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Bible Trivia Baseball Questions

Rules for Bible Trivia Baseball: 1. "S" stands for a single, "D" stands for a double, "T" stands for a triple, and "H" stands for a home run.

There are 40 single, 30 double, 20 triple, and 10 home run questions. 2. The moderator will ask the person in line, which is the batter, to pick a number between one and one hundred.

Optionally, the moderator can let the batter pick the type of hit and the question number within that type, such as D10 or S16. 3. The moderator will then announce or confirm whether that numbered question represents a single (S), double (D), triple (T), or home run (H). 4. If the batter correcly answers the question, then he or she will get the single (S), double (D), triple (T), or home run (H), as appropriate.

Optionally, the moderator can position four chairs for first base, second base, third base, and home plate. The batter would then sit in the appropriate chair if the question is answered correctly. He or she will move around the bases as each batter gets a hit until he or she scores. 5. If the batter does not answer the question correctly and the teammates cannot help, then the failed answer will count as an out. 6. After three outs, the other team bats. 7. If everyone on the batting team has had a chance to bat before three outs are reached, then the other team should bat. 8. In most cases, three innings should constitute a game.

1 D10 Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem? TO BE TAXED (LUKE 2:1-4)

2 S16 Who wrote Psalm 23? DAVID

3 S29 Where did Jonah spend three days and nights? IN A GREAT FISH

4 T1 How was Stephen killed? HE WAS STONED TO DEATH 5 D20 Who wrote the first five books of the Bible? MOSES 6 H1 What leader saw the handwriting on the wall? BELSHAZZAR 7 S15 Name the king that brought Daniel to Babylon. NEBUCHADNEZZAR 8 D11 Who spoke over three thousand proverbs? SOLOMON (I KINGS 4:32) 9 S30 John the Baptist wrote the Gospel of John. FALSE

To whom did the Queen of Sheba make a special trip to visit? SOLOMON I 10 D21 KINGS 10:1) 11 S28 Who was the king that tried to kill the baby Jesus? HEROD

12 S40 In what city was the baby Jesus born? BETHLEHEM 13 T2 What was Mark's first name? JOHN (ACTS 12:12) 14 D9 Who was the preacher at Pentecost? PETER (ACTS 2:14)

Name two of the boys in the fiery furnace. SHADRACH, MESHACH, AND 15 S17 ABEDNEGO 16 T13 What book of the Bible does not mention God? ESTHER 17 S2 With whom did David have an affair? BATHSHEBA 18 D8 What proper name did God give for Himself to Moses? I AM THAT I AM 19 S14 The Queen of Sheba was not impressed by Solomon's wisdom. FALSE

Who was the man released when Jesus was condemned to be crucified? 20 D12 BARABBAS (MATTHEW 27:21)

What did God do on the seventh day of Creation? HE RESTED (GENESIS 21 S1 2:2)

22 H3 How many chapters in the Gospel of Matthew? 28 Who wrote the Book of Revelation? The APOSTLE JOHN (REVELATION

23 T12 1:4)

24 D7 Who wrote the Book of Romans? THE APOSTLE PAUL (ROMANS 1:1)

25 S39 What new name did God give to Saul of Tarsus? PAUL (ACTS 13:9)

26 T3 How many books of the Bible did the Apostle John write? 5

27 S18 Who turned water into wine? JESUS (JOHN 2:7-9)

28 S38 Jesus is the Son of God. TRUE

29 H2 What chapter in the Bible talks about the first human sin? GENESIS 3

30 D22 What animal form is used in Genesis 3:1 to describe Satan? A SERPENT

31 S37 Jesus is and always has been eternal. TRUE

32 S31 Who wrote about Creation? MOSES What was Luke's profession? HE WAS A MEDICAL DOCTOR

33 D24 (COLOSSIANS 4:14) Who was given a coat of many colors and sold into slavery by his jealous

34 S13 brothers? JOSEPH (GENESIS 37:3)

35 T14 How many books of the Bible did the Apostle Peter write? 2


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