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What will your brand do?

Disruption. We feel it across our industry. Influencers. Strategies. Competition. It's all shifting. The entire Commercial model is being reshaped and rewired by new expectations and new possibilities.

At Syneos Health, we use the trends changing the landscape to challenge and accelerate our thinking. Trends show shifting market expectations. They reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences. Trends uncover brands that are making unique connections and getting to white spaces first. Understanding the shifting market increases our clients' chances to lead it. It means we don't change one thing, one time ? we actively keep changing a lot of things at the right times.

Front line insight:

As part of Syneos Health, we are engaged in every point of influence in health and healthcare. This lets us know your market, your influencers and your patients in ways that no other partner could.

The authors of this report included over 75 Commercial leaders, who together touch the frontlines of development, patient engagements and next-generation care:

At the Point of Care ? O ver 12,000 nurses and sales experts educating healthcare

professionals, patients and caregivers ? In-house HCPs, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists,


In Real Life ? Data on the actual pharmacy behaviors of nearly

200 million people ? E thnographers and behavior psychologists immersed in

longitudinal studies of life and health

In EHRs (and Wallets) ? R esearchers steeped in shifting payer attitudes ? C ommunicators connected to organized customers

and workflow decision dynamics

In Government Offices ? Experts in regulation and pricing ? P ublic relations teams focused on new value

frameworks and influencers

At Pharma Leaders ? C ommercial strategy experts innovating at every stage

of the life cycle ? C ompetitive views into promotional marketplace activity

across hundreds of therapeutic areas

In the Next Generation of Care ? Integrated Top 3 CRO serving over 500,000 clinical trial

participants ? B old new navigators developing or Commercializing at

least 82% of all novel new drugs approved by the FDA in a recent five-year period



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