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(NOTE: Read script through once, read notes along the way, and the footer notes at end of document for extra info)

Players: Sabrina/Hurricane Havana and Jeanne/Hollywood

Dress: HH in a 2-piece outfit, high French cut bikini bottoms and halter-top (looks like large sports bra). HW in a bikini or other skimpy outfit of choice to promote her assets.

Setting: Wrestling Ring

Timings: 40 minute video: 2 minutes intro-taunts, 5 minutes HW beating HH, 10 HH beating HW and remainder time HW punishing HH.

Premise: Hollywood, the premiere force in the world of femfighting, is testing out her new ring, which she plans to use for the next day’s taping events. Havana shows up and starts to make noises about how she doesn’t think Hollywood is “all that” and more. While checking out one of the turnbuckles, Hollywood answers her back in a very dismissive way indicating she doesn’t think Havana is even qualified to make such a statement. Havana hasn’t paid her dues, so to speak and stabs at her with a horrible taunt (of choice), Havana is now extremely pissed off and jumps up on the ring apron (middle between corners) and continues to verbally abuse Hollywood from the outside. Finally unable to put with the smaller bitch anymore, Hollywood goes from corner to Havana, grabs her hair and gets her into the ring, preferably by doing a top rope spring entry. Either way, HW gets HW into the ring and on the mat.

The gist of this story is that HH gets into the ring and suffers a quick short beating by the pro HW. In short order, HH manages to trip up HW and gets a few licks in herself on the pro. Eventualy, HW gets fed up with the humiliation and returns the favour but with gusto! HW puts such a beating on HH that she's not simply satisfied with 'beating' her into submission but simply 'beating' her, to punish her. Taunts and conversation up to participants to develope.

The action now begins in earnest.

(HW beats up HH)

HH dazed on mat, HW picks her up by hair with two hands, brings HH to her feet, still dazed.

HW round house slaps HH across face hard enough to spin her down back to the mat. (words: You think you're all that yourself?)

HW picks up HH once again by the hair, 2 handed hair lift bringing HH to her feet again.

HW pushes HH against the ropes and drives a knee to HH's belly. HW repeats a few times, not allowing HH to fall down or double up. HW pushes HH's chin back to keep her standing tall and straight as knees crash to HH's belly.

HW grabs HW by hair in one hand and drags her face across top rope to the corner. HW slams HH's head into top buckle several times. HW turns HH around to face to ring centre. HW pushes HH's chin back to stretch her out standing against buckles and lands several fists and knees to her belly.

HW pulls HH out of corner, hip tosses HH up and over and onto the mat, HH lands flat on her back, dazed and confused.

HW stands over HH and stomps her belly a few times to emphasise her point. HH curls up in a ball and whimpers as HW stands over her in disgust.

HH leans back, looking like she is getting ready to crawl out of the ring in defeat but pauses for a second. Just as HW starts to ask HH if she's had enough. Before HW can finish, HH lashes out and nails HW in the gut/crotch with an elbow/fist and HW drops to the mat in a crumble of pained mess. HH states "you bitch, you think that's all it takes to beat me? Let me show you how tough I am!" (or own words)

(HH beats up HW)

HW is laying on back, HH kneels besides HW and drops double ax handle to HW's abs. HW doubles up and rolls to her side, HH rolls her back and nails her again a few more times.

HH grabs HW by hair and pulls her up to her feet and pushes HW back into the corner. Pushing up against HW's chin, HH slams her in the abs with a few hard knees.

HH drapes HW's arms up and over the top rope, pushes against HW's chin to stretch her out and slams a few forearms across HW's breasts (makes them heave). HW slumps down a bit.

HH stands before HW and grabs HW's breasts and pushes up to straighten up HW. HW arms still draped over ropes, she cannot reach around to fight back. HH finishes this off with a knee lift to the crotch, HW's eyes pop wide open at this attack.

HW crumples to the mat in the corner. HH drags HW to the middle of the ring.

HW lays on her back, dazed on the mat. HH places HW's arms up above her head and sites on HW's arms. HW's head is between HH's thighs, just shy of a face sit. HW is all stretched out and cruely vulnerable. HH taunts HW about how weak and stupid she is. (words to that effect)

HH slams fists into HW's taut belly. Grinding fists deeps into her abs. HH slaps HW's breasts telling her how men really don't like her tits compared to her own. HH nipple twists HW, making HW howl in pain.

HH pulls HW's bikini open, bra panels to the sides (not removing the bikini top yet) to expose the breasts. HH grabs both breasts in her hands, crunches down to make HW scream in pain.

HH cups one of HW's breast in her hand (holding it up) and drives a fist into the side, top and nipple of the assaulted breast.

HH grasps each of HW's nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulls up, sideways, basicaly torturing HW (making the breasts sway to and fro).

HH gets up off of HW. HW remains in same position with arms above head, but this time HH applies scissors to HW's arms, just above HW's head and facing HW.

HH rolls onto her back causing HW's body to arch up. Everytime HW is arched to the stretching point, HH drops a huge fist into HW's chest and abs. HW is defensless. (this is all about the arching, chest thrust out, abs stretched out and supreme vulnerability of the position.) HH tortures HW a bit more (participants creativity).

HH disengages the hold. HW rolls over again trying to shake the pain. HH reaches down to grab 2 handfulls of hair, pulling HW up to her knees in front of HH. HW manages to drive a fist up into HH's belly causing her to drop to one knee. HH gets up again and tries to pull HW up by the hair again but this time HW nails her in the crotch with a punch. HH crashes down to the mat holding her crotch.

HW stands up shaking out the pain as she circles her new victim.

(HW beats up HH)

HW reaches down and grabs HH's ankles, holding them up, HH's legs apart before HW. (voice: Tough bitch eh? Let's see tough!") HW stomps down on HH's crotch a few times, finishing off with a cruching heel grind to the crotch while holding HH's legs up and apart by the ankles.

HW drops one of HH's ankles, then drops her body down across other leg. HH screams in pain. HW gets up again, repeats leg damaging move to both legs. HH writhes in pain each time HW lands on legs. HH manages to roll over onto her belly.

HW quickly climbs onto HH's back and drops a knee to the small of HH's back causing her to pop her head up in shear agony. Sitting on HH's back, HW grabs HH's hair in two hands. HH grabs HW's hands and as HW rolls back, HH's torso comes up off the mat, head pulled back, neck stretched out, chest thrust out and back painfully arched. And then HW lets go the hold and HH crashes face first to the mat. (flops forward).

HW grabs HH by the hair again and slams HH's head into the mat to daze her. HW pulls up on HH's arms and positions her in a proper camel clutch. Typical hold, HH's back is tortured.

(next act take a little practice but thje effect is awesome: Balancing on her heels, HW raises HH a bit so that HH is now pivoted in the camel clutch by her knees. HH's whole body is off the mat and pivoted by her knees. HW needs to carry HH's weight at this point to avoid injury. HW leans back now and the effect is that HH's body is camel clutch far beyond what you normaly see! Camera Angle to the front hides the "trick" and a quick angle shot from the side as HH has to be able to take a bit of strain to make the shot. But if she is very flexible this is a moot point.)

After a few pulls and strains at the camel clutch position, HW pulls HH all the way back beyond the camel clutch position and ends up with HW on her back with HH laying on top of her, HW has HH in a full nelson - grapevine leg spread position. Again, HH is stretched out, chest thrust out, legs splayed open, back arched. HW gleefully taunting her about the pain HH must be in at this time.

HW lets go of HH's arms and allows HH to slide into a sitting position in front of HW, but still caught in the leg spread hold. HW puts HH again in a full nelson hold and tries to flex HH forward while arching her back, thursting HH's chest out.

HH let's go of the full nelson hold and prepares to do keister bounces on HH. (trick here is to make sure that when HW pulls HH back before delivering the bounce, HH is to be slid up enough so that there is a 'midair hang time' for a better collision with the mat. The effect I am looking for is similar to what reggie Bennet did to Angel in early days that made the bounce look like Angel was landing on her 'booty' is the way they described it. So HH needs to land leaning forward I guess.)

HH finaly bounces down so hard she literaly bounces out of HW's hold.

HW gets up and pulls HH up to her feet by the hair. HW pushes HH into the ropes. HW pushes HH back by the chin to bend her back, thrusting her chest out. HW drops forearms into HH's chest.

Reaching behind the ropes, HW grabs HH's hair and pulls back. HH's head is over the top rope, leaning waaay back, arms draped over top rope, belly stretched taut and tight. HW drives a knee into HH's belly but does not allow HH to double up in pain. HW leaves HH stretched back gasping in pain.

Now the fun part: Because HH is wearing a sports bra stype top, HW grabs the front of it and pulls it up over HH's head, and threads this part through the back of the bra. When pulled from the rear, this now acts like a collar bone splint pulling both shoulders back and leaving her as topless as topless gets with a restrainign device. The end of the outfit that was pulled over the head, down the back and threaded through the bottom strap is now called the "lead end".

HW grabs the lead end and pulls it over the top rope and pulls down on it. This causes HH's to rest across the top rope and bent back all the way, leaving HH's belly cruely exposed and her breasts free for attack. Maximum flex is required here, the effect is awesome.

HW gleefully tortures HH's breasts in this position. HH's hands are not quite able to reach in to defend herself.

HW releases her hold on the lead end and HH flops down to the mat.

With HH on her knees, HW pulls the lead end back behind the middle rope and slips HH's feet/foot through the open end of the lead end, essentialy trapping her on the rope. (effect is that HH is on her knees, feet up behind her, feet caught the lead end of her top which is now pulling her upper body backwards by virtue of her feet pulling her back. HH shoulders are rolled back by the top, arms up and out to her sides, draped over the rope, almost like a crusifix on her knees.

HW pushes against HH's chin to emphasise the arch and tortures HH's breasts and nipples. HW leans down and bites HH's nipples making her shreek in pain. (fake it with camera angle). HH screams that she submits, she quits, she gives up in pleading desperation. HW grabs her by the face, squeezing HH's mouth in a clownish kissy face and tells her that no, there is no quitting because this is not a match. This is a pure and simple beating and it would only stop when HW was happy enough to stop it. But not until HW is satisfied that the new upstart has learned her lesson. HW punches HH in the abs and chest a few more times to make her point.

HW releases HH from this position and picks her up across the body and drops her down unceremoniously across her knee in the classic cross knee back breaker. Again here it's the arch of the back that counts. HH's arms flop down to her sides or up past her head on the mat, unable to resist. HW drops fists and ax handles into HH's abs. HW grinds an elbow into HH's pelvis and throat area, HH struggles out of this after a few painful moments.

HH falls off HW's knee and lands on her belly sobbing in pain, pleading no more. HW sits on HH and pulls her top off HH's shoulders and slides it down her arms and uses it to bind HH's wrists behind her back.

HW pulls HH up to her feet by the hair and pushes her up against the corner buckles. HW lands a few fists and feet into HH's chest and abs, torturing her.

HW picks up HH and suspends her upsidedown from the top corner buckle. Knees bent at the top buckle with feet hooked under corner support cable. HH is completely defensless at this point, arms bound behind back, HW savagely stomps HH's body making her scream and writhe in pain.

HH manages to get her wrists undone from the bindings and is allowed to crumple to the mat. her sports bra top is still bound to one hand.

HW picks up HH by the hair again and bring HH to her feet. HW knees her in the abs. HH leans back into the corner in tortured pain.

HW picks up HH again and drapes her across the top turn buckle (back breaker). HH takes one end of the sports bra attached to one of HH's wrists and uses it to tie it to one of HH's legs dangling on the other side. Once bound, HW assaults HH's cruely exposed chest and nips. HW pulls down on the sports bra that is binding HH's arm down to increase pressure. HH wails in horrible pain as she is broken in two. HW taunts her again at her true lack of skills. HW assaults HH's breasts and nipples. HW eventualy allows HH to fall down to the mat.

HH is laying on the mat face down, HW grabs HH's ankles and crosses them behind HH's butt. Instead of sitting on the ankles or back breaking her now, HW rolls HH over on her back, legs still caught up in the painfull hold and now applies a thigh splitter.

HH is on her back, ankles up against her butt. legs splayed wide open an dangerously exposing her crotch to HW as HW kneels on the inside of HH's thighs, pinning HH down in this position. The ackward position again causes HH to arch her back, thrust her chest out to relieve the pressure on her hips. HW punches the inside of HH's thighs and smack dab into HH's crotch. Everytime HH tries to prop herself up to swing at HW, HW nailed her in the head or chest with a punch and the process starts all over again.

HW eventualy gets off HH and lets her roll off to the side massging the inside of her tortured thighs.

HW rolls HH on her face, sits on her shoulders pulling HH's arms to her front so HW could again bind HH's wrists together so that they will be in her front this time. (I will have to show you an image of the following knots or tangle of the sports bra that will be used here. Here's the description. victim hold 2 arms out front of her, wrists together. HW holds bra so that it forms a circle and HH places her wrists in the circle. HW lets the circle rest on the wrists. HH is holding a loop now. HW threads the lower end so that it comes up towards HH's chest and then over the top of the wrists away from HH's chest. When you pull on the long end, it cinches up the simplest of knots. And you have a long loop to play with =)

HW pulls HH up to her feet and slams her into the corner again. HH's back is against buckles and HW takes the loop, reaches back so that HH's arms are pulled up and over behind her head as HW ties off the loop or hooks it against the corner post (or hook that you install just for this scene)

HH is now standing in the corner facing the inside ring with her back against the buckles. HH's arms are up over head and bound behind her.. depending on HH's height she might be completely stretched out, barely on her tippy toes or bent so back for the same effect. Straight and long and bent back.

HW stands before HH and taunts her again about the punishment and the lesson she is learning about 'pain'. HW slams knees to HH's abs, fists to abs and chest, nipple torture, biting and twisting, and pulling. HH is now completely victimized and screeching for mercy.

HW steps back and tells HH "no, not done yet"

HW picks up HH's legs and spreads them so that they are hooked on the 2nd ropes, legs splayed wide open, almost sitting on the 2nd buckle but not resting. HW tortures thighs, belly, chest, crotch etc etc. (other version is that HH's feet are threaded behind bottom rope so she cannot kick at HW, go for that long stretched look.

HH bindings come undone (camera stop to loosen bindings) and HH crashes to the floor.

HW picks the battered and completely wrecked HH up and with great deliberation, HW hoists up HH in a classic cross shoulder back breaker, bending her cruely, clawing HH's breasts while she is up there like that. HW slowly turns around to give the camera all angles of this devastating hold.

HW drops HH to the mat. Now to put an end to the carnage.

This hold is awesome, if done properly again.. It's very hard describe how to get INTO the hold but here's what it looks like when done, you figure out how to get in it.

HW lays on back, right leg in front of her with HH laying on her back, with her feet pointing to HW's left, across HW's leg and HH's arms under HW's leg in this position, HH's arms are to her side. Now this would look painful enough but now HW drops her right leg across HH's throat so that HH's neck is in behind HW's knee. The more HW pulls her right leg down the more HH is rocked backward and arched (since HW's leg is under her torso). HH is trapped, unable to move arms, cannot lift legs to roll backwards because of leg on neck.

HW tortures HH some more. Breasts thrust high to the sky cruely exposed to HW's maulings and attacks. The pressure on HH's throat by HW's leg is causing her to black out. HH starts to fade out, no longer struggling.. HW grabs HH's nipple and sways HH'\s breasts trying to get a response but they are very slow in coming.

HW slowly disentagles HH from her legs and HH is non-responsive. HW kneels beside her victim, pulls HH up to a sitting position. HH is like a rag doll. HW drapes HH across one knee, HW has a reverse head lock. (this is not a cross knee back breaker, HH's is in sitting position bent backwards) HH bent back on the knee, nothing showing to HW but her chest, heaving and thrust up to the sky. HW tortures HH's nipple again to try and revive her. HH starts to murmure. HW slaps HH's breast and stretched taut belly which awakens her enough to understand what is happening again.

After HW slams a last rock fist into HH's abs, HW pulls HH up to her feet, picks her up and suspends her upside down in a reverse bear hug. Lowering HH's head down so that it reaches the floor, HW steps on HH's hair close to the head and then lowers HH doen across her knee. HH's head is pinned down to the floor by HW's foot on her hair. HH's arms are draped down by head own head trying to feebly remove HW's foot from her hair. HW now has two free hands again. HW tortures HH once again by mauling her breasts and crotch and belly. HW craddles or cups HH's breast in one hand and slams it with the other. HH is screaming for mercy, pleading for all the pain to go away.. to pass out!

Eventualy HH does indeed succumb to the beatings. HW drops a huge elbow in the middle of HH's belly.. no reaction. HW mauls the hell out of HH's chest and nipples and no answer. Same with the crotch. (need good acting skills for this)

HW rolls the unconcious lass off her knee and stands on her with one foot on HH's chest, striking the pose. HW's foot is on HH's breast and squeezing HH's nipple between her toes (this is for the feetlings out there) . No response from HH.

HW makes some sort of statement and drops one more stomp to HH's belly. HH doubles up and collapses in a huge hurting pile of abused woman.

END Action.

(Footer notes: All the action described are manageable by all femfighters. There is an element of strength involved (lifting hoisting victim). There is also an element of strength and endurance of pain required by the new girls. Some of the descriptioins I laid out are perhaps too difficult to be carried out so omit them or adapt them to your abilities.

The stress point of the match is the visciousness of the attacker. Full length body stretch bending to be emphasises. Back arching, chest thrusting and extremes of positions are the key elements.

Remember, HW is not looking to win, she is looking to destroy. HH is snotty upcomer not sure what to expect.

Lemme know if you have any questions on any of the holds and I will search out some images to better explain them.


In order to avoid copyright disputes, this page is only a partial summary.

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