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Social Studies

K-12 Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

October 2007


Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Students will understand that:


? What is power?

? People develop systems to manage conflict ? How is power gained, used, and justified?

and create order.

? How do competing interests influence how

power is distributed and exercised?

? Conflict resolution can involve aggression, compromise, cooperation, and change.

? How are governments created, structured maintained, and changed?

? What happens in the absence of


? Why do we have rules & laws; and what

would happen if we didn't?

? Democratic societies must balance the rights and responsibilities of individuals with the common good.

? What are the roles and responsibilities of citizens and government in a democratic society?

? What effect does a democratic government have on society?


? Decisions concerning the allocation and use of economic resources impact individuals and groups.

? Why do we have money? ? What does it mean to make a living? ? How does something acquire a value? ? What effect does the economy have on

society? ? How do economic systems affect your life

and the lives of others? ? How are economic resources distributed? ? What impact does scarcity have on the

production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services?

? Local, national, and international relationships are affected by economic transactions.

? How does trade affect local, national, & international relationships?

? What impact does trade have on a society?


? How does geography influence lifestyle and point of view?

? How do geography, climate, and natural

resources affect the way people live and

? Geography influences needs, culture,


opportunities, choices, interests, and skills. ? What story do maps and globes tell?

? What makes places unique and different? ? How do maps and globes reflect history,

politics, and economics?

? There is a relationship between the consumption and conservation of natural resources.

? What effect do people have on their environment?



Social Studies K-12 Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

October 2007


Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Students will understand that:

Culture & Sociology

? Culture is a way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.

? Global societies are diverse, creating varied perspectives, contributions, and challenges.

? What is culture? ? What can we learn about a culture through its

art forms?

? What are the benefits and challenges of a diverse society?

? Why should we study other cultures and what does it teach us?

? People are affected by environmental, economic, social, cultural, and civic concerns.

? How do the beliefs and values of a diverse culture affect individuals and society?

? Culture is both a unifying and divisive force in human relations.

? What happens when cultures collide? ? Why do people live together and form



? The study of the continuum of human civilization reveals the ideals, beliefs, values, and institutions of its people.

? What does it mean to be civilized?

? Are modern civilizations more "civilized" than

ancient ones?

? What are the significant symbols and icons of


? The study of political, social and economic patterns ? What causes change over time?

reveals continuity and change over time.

? Knowledge of the past helps one understand the present and make decisions about the future.

? How does the evaluation of past events help

us to make future decisions?

? How can we know if we weren't there? ? How am I connected to those in the past?

? Can an individual make a difference in


? People respond to and resolve conflicts in a variety ? Why do people fight?

of ways.

? Is conflict inevitable? desirable? avoidable?

? What is worth fighting for?

? What is revolution?

? History involves interpretation; historians can and

do disagree.

? How has the interpretation of history


? What should we do when primary sources


? Whom do we believe & why?

Technology & Progress

? Scientific and technological developments affect

people's lives, the environment and transform societies.

? Is new technology always better than that

which it will replace?

? How do new technologies result in broader

social change?

? Progress is defined by cultural interpretation.

? How does who you are help determine your

perception of progress?

? How do the various levels of technological

development affect different cultures?



Social Studies

K-12 Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

October 2007


Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Students will understand that:

Acquiring Information

? Analytical questioning creates a purpose for research.

? Why do I research?

? Information can be acquired from various sources.

? What do I do when my immediate resources are not adequate?

? What are the benefits of using multiple media to locate information?

? How do I know which resources fit my needs?

? The research process requires the use of a ? How do I know my information is reliable

variety of resources to ensure validity.

(accurate, unbiased, current, and


? How does explaining my process help me

? Interpreting and analyzing research results

to strengthen my research skills?

will answer a variety of questions.

? How do I know when I have enough

information to answer my question


Organizing Information

? Organization is critical to the acquisition, ? What organizational strategy best suits this

application, and evaluation of information.


? How does organizing the results of my

research help me to use it?

? The data being presented determines the ? How does the organization of information

organizational format.

impact the effectiveness of its


Analyzing, Interpreting & Applying Information

? Effective communication relies on the purposeful use of information in a format appropriate to the task and the audience.

? How do I determine the appropriate presentation format for my task and audience?

? Critical examination and evaluation of data ? How does new information influence how I

is essential to making informed decisions.

think and act?

? Various types of materials enhance understanding.

? How does one analyze, evaluate & utilize various types of materials?

Developing Social & Political Participation

? Examining social and civic issues helps to expand one's understanding of the world, its people, and themselves.

? What are the consequences if I do not accept my personal responsibilities to my community?

? How do my actions impact others in my community?

? How can I impact social change?



Social Studies K-12 Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

October 2007


Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Students will understand that:

Developing Personal & Group Interaction

? Why do individuals choose to work

? Collaboration is necessary in order to be an effective learner and citizen.

together? ? What role does conflict play in


? How do my personal decisions and actions

affect others?

? Recognizing a diversity of viewpoints

? How does the consideration of different

benefits all.

viewpoints influence how one thinks and



? Text and organizational tools communicate ? What is the purpose of using both primary

different kinds of information.

and secondary sources?

? Authors write for different purposes.

? How does reading fiction help to acquire factual information?

? Readers use strategies to construct

? What impact do reading strategies have?


? Why do we need to evaluate what we


? Language reflects historical changes and ? How does time and place in history

cultural differences.

influence language?


? Writing is a process.

? How does each step in the process impact

? The writing process is consistent across

your writing?


? Writers have a purpose for writing.

? The use of proper formats results in effective communication.

? Writing is a tool used for thinking, learning and communicating.

? How does the audience influence the format of your writing?

? How is your style of writing influenced by your purpose?

? What am I trying to achieve through my writing?

? How can we use evaluation and reflection to improve our writing?


? What is the impact of technology on

? Technology is a tool that can be used for

research and communication?

collecting, organizing, creating, and

? What are the benefits and limitations of

presenting information.

using technology?



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