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5315618182567TOWNSVILLE CARDIOLOGYLevel 2, Suite 4, Mater Medical Centre Phone: (07) 4779 019921-29 Fulham Road, Pimlico Fax: (07) 4779 0299Townsville QLD 4812WEB: .auDear Patients,It is important to both Townsville Cardiovascular Associates and Townsville Cardiac Investigations that we provide you with a quality health service. We are constantly striving to improve our practice and to meet your needs more effectively. We would appreciate if you could take time to complete this anonymous survey. (Please tick one response)1Overall, how would you rate the level of care you received during your time at our practice?Excellent○Good○Average○Poor○2Would you agree that our practice strives to maintain confidentiality?Yes○No○Unsure○3When you phone our practice, are your needs attended to promptly?Always○Mostly○Rarely○Never○4Did you receive sufficient information about the investigation or procedure, prior to your appointment?Yes○No○Unsure○5Were you aware that further information is available for you on our website?.auYes - butI have not viewed the website○Yes - andI have visitedthewebsite○No,I was not aware of the website○6Were you informed of costs involved with the investigation or procedure, before attending your appointment? Yes○No○Unsure○7Upon arrival at our practice, how would you rate the helpfulness and efficiency of the reception staff?Excellent○Good○Average○Poor○8Did you feel that the staff members involved in the investigation or procedure were respectful and courteous?Yes○Mostly○No○Undecided○9Should you require further medical attention in the future, what is the likelihood of you seeking our services again?Certain○Most Likely○Unlikely○Not at all○10Do you feel confident that any complaints or feedback you provide us with will be handled appropriately?Yes○No○Undecided○We welcome your suggestions regarding how we can improve our service. Please share-Are there any further comments you would like to add? Thank you!Please post to our rooms, or email to the Practice Managerpracticemanager@.au268425843152 ................

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