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Vice President of Operations Job Description Veritas Press

Title: Position: Reports to: Supervises:

Works closely with:

Vice President of Operations NA President Customer Service staff, Purchasing Manager, Accounts Payable Manager, Warehouse Manager VP Curriculum Development, VP Educational Services, VP of Marketing, Technology Staff


Runs the business aspects of Veritas Press by inspiring and overseeing the business portion of the VP community with the objectives of maximizing revenues and containing costs at optimal levels while also inculcating the vision of the organization to his staff.


1. Realize the Critical Outcomes as agreed and attached as Exhibit A 2. Oversee recruiting, hiring, training and managing of general office staff, customer

service staff and warehouse staff 3. Oversee and implement Human Resource concerns including policies, records, etc. 4. Oversee all technology concerns not directly related to the school and collaborate with

others on technology aspects directly related to the school 5. Oversee all aspects of accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing,

warehouse operations, facilities and human resources 6. Operate as a CFO in budgeting, cost management and accounting to provide critical

financial and operational information to the president and make actionable recommendations on both strategy and operations

7. Manage the company's insurance program 8. Oversee all aspects of web presence and collaborates with marketing staff on web

effectiveness 9. Collaborate in marketing discussions and decisions 10. Create (for approval by president), monitor and enforce policies with all office personnel 11. Invest time and effort to continue to grow in knowledge and commitment to the Veritas

Press understanding of classical Christian education 12. Other responsibilities as determined by the president

Requirements 1. A bachelor's degree. 2. An MBA, CPA designation or graduate degree in a related field is desirable.

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3. Conversant with and supportive of the reformed faith and classical Christian education according to the VPSA Statement of Faith and Philosophy.

4. Extensive business administration experience is highly desirable. 5. Experience working with information technology staff to manage finance and

accounting software. 6. Excellent written and oral communication skills. 7. Demonstrated leadership ability, team management, and interpersonal skills. 8. Excellent analytical and abstract reasoning skills, plus excellent organization skills. 9. Experience in a senior financial-management role, partnering with executive staff,

resulting in the development and implementation of creative financial management strategies. 10. Work diligently day to day without much direct supervision. 11. Work to constantly expand abilities by gaining further training in areas of weakness. 12. Work in the headquarters office. 13. Willing to work long hours, when needed. 14. Very tech savvy and experienced with generic office products such as Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. Evaluations 1. An annual evaluation by the president will be done in December of each. 2. An additional evaluation will be done by the president after 60 days of employment. Agreed to this _____ day of ________________, ___.


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Exhibit A Critical Outcomes for 2014

1. [to be discussed and negotiated annually] 2.

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