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|I.L.P. 463 / 464 (No. of ILPs in current year / Total number ILPs) |Review Date: 20/5/11 |

| | |

|Date Devised: 12/5/11 | |

|Student: Ryan |Year Level: Grade 3 |D.O.B. 20/01/02 |Age:9 yrs 5 months |

|Program Support Group Members consulted in devising this plan: |

|Class Teacher: Mrs White |

|Parents: Mr & Mrs Robinson |

|Principal Rep(PSG Chair): Mr Wall |

|Consultants to the PSG: Classroom teacher, School literacy coordinator, reading recovery staff, Vice principal, parents and |

| |

|This individual learning plan addresses the principles stated in the National Safe Schools Framework by promoting care and by respecting and cooperating with others. |

|Additional Reports: |

| |

|Entry Skills (What the student has achieved) |

|Has high achievement in numerous sports. |

|Has a vivid imagination, and enjoys tasks that stimulate his creativity. |

|Has an active interest in AFL football players, and enjoys researching match reports, and player statistics. |

| |

|Challenges (Areas for Improvement) |

|He has difficulty with written tasks in that he seems to have gaps in his knowledge of phonics, spelling and punctuation. |

|He is reluctant to write and tends to write very brief pieces. |

|He lacks an understanding of the importance of standard spelling and punctuation in writing and overall presentation of his work. |

|He rarely if ever proof reads work to ensure it makes sense. |

|He is aware of his difficulties, and therefore lacks confidence when sharing his work with teachers/peers. |

| |

|Learning Priorities (Future Learning) |

|Develop strategies to improve the overall quality of his writing, ie. Spelling, punctuation. |

|Learn resilience strategies to help cope when he makes mistakes, and appreciate his unique strengths and abilities. |

|Improve phonological awareness. |

|References: |

|National Safe Schools Framework (2003) |

|Retrieved May 15 from: |

| |


STUDENT NAME: Ryan Devised 00/00/00

|Semester Goals | Short Term Goals |Strategies/Methods |Mode of Delivery |Mode of Assessment |Evaluation |

|(Long Term) |(WHAT) |(HOW) |(WHO / WHEN) | |dd/mm/yy |

| | |Focus on teaching how to decode words by providing | He will receive a tally mark for each |The use of sport related | |

| | |opportunities to learning/use specific strategies such as,|error in his writing and will have to see |passages which require Ryan | |

| | |“look, say, cover, write, check,” the use of “word shapes”|how many of his own mistakes he can find. |to, correct spelling errors, |1 2 3 |

| | |and create a word bank with the words he personally finds |These will then be placed in his word bank|add punctuation and selection| |

| | |challenging. |and will have to use two strategies to |of correct homophone use from| |

| | | |work on these words. |a paragraph of writing. | |

| |By the end of the second term, with every |There will be a focus on proof-reading skills by providing|Once a week the class will have a writer’s|Ryan can demonstrate his |1 2 3 |

| |piece of work, specifically published |opportunities to proof read others work, by using phonic |workshop, where each group is involved in |proof reading skills in his | |

| |work, Ryan will proof read his work, get a|and visual skills to pick up spelling errors and reading |the different steps of creating a piece of|own written work. | |

| |pair to proof read and then re-proof read |work aloud to pick up punctuation. He will then move onto |work. Ryan will take part in the | | |

| |prior to showing the classroom teacher. |self-correction with these skills. |proof-reading group and will be | | |

| | | |responsible for using his spelling and | | |

| | | |punctuation strategies. | | |

|By the end of the semester, |By the end of the term Ryan will be able |There will be a focus on using conjunctions to create |Once a week during class journal writing |Ryan can write a long passage|1 2 3 |

|Ryan will be able to write |to write longer sentences that join one or|complex sentences and by focussing on more than one idea |time, Ryan will have the opportunity to |containing complex sentences | |

|complex sentences and longer |more ideas together by using a |in written work to make it longer. |express his thoughts into written work |about his topic of choice, | |

|pieces of writing of at least |conjunction, 75% of the time. | |which will be checked by the teacher. |sport. | |

|one paragraph or more, 80% of | | | | | |

|the time. | | | | | |

KEY: 1 = Little or No Progress 2 = Satisfactory Progress 3 = Excellent Progress/Goal Achieved

Below is a list of learning priorities that may be included in the Individual Learning Plan:

• Daily Living Skills Social Skills Behaviour

Motor Skills Communication Literacy Numeracy

Evaluation (Comments pertaining to the students’ performance/ learning against the set goals).

___________’s achievements as of dd/mm/yy

Number of days absent:


• Communication

• Literacy

• Numeracy


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