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A monthly publication of The Vintage Motorcycle Club

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Volume 24. No 8 August, 2011.


We were deeply saddened to learn that Life Member Andries Kruger had died suddenly on 11th July. The Funeral Service for Anries was held on Friday, 15th at the St John’s Presbyterian Church, Boksburg, which was packed with family and many friends.

Andries competed in 21 Commemorative D-Js over the period 1979 to 2004, invariably riding a Sunbeam. Six of them he rode with Jesse in their 1935 Sunbeam combination.

We extend our deep condolences to Jesse and their children.

At the same time we learned from Cape Town that Duncan Robertson had died of cancer. Duncan was, of course, a Founder Member of the Classic Motorcycle Club.

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up soon and we would ask that members give consideration to the nomination of those they would like to elect to Committee positions for the coming year.

Yours, in good riding,


June Club Night

There was a good turnout, sixty, for our monthly Club Night which was organized and chaired by Brandon Madgwick as the Chairman had been out of town. The meeting began with some moments silence in tribute to Robin Hollis who had passed away on the 10th of June.

Roly Tilman made a presentation of his newly-restored 1963 BMW R50/2.

He described the development of the R series through to the R50, the model which he regarded as the iconic Beemer. Through the Fifties and Sixties, the success of the R series had kept the BMW company afloat, this being a period in which they seem to have lost their way on the car design side.

Richard Hulsbos displayed his 1936 BMW R5 which had been in his family since his father bought it in Holland after the WW11. Originally thought to be a 1937 model, it has since been established that it was first sold in Holland in 1936. It is fitted with plunger rear-suspension to ISDT specification which was also an option in that year.

The history of this machine includes its dismantling to be hidden from the occupying German forces during the war, an act for which the owner did not escape punishment. It later became the family transport when the Hulsbos family settled in South Africa.

We should see it on the 2012 D-J.

Michael MS brought greetings from Neil Mackenzie who is kept busy on his Dullstroom farm and misses the rallies – but still gives his AJS the odd outing on the farm.

And also a greeting message from Bruce Wharton! Now stationed in Washington and still working in U S government service, Bruce thinks he might be coming back to Africa and so would have the chance to ride again in the DJ. Bruce was delighted to bump into Philip Gordon during a brief stay in Johannesburg when accompanying the Michele Obama tour.

The Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Vintage Motorcycle Club will be held at the Morningside Country Club at 8.00 pm on Monday, 22nd August 2011.


To consider the Annual Financial Statements and the Chairman’s Report.

To confirm the revised Membership Subscriptions for the 2011/2012 year.

To elect Office Bearers and Committee Members for the year.

To discuss any other business deemed by the Chairman to be relevant.


Nominations for the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer must be made in writing and must be signed in acceptance by the person so nominated. Such nomination papers shall be furnished to the Secretary prior to the commencement of the Meeting.

It is requested that nominations for the election of Committee Members be similarly made in writing.


Honorary Secretary.

NOTE: The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 23rd August, 2010, are printed for information, elsewhere in this issue.

Kevin Walton writes:

Once again the 1000 Bike Sow has come and gone with excellent participation from our members

A list of all the motor cycles displayed on the DJ stand this year.

1903 Buchet Peter Hall

1922 Matchless Combination Peter Hall

(Ladies Choice)

1926 Sunbeam Model 6 Henry Watermeyer

1926 Triumph Model P Ralph Pitchford

(Best Newcomer -1st) (Best DJ – 2nd.)

1929 Panther Model 50 Brian Johnson

1929 Scott Squirrel Steve Helm

1929 Sunbeam Model 5 Ric Lewis

1930 Ariel Model F Harry Kirton

(Best DJ – 1st) (Best Ariel)

1931 BSA Sloper S31 Kevin Walton

1932 P&M Panther Henry Watermeyer

1933 BSA Blue Star Gavin Walton

1935 Excelsior Manxman Mike Milner-Smyth

1935 Norton ES2 Pierre Cronje

1935 Sunbeam Model 9 Ric Lewis

1936 AJS Model 9 Gavin Walton

1936 Ariel Red Hunter Neville Smith

1936 BSA Dave Pitchford

1936 Panther M 100 Brandon Madgwick

1936 Triumph 5/1 Les Sim

A special thank you to Peter Hall for the loan of the three big DJ wall- posters, Ric Lewis for the bike tables, to all the members who assisted in setting up and clearing the stand and once again big Thank You to everyone who brought their bikes out to make the show the success that it was.

Congratulations to Pierre, Gwyneth and the CMC team for organising a memorable show

Regards, KEVIN.

The CMC 1000 Bike Show.

We must echo Kevin’s remarks above and compliment Pierre Cronje and team on what must be the best “1000” to date. It was a first-class management job arranging all the infrastructure and services and it was professionally carried out by all concerned.

Our DJ stand was particularly good and drew a lot of attention. Peter Hall’s background posters plus neat arranging of the selected DJ machines, nicely labelled, made an excellent display.

This year our innovation this year was to have a “Motorcycle Memories” stand which intentionally featured motorcycles that one might not have expected to see. This is what we had:

1911 Precision 600 VMC

1915 Humber 6 ½ HP Twin (water cooled) Henry Watermeyer

1918 Excelsior X 269cc Replica Mike Milner-Smyth

1920 ABC Sopwith 400cc Peter Posniak

1925 Excelsior X 750cc Janusz Gruszka

1927 Rex-Acme 350 TT Model Aylwin Stephenson

(3rd in Best Road Competition. 3rd in Most Authentic Classic)

1929 Dunelt 250 Model K Aylwin Stephenson

(3rd in Best DJ machine)

1934 Panther-Villiers 250 Roly Tilman

1935 Excelsior Manxman Kevin Robertson

(1st in Best Post Vintage to 1945. 1st in Best Competition

and 1st on the Motorcycle Memories Stand}

1942 Royal Enfield 125cc (Flying Flea) Allister Pohl

1947 Velocette LE 150cc Peter Posniak

Other awards to VMC members:

Edgar Bradley Ducati 125 Sport

(1st in Best Italian Machine)

Jon Lewis Norton Dominator

(2nd in Best Norton)

Des Burton Velocette Venom

(1st in Best Velocette)

Eddy de Ras 1962 Royal Enfield Bullet

(1st in Best Royal Enfield)

Roly Tilman BMW R50/2

(1st in Best BMW)

Erhard Langanke BMW R60/2

(3rd in Best Combination)

Theo Janse Van Rensburg Harley-Davidson

(1st in Best Harley-Davidson, 3rd in Best Post Vintage to 1945)


An absolute gem. Edgar Bradley’s 1957 Ducati 125 Sport

that won the award for the Best Italian Machine.

The new Club Subscriptions:

Subscriptions for the new club year are due on 1st July and they have been set by the Committee at R200 for Full Membership and R140 for Country Membership.

If you renew by direct payment, you MUST put your name in the reference column of the deposit otherwise you will not be marked of as having paid your dues. We still have three unidentified payments from last year and the members concerned are now on the point of being struck off.

Club Bank Acc No. 1970259841 at Nedbank. Sandton Branch 197-005.

Notes on some of the “Memories” Bikes

The TT Rex-Acme exhibited by Aylwin Stephenson is almost certainly the works bike that Walter Handley rode in the 1927 Junior TT. In that race Handley led all the way, only to break down on the last lap. We are trying to find out the reason for his retirement and also to establish why, during a later rebuild, one of the alloy pushrods was found to have been replaced by a steel one.

Stewart Cuninghame, who owned and raced this machine in the late Forties, showed us the bike’s elaborate oiling system that included a pedal-operated auxiliary pump enabling Handley to feed extra oil when going flat out down Bray Hill on the TT.

This reminds us that half-way down Bray Hill stands a memorial to Walter Handley with the epitaph: “None ever passed this way more bravely”.

Experts would have noticed that Allister Pohl’s 1942 Royal Enfield 125 was a DKW lookalike – even to the silver wing motif on the fuel tank. This arises from the 1930s when the 98cc DKW was a big seller in Holland. The Dutch DKW Importers, Stokvis en Sonen, were told by the Germans to get rid of their Jewish directors, otherwise no more supplies. Stokvis promptly went to Enfields and asked them to produce a replacement, and this resulted in this DKW copy, but with a 125cc engine.

Having been adopted by British military as a lightweight for dropping by parachute, the RE125 model earned the nickname “Flying Flea”. During WW11 it earned praise for operational work and was used in marshalling the troops on the Normandy beach-heads.

Allister has now passed this bike on to his son and will next concentrate on rebuilding his EW Douglas. The Duggie has many missing parts and Allister asks that readers who know of any EW Douglas bits to please call him on 011 315 2373.

Roly Tilman’s 1934 Panther-Villiers was looking rather forlorn with its empty gearbox. Roly has now located suitable gearbox innards and can proceed with restoration. The 250cc Villiers motor is one of the early “flat-tops’ and the bike has, in the past, done four DJs in the hands of Bill and Roly Hill.

Jens Brehm writes

I read in Motorad that Bonhams are to hold an auction in Carne, California, on 18 August at which an AJS E95 racing “Porcupine” twin will be on offer. Only four of these machines were built. The porcupine name comes from the cooling fins in the centre of the cylinder head. The cylinders were slanted 45 degrees forward which made the spike fins visible. Les Graham had some success racing this bike.

The expected price is in the region of USD 750 000.


Apart from being a great Hollywood actor, Steve McQueen was a motorcycle fanatic with a lot of successes in competition. Remember the movie “On any Sunday”? McQueen’s 400cc Cross Husqvarna (two-stroke single) was auctioned recently, also by Bonhams. The new owner, who wished to remain anonymous, paid USD 144 500 for the machine.

Regards, JENS.

Events Calendar

August 7th Cars in the Park, Zwartkops POMC

August 18 – 20th FIM Africa Magnum POMC

September 3 – 4th Wheels at the Vaal VOWC

September 17 SAVVA AGM

September 18 National Swap meet PR

October 3 – 6 SAVVA National Tour QAC

November 12-13th Fairest Cape Motorcycle Tour CVMC

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Vintage Motorcycle Club

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Classic Motorcycle Club of Natal za

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We regret that, due to some technical problems, we have been unable to update the last few Kick Start issues onto our Website. Hopefully this will be fixed soon and you will be able to view these issues and their colour pictures.


Solution to Edgar Bradley’s Combined Crossword No. 1

There were no fully correct solutions received but we had two that each with a single wrong answer. The first one received was from Raymond Meyer, who is suitably congratulated. We should have a new Combined Crossword next month.


The SAVVA Secretary writes::

I would once again draw the attention of your members to the facility on the SAVVA Website for buying and selling vehicles. There is no charge for this service. Advertisements will remain on the site for 3 months or until the advertiser advises us that the vehicle is no longer available. Kindly route all requests to the Secretary who is the only person responsible for placings on the website. The webmaster will not accept any adverts which are not channeled through the Secretary.

Treasurer/Secretary : David Hoff

Tel : 083 461 0593 Fax: 086 669 1620 or email :

The Vintage Motorcycle Club

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Morningside Country Club on 23rd August, 2010.

PRESENT: The Chairman and 55 members.

OPENING: The Chairman noted that a Quorum of Members was present and declared the meeting open. The Notice of the Meeting, having been published in Kick Start, was taken as read and was confirmed.

MINUTES: The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, having been tabled, were taken as read and were confirmed by the Meeting.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The Chairman then presented his report on club activities for the 2009/2010 year. The report was adopted by the Meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer tabled the Annual Financial Statements for the year under review and reported that Expenditure had exceeded Income for the year by R4733. This was as a result of the amount of R13923 being expended this year on the re-publication of the Members Register. The meeting approved the adoption of the Annual Financial Statements.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The Chairman read out the written nominations that had been received for the Office Bearer and Committee positions. There being no other nominations, the Chairman declared the members to be so elected, as follows:

CHAIRMAN: Michael Milner-Smyth

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Brendan Madgwick


TREASURER: Adrian Hollis


Ian Holmes, Rob Pattison-Emms, Les Sim, Roly Tilman and Steve Trehair.

CLOSURE: There being no further business the meeting closed with an expression of warm appreciation to the Chairman for his work on behalf of the Club.

Sue Pennington writes:

As discussed, here follows an inventory of my father’s bikes:

1927 BSA 550. It’s in pieces but all the parts are there – the top part of the engine needs to be re-assembled (head, valves, etc). It looks to be in relatively good condition otherwise.

1957/8 Ariel 650 Twin. My Dad mentioned that this is also sometimes (erroneously) called a Huntmaster. The bike is intact, although the front wheel has seized and it’s been outside for a few years, so it’s not in the best condition.

1936 BSA 1000 V Twin & Sidecar. This one is intact and in good condition.

1934 Inter Norton 500. The engine’s top parts need to be refitted, but all the parts are there and it would just need to be re-assembled. My dad mentioned that he bought new pistons, sleeves and bearings for it while he was over in the UK last. (He also mentioned that this bike was infamous for its oil leaks and was nominated the “Dirtiest Bike on the Rally”, although he says the leaks are now cured!) The bike appears to be in otherwise good condition.

To be honest, none of the bikes are in absolute mint condition as my dad bought them to ride, and not to show them off. However, there is nothing wrong with them mechanically, and after a little TLC, all of them should run.

I am in need of a rough estimate as to what the bikes may be worth, and then, should I decide to sell them, perhaps you could put a notice in your monthly newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, either by return mail or at the contact numbers shown below, if there’s any other information you may need. Once again, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Tel: 021 408 7366 Fax: 021 408 7100 Cell: 083 380 8320.



AJS 1957/58 AJS 350 for sale (ex late Jimmy Barlow) R 20 000 neg.

Please contact DARRYL BARLOW on 011 425 0901.

AJS 1963 AJS 350 Licenced. Please call MANFRED on 083 631 5440

AJS FREE: Front part of AJS FRAME 1935; AJS OILTANKS Mid 1930s – 1950;

Call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

ALFA ROMEO. 1983 2l Spider (Squareback) LHD. Very original and in exceptional condition. Licenced. R 55 000.

Contact ANDREW ROBERTSON on 082 461 3413.

BMW A 1953 BMW R67/2 for restoration. A rare bike with matching numbers.

R 25 000 ONCO. JOHANN NEL on 082 785 4949.

BSA 1965 BSA 650 Thunderbolt. Engine and clutch completely rebuild by Vic Sawyer head redone for unleaded fuel, 12volt electronic ignition / charging system. Bike is in Somerset West with Brian Wallace. Call BOB ORCHARD on rjo@ or tel 082 780 7799.

BSA BSA GEARS & SHAFTS Mid 30s, R20 ea, bring a sample or drawing. Plus two BSA GEARBOX CASINGS (350?) Call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

DJ DVDs. The two-disc set of the full 2011 DJ is available at R250/set.

Please contact RENÉ or CLIFFORD on 011 452 2528 or 082 470 5224.

EXIDE REPLICA BATTERY BOXES - will take 12v gel battery that is used in burglar alarms. Dimensions are 90 X 115 X 170 high. The same as the original Exide battery with the only difference being that the thickness of the lid has been increased by

+- 10mm to accommodate the 12v gel battery so, if one wants to fit a 6v gel battery, the height of the lid can be reduced. R150 each.

Call JILL ALBERDA of CMC Natal on 031-2629953.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON: A VERY LARGE COLLECTION OF SHOVELNOSE SPARES, Engine and cycle parts. R 9 500 onco. To view, call CHRIS on 011 465 1347.

HELMETS: Two new OPEN FACE HELMETS, Small and Large, both have peaks, black. R250 each, Contact GAVIN 079 556 7615.

JAGUAR 1968 “S” Type 3.8 manual with overdrive. 95% complete. An abandoned restoration project. R 25 000 ONCO. JOHANN NEL on 082 785 4949.

MATCHLESS 1958 G11 600 TWIN (ex late Jimmy Barlow) R30 000.

Please contact DARRYL BARLOW on 011 425 0901.

MOTO GUZZI 1982 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 111, colour red, R30 000.

Please phone KEVIN on 082 304 2240.

NORTON. A Norton PRIMARY CHAINCASE (complete) R100.

Please call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

PETROL TAPS Enots flat-slide type, made in brass to your order. In sizes 1/8”, ½” and 3/8” BSP. TREVOR FRASER on 013 656 3063 or 076 591 5560.

RALLYBOXES Made to your order with handlebar mounting brackets plus mountings for the rally plate and three watches.

TREVOR FRASER on 013 656 3063 or 076 591 5560.

TYRE: New Metzeler ME22, 3.25 X 18 Classic tread pattern. Applicable for front or rear.

R400 Contact GAVIN 079 556 7615

TYRES: SPECIAL OFFER: Dunlop 19” X 350 K70 Rear Tyres @ R495 ea. Less 10% for buying two and 19” X 325 Rib Front Tyres @ R395 ea.

Call MIKE LANG on 011 849 5859 or 082 821 1826.

VELOCETTE 1952 MAC 350cc. This is a nearly finished project with very little left to complete the rebuild. R25 000.00 or nearest offer. For more information and to view the bike please call GUS GREGORY on 072 184 2189 or KEVIN SOLOMON 082 463 4183.


AJS FRONT MUDGUARD STAY wanted for 1965 Model 18 AJS.

Please contact RIKKI MAIZEY on 082 653 9946.

AJS BATTERY/TOOLBOX COVER (LHS) wanted for 1964 AJS Model 18.

Please call GAVIN LUMLEY on 079 556 7615 or (B) 012 666 3614.

ARIEL TOP YOKE wanted for Ariel Girder Forks.

Please call PIERRE CRONJE on 072 513 9432.

BMW. BING CARBURETOR, LHS, to suit BMW R50/2. The larger type, 24mm, from the 190s.

Please call ROLY TILMAN on 011 803 1462 or 082 377 4303.

BSA VALVE ROCKER CARRIER BOX wanted for 1928 Sloper 500 ohv.

Please call GAVIN LUMLEY on 079 556 7615 or (B) 012 666 3614.

BSA A65 Licenced Runner, If you have one sitting and would like to move it on to a deserving Home, please contact JOHN BOOTH in Durban, on home: 031 762 2229 or cell: 073 341 8211

DOUGLAS Wanted: any bits of 1927 Douglas EW model.

Please call ALLISTER POHL on 082 554 5219.

DJ BIKE Late model DJ Bike wanted.

Please call RIKKI MAIZEY on 082 653 9946.

DJ BIKE A DJ Bike wanted, 500cc or more. Need not be DJ-ready.

Please call GERHARD VERMAAK on 082 552 7602.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Wanted: GEARBOX or gearbox parts for 1916-1920 Harley and

GEARBOX or gearbox parts for 1941-1942 5/7 Harley-Davidson.

Please contact Eugene van Dalen on 082 681 0859.

HONDA Wanted: 1968-1973 CB 350 twin.

Please contact MALCOLM POLEY on 072 732 2378.

KAWASAKI twins wanted: a 1976-1978 Z400 and an LTD440.

Please contact SEAN BUYS on 083 470 3440.

TRIUMPH PRIMARY CHAIN COVER wanted for Triumph Model P.

Please call LES SIM on 082 552 4072.

TRIUMPH FRONT MUDGUARD for Triumph T120 or T140 wanted.

Please call ANDY STEAD on 082 553 4492.

VELOCETTE Pre-1936 Velo wanted. Must be complete and ready to ride.

Please phone DES on 083 229 8050.

VESPA Spares wanted for 1979 Vespa 3-wheeler P401: Beadings, badges, etc.

Please call TOKKIE on 084 700 1013.


P O Box 782835 SANDTON 2146 South Africa

Michael Milner-Smyth Chairman, SAVVA/FIM Delegate,

Magazine Editor. (H&B) 011 802 7452. milnersmyth@ .

Brandon Madgwick Vice Chairman bmad_001@ H 011 793 5706 C 083 400 4955

Ian Storer Secretary

H 011 888 4680 C 072 727 7382

Adrian Hollis Treasurer

B 011 258 5301 C 082 497 3420

Ian Holmes Committee Member ianhol@

B 011 244 0351 H 011 793 7304 C 083 646 3089

Rob Pattison-Emms Committee Member avonrod@mweb/

B 011 460 1901 H 011 460 1901 C 082 891 8399

Les Sim Committee Member

B 011 827 8954 H 011 673 1865 C 082 552 4072

Roly Tilman Committee Member

Librarian H 011 803 1462 C 082 377 4303

Steve Trehair Committee Member

B 011 886 0494 H 011 469 5900 C 083 461 2751

Mike Lester Club Dating Officer H 011 453 4216

Elizabeth Addison Magazine Distribution C 082 746 2816

Club Bank Acc No. 1970259841 at Nedbank. Sandton Branch 197-005.

Club Meetings are held every fourth Monday of the month (except December) at Morningside Country Club, De La Rey Rd, Rivonia, at 20h00.

The opinions expressed in KICKSTART are not necessarily those of the Committee or the Editor.




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