dunkin' Cupcakes, Chips Salsa and Quac Donuts Coffee

Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheesecake Factory

I love anything Harry Potter, and I like superhero movies. I don't read magazines much.

I like to read, shop, and I don't use spend time with my 4 candles or month old son, fianc?e coffee cups. and friends/family.

9/28 I am more or less a Cheese!! I also love fruits and vegetarian, but I vegetables: sugar snap peas, absolutely love berries, stone fruits, etc. seafood!

I don't drink coffee, but I love chai and other teas-black, green, herbal, rooibos, etc. Whole Foods smoothies are one of my greatest weaknesses.

Pita Jungle, Joyride,

I love Bon Appetit and

Postino, Earnest in

Gourmet magazines!

Chandler, Vintage 95, FnB

in Scottsdale, ThaiRama,

The Farm at South


(see last year's survey) I have plenty of mugs, thank you!

5/16 I like "minimally altered" foods! (With some exceptions, of course.)

Pickled herring, cheese, whole animals ;), Lee's sandwiches

black coffee, green and black teas, milk, Boba Tea

Cibo, Welcome Diner, Angel's Trumpet, Jobot, Lux, Main Ingredient, Green, Vovomeena

Mags: Adbusters,

I train horses,

Western Horseman, interlocute, play


capoeira, practice Tai

Books: Bandit, Adam's Chi and yoga, listen to

Task, Fool's Progress, music, hike, camp,

Complete Plato, Moby drive long distances,

Dick, War and Peace swing dance, train

Movies: Death Proof, dogs. I really like to

Gerry, Philadelphia watch movies, have

Story, Christine, Ghost magazine parties, and


go to coffee shops.

I have really liked the gifts people at the school have given me. I do not tend to want sweets.

Lisa Brady Luke Mays Mark Wallington

1/5 I am trying to avoid Hummus, gluten free chips, dark fizzy water, tea, and coffee Pita Jungle sugar/ junk food. chocolate (my only sugar exception)

too long a list to mention (anything BBC)

11/29 gluten/dairy

gluten free pretzels, chips & salsa, watermellon

organic coconut water,

Angry Crab, Postinos, Zin surfing, hiking,

organic grape juice, Jamba Burger, Jamba Juice

drawing, Zane Grey



knitting, gardening, yoga

no candles, school supplies

djembe drums,

candy, pencils,

harmonicas, frisbee, cheap chocolate

hiking/ camping, fishing

1/17 None

Diet Pepsi


Martha Kurus

12/7 No.

Carrot cake, guacamole/chips, yummy fruit salads

Your name


Do you have any Favorite Foods food sensitivities/dietar y preferences?

Sparkling soda water, Starbucks

Favorite Drinks

Olive Garden, Rigatony's, Cooking anything Thai or Mexican books/magazines,


Favorite Restaurants

Favorite Books, Movies, etc.

Listening to new music, Lotions & mugs dancing, drawing


What are some things you do NOT prefer or have too many of?

Mary Goodwin

8/30 No, but mostly

fresh fruit (any kind), cheesecake,

follow a vegetarian snickerdoodles (cookies)

menu (not 100%)

Don't drink soda, do like Hmm....Pita Jungle, Starbucks and Jamba Juice Wildflower, Kneaders

Can't say I have favorites....(Well, favorite movie of all time is "It's A Wonderful Life")

I'm kind of boring at this I typically don't point in life.......going to drink soda or the movies, and (again) eat candy anything with animals or nature!

Enjoy most non-fiction books and also magazines on animals, nature, health (already subscribe to National Geographic and Science)

Enjoy most movies (except horror)

Matt Lindbloom

12/10 none

M&M Cookies, chips and salsa

Starbucks coffee (hot or iced)

Starbucks, Chipotle, Chik- - Books - Anything

- Sports - playing


Roman or Medieval, basketball, football

travel books or

(ASU and Cardinals!)

guidebooks (especially - Reading Latin poetry

for Italy and Germany) and Medieval Latin

- Magazines - National - Reading about the

Geographic Traveler, Romans

any travel magazines - Reading about the

- Movies -

Middle Ages

Documentaries about - Personal Finance

Ancient Rome or the

Middle Ages

Matthew Henry Michael Goodman Michele Caporali

Michelle Ferrell Miranda Giles Molly Gallant

Patrick Mello

Phillip Tarr

6/8 None 4/22

Chocolate chip cookies!

Chai tea lattes, from Starbucks or Sozo :)

The Yardhouse, Z Tejas, Too many to count! Macayo's

Guitar, Piano,


translating from Italian

to English, swimming

11/27 Vegetarian

5/20 No sensitivities -I love it all!

11/9 Nope. 2/7 Nope!

12/10 Nope 11/28

Bagels Brownies Mac and Cheese Veggies and Dip Fruit

Dunkin Donuts Starbucks Coffee in General :) Green Tea LaCroix

Flower Child Four Peaks Yard House

National Geographic Jurassic Park(All of Them) Books on Adventure and Travel National Parks Information

Hiking Kayaking Tennis Cooking Wildlife Conservation(WWF) National Parks

Coffee mugs, we have too many according to my husband :)

Fruits and veggies, chips and salsa, almonds, chocolate covered espresso beans, dark chocolate, brownies

Diet coke, coffee (hot or iced), iced tea

I like it all. Quick places close to school are nice for lunch.

Movies - comedies Books - I'll read anything

Spending time with family and friends. Watching movies, hiking, reading, listening to music

Chips and salsa &or guacamole. Hot chocolate. Ginger Beer Pita Jungle, Cafe Rio,

Chocolate Chips Cookies. Chocolate (Soda).

Bella Gusto

in most forms.

I love seeing new

I read a lot of plays. I I don't like

movies. I love second love plants, hiking, and Starbucks, or

hand books that come camping.

Dutch. I'm not a

recommended. I'm into

coffee or soda



All carbs really. Macaroni and cheese and whole wheat/grain bagels with cream cheese are great. Or, any kind of specialty or just plain regular bread. I also really like pineapples, strawberries, and red velvet cake.

Flavored iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts or hot Latte Macchiatos, (It's one drink with two fancy words put together) from Starbucks are my favorite.

Panera, Chipotle, and any Neil Postman, kind of breakfast place Whittaker Chambers,

Anthony Esolen and James Schall are some of my favorite authors.

Competitive swimming, reading, playing board games, playing rec sports, and eating good food.

Bosa Donuts, Homemade Carrot Ginger Ale and Coffee! Cake, Crusty Bread and Stinky Cheese, Olives of All Kinds, Dolmas!

Bella Gusto, Authentic Mexican Food, Poke!

Booker Prize winners are always fun, odd experimental fiction, sci-fi!

Hiking, Board Games, Small Knick-

Frisbee! Not

Knacks or Put

Embarrased to Say that Things. Candy.

I Sometimes Need a

Mani-Pedi or a



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