The Best School Year Ever - Quia

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The Best School Year Ever


Chapter 1

1. Why are most kids glad to be back in school in the fall?

2. What was Miss Kempf’s assignment for the year?

3. Describe the Herdman family.

4. Who stole Howard and what happened to him?

5. Analogies:

Chalk is to board as pencil is to paper.

Custodian is to furnace room as principal is to office.

Write 3 more school analogies.

Chapter 2

1. What were the reasons that the Herdmans were no longer allowed:

1. in the post office

2. in the laundromat

3. at the Sunoco Station

2. Where were the family at the Sunoco Station from and why did they travel 150 miles looking for a Sunoco Station?

3. Why did Mr. Santoro think the laundromat might explode?

Chapter 3

1. What happened when Leroy put a snake in the teacher’s supply closet?

2. Why does the welfare worker just drive by the Herman’s place once a month?

3. How did Leroy get named Good School Citizen of the Month?

4. Did this change Leroy’s behavior? Explain.

Chapter 4

1. Why did Mr. Sprague, the janitor, say the school couldn’t have a trash masher?

2. Why did Mrs. Wendleken resign from the PTA?

3. Why did Mrs. Wendleken say the narrator’s mother should run the PTA Talent Show?

4. Arbor Day is in April. Why was Arbor Day held on October 4th?

5. What did Gladys do to Eugene?

6. What did Eugene do to make himself feel better?

7. What was Eugene’s act in the talent show?

Chapter 5

1. What did Charlie see when he peeked into the teacher’s room?

2. What does Imogene say teachers do when they go to the teacher’s room?

3. According to Imogene, how do they pick the password for the teacher’s room?

4. Why did the narrator say that finding a compliment for Imogene was the hardest thing she had to do all year?

5. What does Imogene say will happen to a kid that goes into the teacher’s room?

6. How did Imogene get recognized for being an “alert student?”

7. Why did the teacher’s room get new furniture? What kind of plant was in there?

Chapter 6

1. What did Gladys tell Lester would happen if he failed the eye test?

2. What kind of braces did Lester have?

3. Why was getting thrown off the bus about the worst thing that could happen to you?

4. Why did the Herdmans never get thrown off a bus?

5. Why were all the kids scared to ride the bus?

6. Why did Mrs. Yeagle say it wasn’t so bad to have the Herdmans on the bus?

7. What commotion did the Herdmans cause on the bus?

Chapter 7

1. Why did Louella have to take Howard to school with her?

2. Why was Claude on a leash?

3. What happens if Howard doesn’t have his blanket?

4. Who gets Howard’s blanket back for him? Why do you think she does this?

5. Why does Louella stop bringing Howard to school with her?

6. What happened to Howard’s blanket? Whose blanket does he get? How does this help the narrator with the class assignment?

Chapter 8

1. Why did the school win the Fire Department Speed and Safety Award when the Herdmans were absent?

2. What happened to the Smokey the Bear display?

3. How does Alice get Imogene’s attention about the Fire Safety Team?

4. What made the Fire Safety Award presentation a bigger event than planned?

Chapter 9

1. Why do they no longer have a pet parade on the last day of school?

2. What did Imogene bring in for her collection?

3. What compliments did LaVerne say about Boomer?

4. What does Joanne Turner say about the narrator?

5. What is the narrator’s name and what compliments does she give Imogene?

6. How do you know Imogene liked the things the narrator said about her?

7. Write at least two compliments for each person in your group.


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